School Districts Taking More Corporate Advertising

June 4th, 2012

This USA Today piece contains easily the most ridiculous lie I’ve read in a long time.

“The public isn’t paying for public education anymore.”

Oh really?

This infographic is from USC: U.S. Education Spending and Performance vs. The World:

U.S. Education versus the World via Master of Arts in Teaching at USC
Via: [email protected] | Master’s of Arts in Teaching

Americans are paying more money for public education per child than everywhere else except Switzerland, and getting results near the bottom of the barrel as a result.

But throw some Brawndo ads at it.

Goes great with breakfast sticks.

Via: USA Today:

Financially struggling schools nationwide are increasing the volume of advertising that children see in the halls, at football games and even on their report cards.

School administrators say that with a public unwilling to adequately fund K-12 education, they’re obligated to find new ways to keep teachers in classrooms.

“We know that we can’t continue to only look at ways to cut, we also need to be innovative about the assets we have and learn how to bring in more revenue,” says Trinette Marquis, a spokeswoman for the 28,000-student Twin Rivers Unified School District in McClellan, Calif.

Twin Rivers this spring signed a deal with the Colorado-based Education Funding Partners (EFP), a for-profit corporation, with a goal of bringing $100 million to major public school districts by 2015, company President Mickey Freeman says.

“There’s a way to marry large companies and large districts without having to sacrifice morality,” he says. “The public isn’t paying for public education anymore.”

Advertising in schools is not a new concept and has been part of athletic facilities and school buses for years. But Dax Gonzalez, communications manager for the Texas Association of School Boards, says more schools are turning to advertising.

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  1. AHuxley Says:

    I wonder what they do when they get emails or comments about story wrt spending facts?

  2. Zuma Says:


    I didn’t quite get your comment but I *think* I did. Lack of post-comment editing here is a drag sometimes, I know, and gather such is the case here. (‘wrt’?) (With that said, I’ll add that bit about he who frames the [spending] debate wins, etc etc…)
    So I went to your link and enjoyed it. Nice site, well done. I’ll be back. And encourage others to visit.

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