Arizona: Woman Arrested for Speaking at City Council Meeting

July 6th, 2011

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Quartzsite, AZ – The Mayor is challenged under a recall election beginning next month. Accusations have been made. The city council is persecuting the Mayor for giving the people a voice. The Chief of Police is also involved in the scandal.

Jennifer Jones is given the floor at a city council meeting open to the public. While she is speaking the council realizes she’s about to air their dirty laundry and quickly beckons their henchman to cart her off.

The Mayor steps in and says Jones has been recognized to speak and has not violated the council’s rules, but the council ignores him and has the woman removed even as the Mayor continues to contest. The police officers ignore the Mayor of the city and remove the woman. It’s obvious who those cops work for, and it’s not the people.

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3 Responses to “Arizona: Woman Arrested for Speaking at City Council Meeting”

  1. RBNZ Says:

    video removed? is this available anywhere else?

  2. soothing hex Says:

    Rules and orders are not relevant unless I decide so.

  3. pessimistic optimist Says:

    the tension in that room is painfull, attitudes of “civil servants” showing its truly ugly face.

    “call for censorship” my @ss

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