Andrea Rossi Claims E-Cat Prototypes Submitted for UL Approval

January 19th, 2012

Many of you are interested in Andrea Rossi and the E-cat technology. You’re submitting several stories and wondering what I think about all of this.

Here’s what I think:

I put about equal odds on one of these three outcomes:

1. Andrea Rossi is the real deal and I’ll soon be able to buy an E-cat for use in my house

2. Andrea Rossi will be assassinated

3. Andrea Rossi will wind up in prison for fraud

This saga has dragged out long enough, and I’ve given it an appropriate amount of coverage (some would argue too much, other would argue not enough), but it’s time for Rossi to put his box up for sale and let the chips fall where they may.

How do Cryptogon readers think the Andrea Rossi E-cat saga will turn out?

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Via: PESN:

Rossi said that they have sent prototypes to UL, and they are working with them to get the home unit certified for “UL approval”.

7 Responses to “Andrea Rossi Claims E-Cat Prototypes Submitted for UL Approval”

  1. steve holmes Says:

    With my energy bill running about $375/month while I’m unemployed, it sounds too good to be true. But maybe it’s not…considering the power consumption of LED bulbs being a case in point.
    This would certainly give petroleum a run for the money.

  2. Miraculix Says:

    I cast my vote under “other” outcome:

    Rossi will receive an offer he simply can’t refuse and retire to the remote island of his choice. His tech will be hoovered up by the current industrial cabal and become a significant component in the next generation of devices underlying the vast rent-based profit networks typically described with the misnomer “utilities”.

    Game-changing technological breakthroughs do NOT reach the market without he imprimatur of the existing titans of history. Those that do are USED specifically to tilt the paying field at strategic moments.

  3. Miraculix Says:

    “Game-changing technological breakthroughs do NOT reach the market without he imprimatur of the existing titans of history. Those that do are USED specifically to tilt the paying field at strategic moments.”


    “titans of INDUSTRY”
    “tilt the PLAYING field”

    Definitely time to make some fresh coffee.

  4. spOILer Says:

    Where’s the “Rossi is a crackpot” button?

    PESN is a crackpot site too.

    Sorry, I think “cold” fusion has a pretty good chance of being viable and I’d like to see us throwing the kind of money at it that we do oil exploration, or fission energy, but Rossi is a nut, and PESN a collection thereof.

    The patent office believes this device is unpatentable because it functions against the laws of nature, he refuses to allow the core of the device to be examined, and nothing he has ever invented has ever worked out… But in the meantime he gets a real nice free ride from investors.

    Much ado about nothing more than moolah for Rossi.

  5. alvinroast Says:

    @ Miraculix

    While I agree with you 100%, I always hold out hope that somehow an idea will slip through the curtain and into the hands of outsiders. Of course the offer he can’t refuse includes the options of assassination and prison.

    BTW – Excellent Freudian slips there. If only we could make them titans of history and tilt the paying field. Sometimes a break from coffee can bring fresh insights.

  6. tal Says:

    I voted with Miraculix. Both times.

  7. Miraculix Says:

    @ Alvin…

    Typing his morning with fresh “roast” already made, so the slips should be less frequent… =)

    And I’ve never been happy assigning memetic shifts like those above to Freud. What a tool.

    Besides, you must also consider that they may have been *intentional* on my part, along with the appended corrections and excuse, which only serve to point them out — thereby amplifying the humor for the more savvy, their very existence for their less so and their effectiveness writ large.

    Sometimes one must play the Trickster to get an idea past the conceptual shields that so many hide their minds behind…

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