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Private Prisons Back In Mix For Federal Inmates

February 23rd, 2017

Via: NPR: New Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding an Obama-era memo that directed the Justice Department to reduce the use of private prisons, NPR’s Carrie Johnson reports Sessions writes in the order that returning to the Bureau of Prisons’ earlier approach would provide flexibility. “The memorandum changed long-standing policy and practice, and impaired the […]

Flashback 2013: Jeff Bezos Is Doing Huge Business with the CIA, While Keeping His Washington Post Readers in the Dark

February 17th, 2017

Not only do I buy a lot of homeschooling books for my children from Amazon, but Cryptogon depends on affiliate commissions from Amazon. Several retailers in New Zealand simply buy stuff at retail from Amazon and then send it over to NZ. (That should give you an idea of how broken retailing is in NZ […]

The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet, It’s the End of the Middle Class

February 11th, 2017

Via: Wired: At a time when the Trump administration is promising to make America great again by restoring old-school manufacturing jobs, AI researchers aren’t taking him too seriously. They know that these jobs are never coming back, thanks in no small part to their own research, which will eliminate so many other kinds of jobs […]

Inside Amazon’s Robot-Run Supermarket that Needs Just 3 Human Workers

February 6th, 2017

Via: New York Post: The ground level of the futuristic prototype — a supermarket-sized version of its recently unveiled “Amazon Go” convenience store, with a bigger layout that could span anywhere between 10,000 and 40,000 square feet — would be devoted to goods that shoppers typically like to touch, sources briefed on the plans told […]

The End of Employees

February 3rd, 2017

Via: Wall Street Journal: Never before have American companies tried so hard to employ so few people. The outsourcing wave that moved apparel-making jobs to China and call-center operations to India is now just as likely to happen inside companies across the U.S. and in almost every industry.

The FBI’s Secret Rules

January 31st, 2017

Via: The Intercept: For example, the bureau’s agents can decide that a campus organization is not “legitimate” and therefore not entitled to robust protections for free speech; dig for derogatory information on potential informants without any basis for believing they are implicated in unlawful activity; use a person’s immigration status to pressure them to collaborate […]

Robotic Fabricator Could Change the Way Buildings Are Constructed

January 25th, 2017

Via: MIT Technology Review: So what is the state-of-the-art for construction robots? Today we get an answer thanks to the work of Markus Giftthaler at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland and a few pals who have developed a new class of robot capable of creating novel structures on a construction site. They call their new […]

Robots Are Taking Over Oil Rigs

January 24th, 2017

Via: Bloomberg: Automation means wells need only five workers, down from 20.

When Their Shifts End, Uber Drivers Set Up Camp in Parking Lots Across the U.S.

January 24th, 2017

In, 8 Men as Rich as Half the World, I joked, “Get yourself a side hustle and a podshare.” And now… Via: Bloomberg: The vast majority of Uber’s full-time drivers return home to their beds at the end of a day’s work. But all over the country, there are many who don’t. These drivers live […]

Silicon Valley Billionaires Prepping for Collapse Caused by Machines Eliminating Jobs

January 23rd, 2017

Mmm hmm. Via: Recode: One of the more peculiar hobbies popular among the Silicon Valley elite is an obsession with preparing to survive for end times; its adherents are commonly called “preppers.” It’s the topic of an essay in the New Yorker this week, “Survival of the Richest” by Evan Osnos, which delves into why […]

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