Putin, Berlusconi ‘Joke’ About Ruling Until They Are 120 Years Old

September 13th, 2010

Mmm hmm.

Via: AFP:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi cracked jokes about hanging on to power to well past 100, during a relaxed meeting in Russia, TV pictures showed Saturday.

Berlusconi, 73, was visiting Putin at his residence at Novo Ogarevo, near Moscow.

The NTV station reported that during a forum at Iaroslavl, north of the capital, Berlusconi had said Friday he was going to finance research into dramatically extending life expectancy.

“So we’re going to live until 120?” Putin asked him with a smile, as the two men relaxed in armchairs.

“It seems so, yes,” Berlusconi replied, according to the Russian-language translation offered by NTV.

“But that would be an average age, mind. I’m told that leaders will have an even longer life,” he added.

“So we will be prime ministers until we are 120 years old?” Putin, 57, whose country is near the bottom of the world’s life expectancy league, quipped.

Berlusconi said he thought not, because that involved a lot of work and they were getting tired.


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3 Responses to “Putin, Berlusconi ‘Joke’ About Ruling Until They Are 120 Years Old”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I used to think that my Mom would live until she was 98, just because her namesake, my great Aunt Julia lived until that age.
    Great Aunt Julia told me in our last lucid conversation that she only used butter and made her own bread. Her son, responsible for her care, died before her. Setka (great aunt in Slovak) ran away from her nursing home several times after her son, her primary caregiver died before her.
    Putin and Berlosconi think they are going to live that long? Nutjobs the both of them. But oh, think about Dick Cheney ressitated from the dead on a monthly basis it seems.
    If these two – the Russian and Italian want to live that long, more power to them. But being the Monarch (albeit “elected”) does not ensure anything except maybe a shorter life.
    These guys are talking like two adolescents. They may think they control their destiny, but they do not. Their dwindling testorone, or some other brain fart, is getting the better of them as the words come out of their mouths.
    Hopefully, I will not eat my words, as Cheney, Bush Sr & Jr, and brothers thrive. As do Blair, Berlosconi, and all the rest of the rest of the crew that signed onto the “Coalition of the Willing.” If that didn’t make you barf to read, you are, sober. Don’t know how you do it.
    Yeah. If these guys and gals live to be 120, it will be with big long fangs hanging over their upper lips. Yeah. Barbara Bush and Laura Bush as vampires. Oh, I forgot Hilary. Yes. Big Fangs. They won’t be able to hide them.
    And all those guys, gawd you know who I mean. If they live to 120, gawdess bless them. They will have caregivers lifting their sorry asses onto the potty chair and whiping their butts. They will be in caregiver hell. Wanting to get out of here, but not quite having the strength to commit suicide. Good luck, assholes.

  2. Kevin Says:

    If these guys and gals live to be 120, it will be with big long fangs hanging over their upper lips.

    Oh my. Now that evokes some chilling word images!

  3. Eileen Says:

    Every been to Hungary?
    Yes, thousand year old houses still not for sale?
    Get it?
    They live.
    But I don’t think its the old ones sucking our blood.
    I think it the newbies who have even been seeking to control our “systems.’ The New Vampires.
    Hope the “old ones” will wake up. Come out of the closet and take these upstarts up by their short hairs and bring them down a billion notches.
    This is our world, not dick’s, georges I or II.
    Its over for them. How to teach them that fact, do not know.

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