Member of Family Closely Linked to Eugenics Movement Makes Film Promoting, Among Other Things, Free Energy Technology from Aliens

November 10th, 2011

Update: Impressions After Seeing the Film

I saw Thrive and, on balance, I definitely recommend it.

With regard to eugenics, my concern about Foster Gamble seems to have been a case of guilt by association. The film actually mentions eugenics. While it would have been nice to see some kind of disclosure about his family’s involvement with those atrocities, Gamble seems genuinely interested in trying to help people move through a very difficult and disturbing learning curve about what has happened to the political and economic systems on this planet.

My concerns about how the alien issue would be dealt with (which I did not describe in the original post) were unfounded. This is a huge area of inquiry. It’s something that I follow very closely, but I don’t deal with it in public. So, let it suffice to say that of everyone interviewed in the film, I have the most problems with Steven Greer. Thankfully, Gamble used much more footage of Disclosure Project witnesses than he did of Greer. My position on the Disclosure Project has always been to consider what the witnesses have to say and ignore Greer. People like to point out the problems with Greer in an attempt to trash the value of what Disclosure Project witnesses have to say. Don’t make that mistake.

Obviously, individuals will choose to accept or reject different aspects of the film as they see fit, but if you like Cryptogon, my guess is that you would like Thrive.

—End Update—

A public relations firm has been trying to get me to promote an upcoming film, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? After receiving a few emails from these people, I finally watched the trailer for the film.

Well, they succeeded in getting me to mention the film, but what follows is probably not what they had in mind…

Let’s take a look at the person behind this project:

Foster Gamble.

The last name should sound familiar to Cryptogon readers who happened to read, North Carolina’s Eugenics Victims Speak Out:

Eugenics was a scientific theory that grew in popularity during the 1920s. Eugenicists believed that poverty, promiscuity and alcoholism were traits that were inherited. To eliminate those society ills and improve society’s gene pool, proponents of the theory argued that those that exhibited the traits should be sterilized. Some of America’s wealthiest citizens of the time were eugenicists including Dr. Clarence Gamble of the Procter and Gamble fortune and James Hanes of the hosiery company.

The following excerpt is from, American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism by Nancy Ordover:

Sanger and her colleague Clarence Gamble focusses their efforts on eliminating not poverty but the poor. Sanger endorsed and enabled Gamble’s efforts to establish a direct link between welfare and sterilization in the southern states after World War II. Gamble’s vision was not his alone, and in the decades that followed, doctors, social workers, and government agencies took up the cause. Sterilization in the South was referred to as the “Mississippi appendectomy,” not only because it was so common but because medical staff relied on deception to obtain “consent.” Similar “protocol” was followed in clinics across the United States as hysterectomies and tubal ligations were performed on Chicanas, Puerto Ricans, African-Americans and Native Americans without patient (or, in the case of young girls, parental) consent.

For the poor and radicalized and criminalized, tubal ligation, hysterectomies, and vasectomies were never value free medical procedures. Rather, they were technological fixes imposed in individual bodies in lieu of meaningful correctives to economic inequality.

I respect some of the people who are interviewed for this film, while others promote rat poison. Most people have never heard about the American eugenics movement and my guess is that many of the people interviewed for this film haven’t either. The PR people who told me that the film is inline with many topics that I cover on Cryptogon are correct. But I also happen to know about eugenics. So, I just find it incredibly curious that a descendant of a monster is making a film about how to fix things.

But wait… The aliens are trying to give us free energy technology?

Nobody likes free energy or alien conspiracies more than me, but mix that stuff in with a family who was, without any doubt, associated with class and race based sterilization programs and where does that leave us? Man, I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to know.

16 Responses to “Member of Family Closely Linked to Eugenics Movement Makes Film Promoting, Among Other Things, Free Energy Technology from Aliens”

  1. ENERGYMAN Says:

    Maybe the dude, at some point in his life, rejected his Sith Lord heritage.

    Maybe this is one more (very slick) controlled opposition programs that co-opted a lot of good people.

    I just spent some time looking for some incriminating evidence on Foster 🙂 and wow, this guy is kinda employing ninja skills on the interweb.

    I did find this story that mentions him in a relevant way:

    I will let you read thru some of the six pages to find the reference.

    Here is the Form D filed with the SEC for Thrive Movie,LLC

    He seems to head, with his wife, Thrive Movie,LLC and Clear Compass Media, LLC.

    CCM,LLC’s logo seems to promote the hollow earth theory.

    Yeah, he kinda seems Old/New world order to me.

    This whole movie might be one of the many Revelation of the Method offerings that “they” feel obligated to make.

  2. Dennis Says:

    His interest may display a genetically or otherwise inherited tendency towards big picture thinking (made easier, I assume, by having access to some of the Procter & Gamble fortune) rather than be immediate cause for suspicion based on his deceased relative’s connection to authoritarian eugenics. This might give you another angle on the man:

    A quick dip into wikipedia’s admittedly laudatory article on Clarence Gamble suggests his attempts to make contraception universally available helped and continues to help many women around the world and, interestingly, mentions that he once came into conflict with the Rockefeller-funded Population Council who wanted to take over his work on IUD manufacture and distribution.

    As for ‘Thrive’, though I’ve no doubt there are amazing sources of energy out there, if you’ve read my other comments over the last several years you’ll know I’m deeply cynical about the motives and identity of the aliens being presented to us.

    I sometimes wish the subject of our gene pool got more attention than it does. I think I’d have what some might consider eugenics-related considerations on the subject of whom I married or where I raised my children; the idea of starting a family somewhere your child, born or unborn, will be exposed to high levels of endocrine disruptors, radiation, dioxins, etc. is not an attractive one and it seems at least some of what attracts us to a partner is unconscious judgment of their suitability for breeding.

    Of course, no matter how free of genetic disorders it might be possible to get the human gene pool, without love and wisdom and healthy relationships it would mean nothing.

  3. pessimistic optimist Says:

    goddamn, ive tried to talk to people about the roots and/or birth of the nazi eugenics movement here in the states, but people laugh, so meh. the one thing that does get my heckles up is every damn time i hear “survival of the fittest.” whether its from some media outlet or some parrot imitating his idols on the screen, these roots run deep, real deep. this dark ages science makes me want to tear peoples throats out w/ my teeth, and they act all smug thinking they are better than the evangelicals who dont “believe” in evolutionary theory…

    people aught to know by now a guilty conscience usually only motivates a person in this class to make a charitable donation or at most endorse a charitable foundation, thinking they still have a soul to save so to speak. just look at the first google image search result that comes up.

    movie poster w/ a single illuminated eye, dark cobalt blue 3rd eye color. now im not one to discriminate based on religion, but i still cant figure out wtf that eye in the pyramid really symbolizes. siva himself only knows what these people believe they are saying.

    wild guess on this gamble characters involvement, some attempt to create “credible” yet controllable experts within the movements, ufology/freeenergy. like that hasnt been overdone to death already. another guess? revelation of the method.

    something else here, been seeing alot on the 11/11/11 thing on the nets lately. now this thrive movie also premiers same date. im all for horror movies on fri the 13th or halloween or somesuch, but i dunno what the meaning of all these 1s is. why wasnt 1/1/11 important? maybe it was and i missed it. more to the point, was at a bar and saw a tv ad for bethesdas skyrim dropping 11/11/11. then 9 days later we have zelda skyward sword dropping on 11/20/11, a little earlier, 11/3/11 the announcement of james bond 23 being named skyfall, 8 days previous. if that spread seems natural to anybody else, across multiple medias/industries then i really must be nuts.

    as for the royal eugenicist and the fancy freeenergy and ufo/sky/starpeople, its not for simpletons like you kevin, nor any of the other 99.5% remember you posted this on your own site

    not for you, not for me. maybe, maybe if you build your own, like a water powered car, itll never see mass production unless it becomes standard issue for secure bunkers. or maybe spy satellites? hopefully not. even these seem like an unreasonable risk considering whats at stake to these people, or whatevers making the decisions at the top these days *cough* Cthulhu *cough*. just not profitable in the present economic climate. if we ever see these tech roll out itll be staring down the barrel of a northrop grumman war of the worlds type walker posing as the “enemy” or some miraculous messianic psyops platform pouring water to wine from the stage aka second coming. unless we can build em ourselves, goodluck w/ that, sincerely.

    -Sun Myung Moon

    never forget

  4. pessimistic optimist Says:

    forgot to mention, might be a late-coming reaction to head off some OWS newcomers to the infosets, keep em in the coral so they make it down the chute. or it could be naivety? gagas anti catholic lockstep right into the outer-churches warm wet embrace?

  5. Bigelow Says:

    Catherine A. Fitts did a long interview with Adam Trombly on Zero Point Energy. It works, he says, he has produced working models of it. He also says he was told if he did further demonstrations his family would be killed. My take is that of course not till the last cent is squeezed from the fossil fuels complex will anything else be “discovered” to replace it. I am also very aware how much we hope there is something to replace oil. If there is zero point the free energy won’t be available to us till it costs dearly.

  6. savethepopulation Says:

    What a joke.

    Its just more propaganda and conditioning for the coming FAKE staged alien contact.

    Report from Iron Mountain, yadda, yadda, yadda…

    I always cite Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek, who concluded UFO phenomena are extraDIMENSIONAL and not extraTERRESTRIAL.

    Added with my personal experience of attempted demonic possession and what do you get? Not aliens but deceptive demon spirits and fallen angels.

  7. Crates Says:

    Maybe some of the ‘elites’ are as confused and deceived as anyone. Maybe even more.

  8. Dennis Says:

    @ Crates
    I believe what you’ve said is true.

  9. dano5050 Says:

    So, I know Foster and Kimberly pretty well. I went to their wedding 2 years ago, and I went to an advance screening of Thrive at their house about 3 months ago with a select few others. I’ve known them for about 3 years, and was introduced to them by Catherine Austin-Fitts (mentioned above).

    Foster and Kimberly are about as down-to-earth, good hearted people as you will find. We all assume we’ve got good BS detectors, I know, but for what it’s worth, I vouch for their essential human integrity. I’ve met very high quality people as a result of our friendship.

    As far as his family being involved in some ugly stuff, yeah, ok… but he makes a big deal in the movie about his family relations, and how in a sense he feels its his responsibility to use his stature–such as it exists– to work to uncover things. Are we really to be held hostage to the deeds of our ancestors? I have an uncle that robbed Walt Disney– so shoot me.

    Personally, I think some of the stuff in the movie is either horseshit, or so poorly researched and evidenced, that it’s effectively impossible to tell the difference. Other aspects of the movie are well done, and touch on themes that are explored frequently here on Crytogon (9-11, the Fed, etc).

    The crop circle + alien stuff has always turned me off– fertile ground for feeble minds– but I have to say that the movie did point out interesting details that I had never considered. Did it make a believer out of me? No– but I’ll certainly bank that info for future consideration.

    It’s worth watching– not because it’s the revelation of extraordinary new factual evidence, but because the very human and very rational message at the end is worth hearing, and worth knowing is being said.

    My .02.


  10. ENERGYMAN Says:

    This reply is directed to Dennis.
    I would tend towards the idea that your environment, more specifically, your family and peers, determines your outlook and attitude and beliefs more than a inherited combo of genetics. I know you aren’t saying genes completely determine every dimension of a man, but I believe that peer influence heavily outweighs any genetic influences a man would be subject to.

    Don’t believe me Dennis, huh buddy?

    Well apparently you’ve never seen Trading Places.
    BOOM! Irrefutable truth! 🙂

  11. Dennis Says:

    Ha! Yes, I saw that film 🙂

    I agree with you. One of the reasons I wrote ‘genetically or otherwise’ is that when you talk about inheritance, people tend to think you’re talking about genes or someone’s last will and testament.

    The other was that some, like David Icke when he talks about Illuminati bloodlines, believe there are people whose genetic make-up fates them to be easy riders for the dark and non-corporeal powers that be.

    Perhaps there’s something to that belief but I’m more inclined to believe that those in power attract the attention of the dark side because they are of strategic importance. Psychopaths would, of course, be particularly useful due to their psyches already being in harmony with those of their ‘Sith Lords’.

  12. Dennis Says:

    …’Clint Webb for Senator’ 🙂

  13. JWSmythe Says:

    > But wait… The aliens are trying to give us
    > free energy technology?

    That’s where I stopped listening, and fell in love with their crazy..

    I’ve been wanting a ZPM for a long time now. I’ve had mine on backorder with ThinkGeek, that I think they’re never going to ship.

    It’s obviously a conspiracy by the … government? power industry? bankers? politicians? illuminati? aliens? mmmm.. Satan?

    Damn, that movie sounds like it has all the crazy all wrapped up in one. I want to wear my tin-foil sombrero to the theater and watch it right now.

    (BTW, not me, but he has some real fashion sense in his conspiracy head-wear)

  14. ENERGYMAN Says:

    Thank you for your reply, it gave me some more to think about, but most of all……

    Thank you sir for your recommendation of Clint Webb.

    He just looks so Presidential,er, Senatori, um, I mean, hair. I like his hair. It makes me feel safe. 🙂

  15. Dennis Says:

    More on this subject:

  16. pessimistic optimist Says:

    i was wrong, however many of my stated concerns are worth being aware of, although unrelated to this here film.

    i felt it was a good gateway into some of the more pressing concerns of “conspiracy-culture” unlike most of the conspiritainment nonsense that you will find w/ most web searches.

    as for the xeno issue, it seems like it was general enough to not be incorrect, and probably for the best untill anyone can know more definitively on the subject. i for one dont believe that Anyone involved has a big picture, even the people behind the coverups and “in the know”. as usual a matter of learning more before opening ones mouth.

    a lesson i myself am still learning.

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