Startup Claims ‘Holy Grail’ of System on Chip Design

April 23rd, 2012

Yikes. If this is real, it will definitely accelerate the grim trends in technology that you’ve been reading about on Cryptogon and lots of other places.

Scum from Wall Street to Fort Meade will be frothing over this one.

Via: EE Times:

The first automated software-to-chip dream came out of the closet Monday (April 23), when Algotochip Corp. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) claimed to be able to produce a system-on-chip (SoC) design from a C-code specification in just eight to 16 weeks.

“We can move your designs from algorithms to chips in as little as eight weeks,” said Satish Padmanabhan CTO and founder of Algotochip, whose EDA tool directly implements digital chips from C-algorithms. “Our solution provides the appropriate RTL generated from C-ocde for SoC.

Algotochip said its technology, announced at the Globalpress Electronics Summit 2012 in Santa Cruz, Calif., generates all aspects of a solution including the software, firmware and hardware from the designers C-code and test stimulus vectors. Padmanabhan, former co-founder and chief architect at ZSP (acquired by Verisilicon in 2006), where he created the first superscalar DSP, recruited software experts from Apple and elsewhere two years ago, and today unveiled its proprietary engine that accepts as input a C-code file and outputs a Graphic Data System II (GSDII) suitable for creating SoC.

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  1. jakdmsy Says:

    Not knowing much about this field, this article seems to me as if it was written by a IT random word generator.

    What does it mean to the layman?

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