Most Probiotic Supplements Contain Genetically Modified Additives

January 25th, 2013

Via: Natural News:

A Natural News investigation into the probiotics industry has turned up alarming information about how probiotics are formulated and labeled. We’ve found that nearly all probiotics available in the U.S. market today are secretly formulated with genetically modified ingredients that are intentionally not listed on the label. The most common such ingredient is maltodextrin, a corn-derived flow agent.

Look for yourself at the probiotics available today, and you’ll find something curious: Virtually none of them are certified USDA organic. Why is that? If you read the ingredients on the label, you might scratch your head and wonder why they can’t make those ingredients organic. But the real story is found in the “dirty little secret” that probiotics supplement manufacturers are not listing on the labels: Maltodextrin and other fillers and flow agents that are derived from GM corn.

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  1. Eileen Says:

    This article sent me rummaging throughout the house and the fridge, and I am very surprised to see that none of the five bottles of probiotics I have in the house and refrigerator are not labeled organic. Makes me want to spit.
    Don’t know what the UK “truth in labeling system is” – but the BioKult (which I’ve taken since reading the GAPS diet book) is made in the UK. Doesn’t say it is organic either, but doesn’t list the maltodextrin either. Anyone know whether the UK system of labeling requires that ingredient to be put on the package?

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