Get Your Flu Shot at Safeway and Save 10% on Your Next Grocery Purchase

September 27th, 2009

Via: Safeway: Ingredients for Life:

We are in full swing with our fall routine – school, homework, dance class for the girls, and with back to school comes more germs for all of us. It seems crazy to have to start thinking about the flu shot so early but experts agree that you’re better off if you’re vaccinated before the height of flu season (although it can still help to protect you if you get it later in the season too). Safeway pharmacies have the seasonal flu shots available now and are offering the vaccine on a walk-in basis (some pharmacies will be scheduling clinics so check in your area. Depending on the store and time of day, there may be a slight wait time, similar to the time it takes to get a prescription filled. And, as a thank you for getting your flu shot with Safeway, they will give you a voucher for 10% off your next grocery purchase (must be used within 7 days of issue) along with some high value Super Price Coupons on health related items like facial tissues and hand sanitizer. Convenient, affordable flu shots PLUS bonus Super Price Coupons and a discount off groceries – you’ve got to love that!

4 Responses to “Get Your Flu Shot at Safeway and Save 10% on Your Next Grocery Purchase”

  1. SW Says:

    This reminded me of my Mom. She got a letter in the mail from the govt saying that if she took part in a survey telling them how much she earned, how she spent her money, etc etc they would give her £10.

    Of course she was so excited about getting the “free” £10. So I said to her, why on earth would you give out ALL that ptivate/personal information for a piddly £10?!

    Needless to say she saw the light and didn’t take part in the survey…

  2. Miraculix Says:

    Such writing is such hopeless cheese, such blatantly transparent PR hack work, that I am physically sickened when I read it.

    How reassuring that Kate the Safeway Shill is happily blogging away for Safeway/Vons from deep within the bowels of corporate HQ, making sure that the poor saps who actually feel some strange compulsion to look at the Safeway website for useful information are “well-informed” when it comes to receiving the oh-so-valuable 10% off coupon for getting pricked at the in-house pharmacies.

    Of course, this assumes that they’ll still even be capable of shopping within the seven-day deadline for the coupons.

    I wonder, does Safeway also have a contingency plan for emergency medical care in place, to handle those who drop right there in the store after receiving a syringe full of their own personal toxic load?

    I also wonder, if I was to post this less-than-savory and disbelieving comment on the Safeway website, how long they’d leave it up?

  3. scarletfire Says:

    just saw an add for our local cvs pharmacy for something similar, they really are pushing the shots this year more than ever. Makes me wonder 2 things, one, what are the kick backs the pharmacies are receiving by offering these discounts (or are they just figuring the demand will be high this year due to the swine flu fear mongering so this is just a marketing opportunity for them)… and two) what the hell is in this stuff that they want to get as much of it into the public as possible – I read something on rense (not a great source I realize) where a new vaccine has been developed for sterilization and Novartis has put the same formula into the swine flu shot. Perhaps they also added it to the normal flu shot? A ittle far fetched I realize but as this point very little would shock me.

  4. soothing hex Says:

    If the ones who get to be sterilized are the ones fed with mainstream thought process, then the ones left to reproduce are the instigators of the program AND the conspiracy kooks.

    Maybe are ‘they’ actually trying to get rid of all the sheeple, so that only the independent thinkers will be left.

    Yeah I kinda like snooker.

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