Bush on Blackwater USA in Iraq

September 23rd, 2007

Gather close, friends, to catch the drippings from the alter.

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4 Responses to “Bush on Blackwater USA in Iraq”

  1. dale Says:

    Please tell me you made that video with some fun, new software; even if it’s a lie…

  2. sapphire Says:

    Well at least the guy honestly admitted he didn’t know the answer to her question instead of pretending to know everything like some other politicians do. Bush is not a lawyer and I wouldn’t expect him to know the answer to a question like that.

  3. lilorphant Says:

    OMG what an idiot.

    A few weeks ago there was a joint press conference with the New PM of England and Bush. It was embarassing to note the obvious differences style, form and grammar. The responses from PM were thoughtful, coherent, and enlightening, while Bush skirted his answers with his usual “aw, shucks”. I do not understand how so many can vote for a man who speaks little better than Howdy Doodie.

  4. Eileen Says:

    Bush has to be hitting the bottle big time. If this were played on a radio with no visuals, you’d know it. “I’m a delegator,” he chuckles.
    Hey George, you are not the CEO of a corporation that’s at the top, or for that matter the very bottom of the Fortune 500. You are the President of the United States, a country that is bankrupt, and that started and is perpetuating a genocidal war. You a “world leader” on par with, well I was going to write Idi Amin, but I don’t think he was as bad as you. Six or more years into your term, you should be MORE INFORMED about such things AS MERCENARY ARMIES paid for with US taxpayer dollars. Your “AW SHUCKS that’s a hard question, send it to someone else,” IS AN EMBARASSMENT TO ME! You are the President of the United States. My gawd, give me some paper to tear into shreds or something. HELP!
    Lilorphant, Bush was “voted” into office by the U.S. Supreme Court, and second time round, hacked the vote big time. That means about 12 people voted for him (just throwing that number out). And those same 12 are keeping him in office and out of harms way. I’ll bet you anything, the Illumanti are stocking their bunkers and heading to the hills to hide from the backlash that will ensue from Bush. They are ruing the day that they installed Bush as their sock puppet, and are not so enamored with Bush as Chauncy Gardener – read Being There- Jerzy Kozinski. Chauncy kept telling everyone he “liked to watch,” and became a world leader. I don’t know how there can be a good ending to the current SCIENCE FICTION the story of Bush has become.

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