Syria: Internet Taken Down

November 30th, 2012

My guess is that U.S. Special Forces are restoring “Internet” access right now. *wink*

Well, what this probably means is that, when you’re connected to .mil’s PSYOP ISP, you may get a ‘special’ version of the Internet. For example, when you type in or, what you see may be quite different from what the rest of the world sees. The military could be running proxies that make sites appear any way PSYOP planners want them to appear. They could load content from the actual sites, but, on the fly, add PSYOP payloads to what is sent to the target population.

So, while regular visitors to see the usual page, those who connect to .mil’s PSYOP ISP might see extra stories that have been created specifically for the mission at hand. Or, other stories might not appear at all.

Maybe search results for various topics are packed with totally bogus results.

How about a special version of YouTube with videos and users completely fabricated by .mil and not at all visible by people on the regular Internet?

A proxy server is like one of those food processors you see on TV infomercials at 4am. It slices. It dices. It minces. A carrot goes in one side as a carrot, but it could come out the other side a dozen different ways.

Via: Parity News:

Amidst the ongoing civil war, Syria has gone off the Internet a few hours ago with all the 84 IP block within the country unreachable from the outside.

Renesys, a research firm, keeping tabs on the health of the Internet reported at about 5:25 ET that Syria’s Internet connectivity has been shut. The internet traffic from outside to Syrian IP addresses is going undelivered and anything coming out from within the country is not reaching the Internet.

There have been no reports as to why the connectivity was shut but, it won’t be too farfetched to assume that this disconnection may be a way to control the information flow from Syria to the outside.

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