Murder of Antonio Ferrigno

December 28th, 2009

Update 2: 1/1/2010: Trying to Get Reuters to Cover It

I sent Reuters a note, letting them know about this and how there’s no mainstream coverage of the story in English.

—End Update—

Update 1: Cryptogon Reader Contributes English Translation of the Story Below:

Thanks Domi:

Murdered inhabitant of Rijswijk appears to be nuclear physicist

monday december 28 2009 11:59

The 54 year old man that was found dead on thursday in his flat on the Mayor Elsenlane in Rijswijk ( near The Hague )
appears to be a renowed nuclear physicist. The Italian engineer Antonio Ferrigno was brutally murdered.

A spokesperson of the Hague PD confirmed Ferrigno’s identity on monday.


According to the Italian media he was a researcher at the patent bureau that is located in Rijswijk .
He did groundbreaking work in the technological development of the pacemaker.
Ferrigno was found at noon on thursday the 24th by members of his family, with his hands
tied and lying in a big pool of blood, according to “De Telegraaf”


At the moment the detectives are looking specifically for witnesses who walked past the house of the
victim that day between 04h00 and 06h00 in the morning and who may have seen something suspicious.

According to eye witnesses the Italian got very few visitors other than his daughter and from time to time
a woman of Antillian descent ( probably his ex-wife)

Lately he had received threatening phone calls, the reason for the threats is unknown.

–End Update—

There is nothing in English yet. I will update with English language stories when they become available.

For now, a machine translation of Elsevier Netherlands:

The 54-year-old man died Thursday in his apartment at the Mayor Elsen Avenue in Rijswijk (near The Hague) was found, appears to be a famous nuclear physicist. The Italian engineer Antonio Ferrigno was brutally murdered.

According to Italian media he was a researcher at the European Patent Office in Rijswijk is. He has pioneered the field of technological development of the pacemaker.

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  1. Eileen Says:

    Search GAO reports from the last week.
    There was a report published that showed where all U.S. nuclear sites exist. Bad- stupid release.
    I expect that Isreal will strike Iran in the nuclear mode sometime in the first quarter. This murder to me is the Mossad killing off persons now who could provide information of credible denial on the story being manufactured on Iran. And what we are being force fed re Iran nuclear capability.
    Get your iodine or thyroid protection or whatever.
    These monkeys are getting serious. And they are stupid jerks who don’t care about anything or anyone and don’t have a world vision of life outside of their own purview. They don’t see beyond themselves. Dorks, blind selfish pigs. Frying the world because of their selfish fears.
    I am still trying to decipher the astrology. Many are writing about hte Cardinal Cross of 2010.
    Since this past summer, I’ve committed myself to not being a DOOMER, but holy lord Jesus, I think we are in from some rough times ahaead.
    The Cardinal Crosses of 2010 is a topic of interest to me that I have just begun to explore.
    Good luck friends. And Happy New Year!

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