Are Teenagers More Doomed Than Usual?

February 3rd, 2012

“Once the dumb are wished into existence, they serve valuable functions: as a danger to themselves and others they have to be watched, classified, disciplined, trained, medicated, sterilized, ghettoized, cajoled, coerced, jailed. To idealists they represent a challenge, reprobates to be made socially useful. Either way you want it, hundreds of millions of perpetual children require paid attention from millions of adult custodians. An ignorant horde to be schooled one way or another.”

John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education

Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

Via: Wall Street Journal:

“What was he thinking?” It’s the familiar cry of bewildered parents trying to understand why their teenagers act the way they do.

How does the boy who can thoughtfully explain the reasons never to drink and drive end up in a drunken crash? Why does the girl who knows all about birth control find herself pregnant by a boy she doesn’t even like? What happened to the gifted, imaginative child who excelled through high school but then dropped out of college, drifted from job to job and now lives in his parents’ basement?

If you think of the teenage brain as a car, today’s adolescents acquire an accelerator a long time before they can steer and brake.

Adolescence has always been troubled, but for reasons that are somewhat mysterious, puberty is now kicking in at an earlier and earlier age. A leading theory points to changes in energy balance as children eat more and move less.

Research Credit: JH

2 Responses to “Are Teenagers More Doomed Than Usual?”

  1. steve holmes Says:

    “spare the rod, spoil the child.” post industrial society has raised a generation of spoiled, undisciplined social misfits and whining pussies. I never imagined so many young men who have lower testosterone than old ladies, nor did I ever expect society to put up with it.
    Personally, I highly suspect that bottle feeding baby boys out of nalgene (plexiglass) bottles filled them with enough artificial estrogen to completely screw them up…and they are everywhere and being coddled by similarly testicle-less managers, resulting in a cry baby work force that can’t handle the slightest correction for any mistakes. It’s disgusting, repulsive, non-productive and ultimately cheap to hire them because the collective lot of them are still thumb sucking morons who will simply do what they are told and never innovate anything but their frelling Facebook settings.
    There are exception, but there is definitely something seriously wrong…and studies have shown those bottles leak estrogen.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Loved the brain/iPhone MRI 🙂

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