China: Millions of People Getting Useless Degrees Wants Office Jobs that Don’t Exist

January 27th, 2013

Wait until significant numbers of these men are unable to find wives and the option of working in the factories goes away

Via: New York Times:

Jobs go begging in factories while many educated young workers are unemployed or underemployed. A national survey of urban residents, released this winter by a Chinese university, showed that among people in their early 20s, those with a college degree were four times as likely to be unemployed as those with only an elementary school education.

It is a problem that Chinese officials are acutely aware of.

“There is a structural mismatch — on the one hand, the factories cannot find skilled labor, and, on the other hand, the universities produce students who do not want the jobs available,” said Ye Zhihong, a deputy secretary general of China’s Education Ministry.

China’s swift expansion in education over the last decade, including a quadrupling of the number of college graduates each year, has created millions of engineers and scientists. The best can have their pick of jobs at Chinese companies that are aiming to become even more competitive globally.

But China is also churning out millions of graduates with few marketable skills, coupled with a conviction that they are entitled to office jobs with respectable salaries.

2 Responses to “China: Millions of People Getting Useless Degrees Wants Office Jobs that Don’t Exist”

  1. ENERGYMAN Says:

    Occupy Earth

  2. soothing hex Says:

    Good jobs are heavily fought for. Plus it’s hard to know if those jobs (actually any job) will still exist in 10 or 15 years.

    Solution : diversify your activities – learn to build and repair things AND use your head for solely intellectual activities like informing and expressing yourself. You shall then be able to be creative and propose your own specialties (particular branches of knowledge, devices and seeds adapted to your locality) – markets of your own.

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