Inside Norway’s Underground Military HQ

September 22nd, 2010

Everything old is new again.

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Via: BBC:

In November, Norway will officially move its military command base to its former Cold War complex in Bodo inside the Arctic Circle.

As Russia is strengthening its armed presence on the other side of their shared border, there is no better illustration of the militarisation of the Arctic, and of its serious strategic value for Norway.

The BBC’s Paul Henley has been given exclusive access to the underground Norwegian headquarters.

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One Response to “Inside Norway’s Underground Military HQ”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Yah, this is definitely a story for the category “the GMO Giant Knows Something We Don’t.”
    Sad, but is it true we don’t know?
    I love this Calleman article: look at the dates on his graph:
    Yes, there is some disorganization in our “realities” coming.
    The Rats know it to, and think they can escape by burrowing into their holes, submarines, enclaves, etc.
    I sense that anon, come November, “somethings” going to be over for all of us. Whatever “it” is I don’t know.
    But these blokes think they have the advantage. Just like the unnamed vermin that eat my onion starts every winter, these aholes think they have an advantage just because they can dig, fly, buy, or whatever.
    Good luck morons. You are going to go where the rest of us go when our “Home Tree” is destroyed.

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