Lawyer Who Questioned Bush Regime on Treason Falls to His Death

December 29th, 2006

Why assassinate an activist lawyer, who also happened to be a dedicated husband and father, on Christmas Eve?

It might be that the intended PSYOP effect would be to get other people, who oppose the criminal regime, to think, “I don’t want my wife to be made a widow, and my children left without a father, on Christmas Eve.”

The average person will look at this case and just think, “How sad.” But the message wasn’t meant for the average person. Was it? This is a political assassination, as well as a PSYOP. Heavy on the PSYOP.

They’re not capable of making all of us offers we can’t refuse…

Or maybe They just did.

Via: Monterey Herald:

In what police describe as a “probable” suicide leap, a prominent Monterey Bay Area attorney fell at least nine floors to his death at the Embassy Suites Hotel Monterey Bay in Seaside the morning before Christmas.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m. Sunday, officers found the body of Aptos attorney Paul Sanford in the west end of the hotel lobby, where he had landed on a large ventilation grate.

Almost immediately, he caused a stir after he joined the White House Press Corps in 2005, making waves as the first reporter to ask then-White House press secretary Scott McClellan whether the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s name might be considered an act of treason.

“There has been a lot of speculation concerning the meaning of the underlying statute and the grand jury investigation concerning Mr. Rove,” Sanford asked. “The question is, have the legal counsel to the White House or White House staff reviewed the statute in sufficient specificity to determine whether a violation of that statute would, in effect, constitute treason?”

McClellan was apparently flustered by the question and replied that “those are matters for those overseeing the investigation to decide.”

Friends and associates expressed disbelief at the news of Sanford’s death and that it was ruled a suicide, saying Sanford seemed happy and had made many plans for this week and in coming months. Mills said he and Sanford recently decided to open a shared law office to serve Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, something Sanford was looking forward to doing.

He and Sanford spoke on the phone “around four or five times a day,” Mills said, and the two had just spoken on Thursday, “tweaking a marketing plan” for their new law practice before Mills went out of town for the Christmas holiday.

“I just don’t know what happened since Thursday. There was nothing on the horizon there to know this was going to happen,” Mills said. “We were going to get together this week.”

Mills said he had spoken to Sanford’s wife, Paula, and that she also was in shock. He said Sanford, a father of two, was a devoted family man.

“This is a horrible thing for his family. He would never have intentionally put his family through that trauma. Something’s not right, it doesn’t make sense.”

Police said that before Sanford fell, hotel housekeepers saw him pacing the hallway of an upper floor. Cercone said Sanford’s car was parked next to the hotel, and he was not checked in as a guest.

Police declined to state exactly why they ruled the case a suicide.

13 Responses to “Lawyer Who Questioned Bush Regime on Treason Falls to His Death”

  1. George Kenney Says:

    We’re going into Iran baby! War is the next bubble to save the economy!

  2. davin weston Says:

    as they say on the Law and Order, evidence, let’s get some evidence!

  3. grogan Says:

    oh no !
    not another conspiracy theory ?
    this brings back memories of vince foster.
    but no… mr. foster committed suicide… didn’t he ?
    let us see.
    foster was going to blow the lid off of the whitewater scandel. he turns up dead. the DC police , the fbi , and god only knows bury the cause of his death. the papers incriminating the clintons are lost… but turn up two years later , slightly altered.
    gee , i wonder if only republicans are involved in conspiracies ?
    wake up america.

  4. Peregrino Says:

    Assassination is a common political tool. Read your history all who would dismiss apparent assassinations as crackpot conspiracy theory. Any apparent assassination is most likely a true assassination. It’s just part of the political game. In this way, politics is much like organized crime. Assassination is especially rampant at the lower levels, such as this one. The big boys prefer to quash a sensitive issue before it gets championed by someone with real protection. Poor Sanford just got in over his depth. He should have asked someone with more experience whether bringing up the subject of treason would get him into trouble. More likely he was working on some new sensitive issue under the radar, and got offed by the president’s men before he brought that issue to the surface. How would they know he was working on a sensitive issue? Once he brought up treason he got put on the watch list. Why was he pacing in the hallway? Because the president’s men gave him a choice: jump, or watch us kill your wife and kids in a tragic accident. One of the reasons politics doesn’t change much and hasn’t changed much for the thousands of years of empire that politics has reigned supreme is because courageous young men like Sanford get cut down routinely before they can make a difference. Politics is a game of cowards, dirty old men, and the women who love them, and they have perfected the means to keep it that way.

  5. vincent Says:

    …reminds me of the journalist investigating mossad/cia/big dope business issues (sorry I forgot his name) and getting ready to publish a book with plenty of messy revelations in it, who just happened to commit suicide a few weeks before publishing by holding a 38 caliber at arm’s length, reversed towards his face and blowing his face off…


    I kid you not my friends, this is what the police report said…His mainstream journalist “friends” quickly stemmed all doubts by saying he was depressed. Blowing his brain off twice I must assume he was…

  6. jens Says:

    Hardly surprising, considering this evaluation of the Bush administration:

  7. Falstaff Says:

    Gary Webb is the name your looking for. He published the “dark alliance” series of articles in the San Jose Mercury news that exposed the CIA/COntra drug operations. Nothing like the truth to get you killed. Another guy who was probobly offed by the bush crime family was the guy who wrote the book “Fortunate Son” which exposed what a shiftless dirtbag Shrub is. He committed suicide too.

    3 people who were critical of Bush’s committed suicide (there are more actually). hmmm just a coincidence….

  8. bell Says:

    what are you going to do?
    what are you willing to do?

  9. Survival Acres Blog » What Catastrophic Event Is Now Being Planned? Says:

    […] Lawyer Who Questioned Bush on Treason “Falls to His Death” […]

  10. me Says:

    you know what we need to wake people up? a list of all the Bush detractors who have committed suicide or died in a questionable fashion, and a time line of the events. does anyone have the info to make such a list?

  11. David Says:

    He did not sound at all suicidal to me….too much to live for: family, advance planning, etc……

  12. Harriet Elliott Says:

    August Mackenzie talks about CIA cover ups in “Secrets: The CIA’s War at Home.” August Mackenzie himself was a victim of radiation weapons and died of brain cancer before he could finish the book.

  13. casey Says:

    Some will never recognize the truth, or refuse to believe it. Dont even bother trying

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