‘Smart’ CCTV Could Track Rioters

August 31st, 2011

Yeah, in other words, ‘smart’ CCTV could track anyone.

I’d be shocked if it turned out to be the case that this wasn’t already operational for the British equivalent of MAIN CORE, assuming there is one (which I do).

Via: BBC:

CCTV that can automatically monitor criminal behaviour and track suspects is being developed by UK scientists.

Researchers at Kingston University have created a system that uses artificial intelligence to recognise specific types of behaviour, such as someone holding a gun.

The technology is capable of following a person across multiple cameras.

Privacy campaigners warned that it might be used to target groups such as political protesters.

However, the developers insisted that their invention would allow police to focus on law breakers and erase images of innocent civilians.

The technology works by teaching a computer to recognise specific types of public behaviour, known as “trigger events”.

Research Credit: noncompliant

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  1. Miraculix Says:

    File Under : Perception Management

    As ever, by the time a technology is unveiled via the press in this manner, you can bet that it is either fully functional or damned close.

    It’s the ever-effective and Machiavellian “fait accompli” strategy. The functional equivalent of “do what thou will” and apologize later, as required.

    Or perhaps, “shoot first and ask questions” later. Naturally, no matter how many outraged questions are spouted in the aftermath, none of it will change the reality of what went down — or bring back those who payed with flesh and blood.

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