Japan: Radiation Leaks from Fuel Rods Suspected at Tsuruga Plant

May 2nd, 2011

Via: Kyodo:

Leaks of radioactive substances from fuel rods are suspected to have occurred at a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, the Fukui prefectural government said Monday, citing a rise in the level of radioactive substances in coolant water.

The operator, Japan Atomic Power Co., will manually shut down the No. 2 reactor of the plant on the Sea of Japan coast and examine the primary cooling system for it. The local government denied that the levels of radioactive substances could threaten the nearby environment.

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  1. steve holmes Says:

    Well how about that. More radiation leaks, the US Government saying that milk is OK to drink but then saying the milk supply might get attacked by terrorists { http://publicintelligence.net/.....s-reports/ } and Kan saying the Japanese government needs to move out of Tokyo “just in case there’s ever a problem.” Hmmm…string all that together and it sounds like a couple of colluding governments already know that the dookie is about to hit the air propulsion device- Be careful people- be aware of how much radiation you’re REALLY being exposed to. Your life might depend on it in MANY countries.

  2. steve holmes Says:

    So sorry- that link is to a report published in 2004. I overlooked that because I saw a date on a posting that said it was May 2, 2011.

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