A Retired FBI Agent Tells Ohio Reporter Lee Harvey Oswald Did Not Kill JFK

August 23rd, 2010

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3 Responses to “A Retired FBI Agent Tells Ohio Reporter Lee Harvey Oswald Did Not Kill JFK”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I left a comment and it crashed. What’s that tell you? Fer crying out loud. Hey numbnuts,all I was trying to say was if you weren’t lying murderers why would you hide records behind a cloak of secrecy? I guess in my neck of the woods all ye who censor? We say eat shit and die.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Watched the video, left a comment, its not here. Go figure.

  3. ronjondoe Says:

    who the fuck didn’t kill JFK?!? Now you have this guy with his revelation, E. Howard Hunt said he was involved with a group backed by Nixon and Johnson, using mafia and Cubans and even Woody Harrelson’s Dad who had a TEAM positioned in Dallas with a free-fire kill zone on that day, & somehow GHW Bush was involved….I know the Warren Commish was a rubber-stamp bullshit-machine but without a scorecard, it is getting difficult to figure who the real players were/are and wannabe’s…maybe it’s becoming a badge-of-honor to have been a part of the JFK assassination process…the guy did admit Hoover covered up to keep from embarrassing the FBI, and that is something I have read in a couple of analyses of the conspiracy, is that Hoover had the goods on whoever did it, that Oswald was really an FBI triple-agent, reporting to an FBI handler, but all things said, with Hunt admitting he and a team under the Nixon/Johnson/Bush direction doing the deed, I think this is best laid to rest as most of these guys are dead and gone (except for Bush, and he is obviously NOT going to have to answer for this…)

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