Afghan Opium Production Rises by 61% Compared with 2010

October 11th, 2011

Via: BBC:

Opium production in Afghanistan rose by 61% this year compared with 2010, according to a UN report.

The increase has been attributed to rising opium prices that have driven farmers to expand cultivation of the illicit opium poppy by 7% in 2011.

Last year opium production halved largely due to a plant infection which drastically reduced yields.

Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium – 5,800 tonnes this year – the main ingredient of heroin.

2 Responses to “Afghan Opium Production Rises by 61% Compared with 2010”

  1. Miraculix Says:

    How long will the GWOT (what a retarded acronym) actually last?

    If the current status of the ongoing Opium War and the revenue streams it continues to produce are any indication (see above), I’d say it’s only fair to suggest forever or eternity, whichever comes first.

    Unless there’s more money to be made and death to be dealt some other way ’round, of course. It will then conclude immediately, if not sooner.

    Just follow the faint footsteps of the filthy lucre generated back into the financial world if you’re genuinely curious about who the planet’s actual leaders might be…

  2. anothernut Says:

    @Miraculix: it’s always seemed to me that the “GWOT” is the perfect construct of the psychopaths who run the military industrial complex: officially, it won’t end until we are guaranteed that there is absolutely no terrorists left on planet earth; but of course, the very means it uses — killing innocents — creates more terrorist. It is the MIC’s wet dream come true.

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