Bush Gives Horned Hand Sign During 9/11 Moment of Silence

September 14th, 2007

WARNING: If you say that this has anything to do with the Texas Longhorns, g0D will kill a kitten.

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8 Responses to “Bush Gives Horned Hand Sign During 9/11 Moment of Silence”

  1. il Says:

    Texas Longhorns? The guy is obviously into Metallica.

  2. t.miller Says:

    Thats just the Antichrist signalling to the illuminists that their plot for worldwide domination is proceeding smoothly, and reminding them of what a great success the 9/11 attacks proved to be for advancing their agenda.

  3. snorky Says:

    Can’t be the Longhorn symbol…if it was, it would be straight up. Maybe he wants the Longhorns to lose to the Aggies later this year! (Go Aggies!)

    But anyway, as to signaling anything to the “illuminists” that makes sense, but not as the “antichrist” (THAT symbol resembles the same one most people use to signify using the phone, that is, it looks like goat horns…and anyway, who said Bush was the “antichrist”? THERE IS NO “THE” ANTICHRIST! There is only AntiChrist, which is anything that takes the place of Christ in man’s hearts…money, for instance). But if the illuminati’s plans are “going smoothly” then THEY need to revise THEIR plans, I’d say.

  4. Peregrino Says:

    Of greater significance is the expression on his face. I hope he made it to the bathroom on time.

  5. seanx38 Says:

    To be honest, I feel that there is no sinister thoughts behind Bush flashing the devil horns. He is just an idiot. A spoiled childish immature idiot. He did the same thing when the British Queen visited a few months back. Just…and idiot. That is all

  6. Kevin Says:

    Oh sure, it’s just the playful antics of an idiot…

    Anyone got a bridge to sell seanx38? Looks like he’s in the market.

  7. Aaron Says:

    But what would be the point of doing that – aside from winding up people who read conspiracy sites that is?

    I’m happy to have my mind changed but at the moment I don’t know why it might be something other than coincidence – a lucky shot.

    Especially as someone wiggling their fingers could look like that if the photo was taken at just the right moment – easy enough to confirm if you have video footage of the event.

  8. Miraculix Says:

    You know, the thought occurs to me that he might have a volume control for his back-mounted transceiver under the cuff of his left sleeve, which might explain the “feedback!” look on his face as he struggles with the slider switch…

    …or perhaps he has a now-confirmed diagnosis of Dupuytren’s Contracture of the left hand.

    The Metallica suggestion isn’t a bad one either, thought I suspect G.W. is probably a bit more old school. Say Motorhead & Iron Maiden. Though I can certainly see him cranking up a copy of “Kill ‘Em All”, which I’m nearly certain is what “il” was thinking of when he dropped the Boys in Black.

    A hand signal? Maybe, but I’m more inclined in my pedantic, semantic, nitpicking researcher and writer who must fact check kind-of-way to ask the logical question: WHO exactly is he signalling then?

    Illuminati? I suspect that maintaining a global secret society also entails maintaining a system of communication that doesn’t require public displays of questionable hand signals. Or is it just me?

    More likely, and don’t get me wrong, unless it is Dupuytran’s or a volume knob, it can be read as a personal ward, or a symbol of protection being used during a particularly necessary moment. But a moment of silence? Without an audio component and a specific word or subject to home in on as causing him discomfort and requiring a ward, we’re left with only the point and purpose of the moment itself to ponder.

    Or maybe he was just tossing off a quick “Hail Satan!” to remind Lou (they’re on a first-name basis, of course) who sent all those flaming martyrs his way just a few short years ago…

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