New Video Surveillance System Tags, Tracks and Follows

December 27th, 2011

Via: Reuters:

Software developed for closed-circuit television systems can identify individuals and track them across entire networks of cameras. Joel Flynn reports.

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4 Responses to “New Video Surveillance System Tags, Tracks and Follows”

  1. Noble Says:

    Guess we have to dress up like that stupid V for Vendetta guy after all.

  2. pessimistic optimist Says:

    im a little curious what the color coding is identifying in the video?

    also strange flashbacks to reading the wormwood diaries and brave new world

    link to the wormwood diaries for anyone who’s interested.

    probably alot of funding available if this can be used in protest environments, or in theory “riots” *rolleyes*

  3. Kevin Says:

    @pessimistic optimist

    I think the system is assigning colors to the individuals in the network so that the people observing all of this can easily identify someone they’re interested in from one scene to another.

    I don’t think that will work so well past about a dozen colors, though. I’m sure they’ll make it so that just one person or a finite number of people can be designated with the colors. Maybe they’ll tie it in with other databases so people who are on some shitlist or another will set off an alarm when they walk into one of those networks, and the system will color-code just those individuals.

  4. pessimistic optimist Says:

    “seamlessly integrate w/ information from other recognition sensors, such as facial, fingerprint and iris recognition”
    i think says alot, and like the vid says, this is a preliminary version that was just designed to win some contest guidelines. i feel the big threat comes from combining this w/ something like smart cctv, where someone who’s innocent but behaving in a “suspicious” manner could get tagged for life.

    the big bottleneck has been finding humans to organize and analyze this data for a long time now, and modern algorithms open alot of doors that probably will never shut. my guess is alot of people will end up in that net who are just committing thought crime, and who knows what the lists will end up being used for. like its not bad enough already, walking in a dishonest manner could result in a cascade that leads to extreme unpleasantness. just a matter of finding them first, soon gait and pace could be life-changing mistakes. feet are one of the hardest tells to hide, and walking such a subconscious activity for all but the most devoted zen practitioners, i dunno. i just hope the filth hasn’t taken to heart the phrase “find the others…”

    here i am rambling again, but i think that sarah connor said it best:
    “Skynet is ruthless and unpredictable. They will use the best part of you against yourself, and they will use methods I can’t imagine or predict, that I can’t help you with. And when you’re unsure, well just always follow your heart, John”

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