Kucinich Responds to Obama’s Address to Congress: Windfall for Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies

September 10th, 2009

One Response to “Kucinich Responds to Obama’s Address to Congress: Windfall for Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I listened to Obama’s speech last night on the radio driving back from Mom’s house last night. Listening is VERY different from watching.
    So watching this video re Rep Kucinich? I don’t fully understand his chagrin.
    I fully understand how government “works” -much to my chagrin. It is a slow moving creature that churns along at a GLACIAL pace. From my perspective, the federal government and its agencies are CONSTIPATED. All of the time. The system is designed for constipation and its utterly frustrating and infuriating to me that it is so. But I think that ever present tendency to constipation serves a purpose. Everyone gets to sit on their commodes and perchance to dream: that our legistalors might take more than a few minutes – to consider the issue that they are being asked to consider.
    I’m not a fool. I don’t think that most, if not many elected officials, once they attain office give a flying duck about their constituents once they’ve attained office. Elected officials once elected are on a learning curve- and its not about their constituents, but I think its about how to keep their day job. Manage the wango-tango of lobbiests, etc.
    I dunno where Rep. Kucinich is coming from in this video.
    As a FED I felt heartened by the Obama speech – hold the insurance companies accountable. I have an insurance plan and they tell me what they are going to cover, but they don’t cover it!
    I don’t know why Rep. Kucinich thinks this is a windfall for the insurance and pharmacutical monopoly. I just don’t get his perspective.
    I was thinking, holy crap, can I find someway, somehow to tell my representative in the House to ask the US General Accountability Office (GAo) to start an audit now about the cost of my mother’s medications? Because the pricing structure is CRAP. And why Medicaire gets to decide what medications they will pay for or not is an undocumented system too.
    The best thing about the speech for me – was hold insurance companies accountable. The arbitrary, and surely undocumented decisions of insurance companies – as to who gets what when has reached its nadir.
    Why have insurance companies involved at all on the issue of health care for all americans?
    I am thinking we need a National Health Assurance LAW. No more Screw tom dick and harriet, and deny ANYONE ANYTHING.

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