Israel’s Leader Capital Markets CEO “Commits Suicide”

June 14th, 2010

Via: Reuters:

The chief executive of Leader Capital Markets, one of Israel’s top investment banks, has committed suicide, a company spokeswoman said on Sunday.

Danny Barak, 48, jumped from his office on the 17th floor of one of Tel Aviv’s most prominent office towers on Friday, the spokeswoman said.

Barak, who is survived by his wife and four children, did not leave a note explaining his suicide.

“It is a mystery,” the spokeswoman said.

Barak, who founded Leader Capital Markets, was CEO since 2001. He held 15.5 percent of the company, which is a subsidiary of Leader Holdings & Investments.

“Danny’s professional abilities contributed to the establishment of Leader Capital Markets as a leading entity in Israel’s capital market,” Leader Capital Markets Chairman Yair Fudim said in a statement.

“Danny Barak’s death is a heavy loss not just to our group but to the entire Israeli capital market.”

Following the recent sale of Leader Holdings to businessman Dan David, Barak was due to step down as CEO in 2011 though he had been offered to stay on as chairman of Leader Capital Markets, the spokeswoman said.

The investment bank is engaged in underwriting, corporate research, securities trading for institutional investors and asset management.

Shares in Leader Capital Markets opened down 5.8 percent in Tel Aviv on Sunday morning.

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One Response to “Israel’s Leader Capital Markets CEO “Commits Suicide””

  1. Eileen Says:

    For sure Barak committed suicide. A wife and four children and he didn’t leave a note. Sure. This isn’t the behavior of a father with 4 kids fer crying out loud.
    Any investigator that had shit for brains would be looking at where this fellow had his funds invested as a motive for murder. But this occurred in Israel? That investigation I think is not going to happen.
    These deaths, like the D.C. Madam, attributed to suicide are so transparent. People aren’t stupid. We just look away. Poor thing that killed themselves while all the while in our hearts we know it ain’t so.

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