The “No Internet in Iran” Story is Bullcrap, but that Didn’t Stop 17 People from Submitting it

February 4th, 2008

I don’t expect people to know much about computers, but the story about Iran having no Internet access is complete nonsense.

It scares the living crap out of me that so many Cryptogon readers are propagating this nonsense without even trying to verify whether or not the story is true. (In fairness, one Cryptogon reader who submitted it later wrote that, by the same measure, Florida had no Internet services. HAHA)

The page that all of you are submitting monitors one router, which happens to be down, at the Iran University of Science and Technology. Somehow, through the magic bullshit amplification powers of the Intertubes, the fact that one router is down at an Iranian university has snowballed into “Iran is off the air.”

Oh really?

Why not check out the Iran University of Science and Technology’s homepage?
Machine Location: Tehran, Iran

How about the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
Machine Location: Tehran, Iran

How about the Central Bank of The Islamic Republic of Iran?
Machine Location: Tehran, Iran

Hint: Don’t believe everything you read on Reddit and Slashdot.

More: ATTENTION: Iran is not disconnected!

9 Responses to “The “No Internet in Iran” Story is Bullcrap, but that Didn’t Stop 17 People from Submitting it”

  1. cowie Says:

    Indeed. Routing-level verification of the fact that there was no substantial Iranian outage can be found

  2. Eileen Says:

    Never thought to check an Iranian website. Mea Culpa kevin, even though I wasn’t one of the 17 to submit the story to you. I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to verify whether the story is true or not. Never thought of going to an Iranian website. I don’t know of any. But thanks for the info.
    If the cable was cut, it still begs the question, who dunnit? And why? And well did it really happen or is this another hoax by BushCo? We must invade Iran because their Internet cable might have been cut by the US?
    Might have been cut is the phrase of note here.
    If Cryptogon has verified intact Iranian internet lines, well then why is this story being spread like it is the covert deed that flags war on Iran?
    Dare say and thank you for what you think on this matter.

  3. Kevin Says:

    “why is this story being spread like it is the covert deed that flags war on Iran?”

    I have no idea! I wish I knew, though.

  4. Zuma Says:

    I must say I wish we had more information whatever cables were cut.

    As far as Iranian sites go; 5 years ago I began working for an Iranian fellow here in Oklahoma City. Nice guy, became a friend, and he’d invited me twice to go with him on trips to Iran. With that, I began reading up and accrued some urls:
    his blog

    Not knowing when or if we’d ever get cut off rom it, I’d saved his entry in 2 text files I no longer have (after changing servers), but perhaps they are archived in the Wayback Machine,

    I posted on the cable story yesterday on LiveJournal and upon awaking today fortunately came here and got updated. I quickly added to my post. *koff*

    I received a reply that posted this link:

    A few years ago, when accruing those Iranian urls,
    I mentioned a few to my friend who advised me strongly
    against hitting those sites as they were being
    monitored [for American hits]. I wasn’t concerned.
    I would have more discretion now…

  5. Eileen Says:

    Those are some awesome links.
    I can’t figure the Iranian Bourse story though.
    I read a story about the Iranian Bourse about 2 years ago now it seems (lost the links – 2 computer crashes – driving a old Volvo here) but I lost the links.
    The Iranian bourse story that I read had a huge impact on me. Woke me up re US funny money. The Iranian bourse and its implications had a huge impact on how I deal with dollar investments of any kind.
    Now the Iranian bourse story is back. Why?
    Is the Iranian bourse just another story – of many I might add – that is being rehashed as an excuse to invade Iran?



    If the Iranian bourse is a reality:

    Think China, India. Why not buy oil in something other than the anemic, lower than stated value dollar?

    I’ve read several places that BushCo invaded Iraq because Hussein wanted to sell their oil priced in euros – not dollars – and the cyborg Cheney would have none of that!

    Imagine – China and India buying oil in euro’s. Cutting out the middle man – the U.S. – whose tank of credit, e.g., the US dollar on the world markets is RUNNING ON FUMES ALONE.

    As my father would say: Ohy, yoi, yoi.
    Dad was Slovak 100% but he learned money from the Jewish he worked for at a slaughterhouse.:-)

    Again, Can anyone confirm the existence of the Iranian Oil Bourse?
    Thank you for any info in this regard.

  6. Eileen Says:

    Oh, and Zuma,
    I have in my possession jewelry from Persia (now Iran) given to me from my sister Cindy (deceased in 1983) and her lover Shahiid, who taught me how to drive a stick shift, was deported to Iran in the late ’80’s and then committed suicide. Its not gemstone jewelry, but native artwork. All the more precious to me because of its native hand work.
    I can’t even remember who told me Sahiid committed suicide. His death was another drip, drip, drip of lives lost of those I loved who were revolutionary’s in their own right. Seemed like I went through I steady stream of losses of that kind, and so, I just blanked a lot of info out on these loved ones passing, just because I had to find a way to cope losing one after the other of the elders and teachers in my life up til then.

  7. goritsas Says:

    Well, no need for further speculation. It was clearly the result of the International Brotherhood of Undersea Cable Spotters. You know, like train spotters and plane spotters, and so on. They use dinky untrackable personal submersibles and follow these cables as part of their deeply personal quests, ones they often share during group sessions.

    As they are totally committed, and possible need committing, to the sanctity and security of these cables as they follow them during their deeply personal quests, it occurred to this intrepid group to ensure their beloved undersea cables were as robust as possible, able to withstand a little pulling by an anchor, say. As this was the first time these particular members had been to this particular location devotedly following these particular undersea cables, and their bloody satellite Internet connection was playing up, connecting to the global database of previous tests was impossible. After a rather short meeting of the minds, such minds as were present, the decision was taken to press ahead despite the great dive into the unknown.

    When they realised no suitable anchor was to hand one bright spark suggested magnesium cutting torches. This was met with resounding crys of affirmation from the balance of the neoprene suited aficionados.

    After discovering the first two cables, they realised to their great pleasure there weren’t just two, nor three, but four cables they would have to ensure were robust enough for the great tasks assigned them. Internet traffic is a nearly sacred office, even for the inert mass that comprises undersea fibre optics.

    Igniting four torches in perfect synchronicity (being prepared they carried not only the two torches they would need but a spare for each), they began the sacred ritual unknow to those outside the IBoUCS and prayed for mercy and forgiveness.

    Floating upon the gently swelling surface they synchronised watches and then deflated their buoyancy compensators and sank slowly toward the floor of the sea in an anticipation bounded only by their collective insanity. Once in sight of the objects of their devotional lust they turned their minds to the momentous implications of the task they had set themselves. Perhaps every web browsing user to their left (as they were facing south) would one day recount the glory and generosity of the service these few had so selflessly chosen to bestow on this unsuspecting group of otherwise satisfied Internet users.

    As the torches touched the plastic poison that would roam the seas for ever more, as they cut through sheathing and steel and oil soaked fabric, the deed was done. As a hot knife though cold salty butter the cables became not one but two. Routers throughout the globe went into spasm. Internal free memory shrank with every new route that needed discovering. Routing daemons went into paroxysms of trident wielding as they searched in ever increasing fervor for ways to bypass the blackness the fibre optics could not span.

    In the wave of horror that sped round the previously delirious drunk on their own joy of truth in action, the truth dawned quickly and without the usual delusions of denial and justification. Despite their avowed radio silence each knew it was time to get to the surface, get out of the water, and get out of Dodge. After what seemed hours but was a mere forty five minutes, they surfaced and prepared to come aboard the simple and unpretentious 75 foot 10 cabin 4 crew motor yacht rolling gently as it waited for their return.

    As the senior member came on deck (not so much came as arrived, if you get my drift) he announced in a rather hurried and distressed monotone the days of drifting lazily on the sea were over and it was about time they got their sorry arses back to wherever they came from in order to save up enough to do it again next year. After all, there are more undersea cables where these four came from.

  8. Zuma Says:

    Hi Eileen,

    I know nothing about the Bourse. I’ve gathered it wasn’t a new story and so was a bit suprpised to only read of it recently.

    That jewelry sounds precious; materially and personally. Such human touches conveyed online, even without photoes, are important as far as I’m concerned. Whatever one’s outside of America frame of reference is, whether Persian, Bolivian, Native American, Indiginous Peoples Everywhere, it’s important to maintain and convey -to counter our deadly provincialism and fear of the unAmerican, the Foreign, etc. This is my own crazed point of zealotry. Mostly I focus on South America rather than Persia/Middle East, but they’re both important to me. The world is huge, yeah, and there are those who keep us reminded of the huge and old war in the Congo and on and on about everywhere -and it all must be remembered -but the Amazon dammit -that ain’t just humans -that’s Earth. That’s her mouth, where she really speaks from to dumb humans…

    Juarez Femicides, another topic that pops up and drops off. oy vey.

    Someone map it all! (Kevin?)

    Recently I did a small outline of my concerns just about our own liberty and so such outlining is much on my mind as the sheer multitude of topics and subtopics threatens to obscure themselves in their mass…. Tags can only do so much.

    I choke of even think of trying to add links to the items in such a page -the sheer outline alone was worth doing but it’s like eating peanuts… -But I would link greater and lesser outline pages… I hadn’t thought of doing other such pages til just now… hm.

    Kevin, kudos. Just simply big fat kudos. Appreciating and enjoying your work tremendously.

  9. frafilm Says:

    Here the iranian national oil bourse story:
    ‘Iran to launch oil and gas exchange on Feb. 27’;aid=8066

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