NZ: Disgruntled Snitch Sues Police

February 25th, 2013

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A former police spy has lifted the lid on his decade of deception under the codename Muldoon.

The details of Rob Gilchrist’s double life infiltrating protest groups and leading trade unions are contained in a draft claim for more than $500,000 from police for lost income, for humiliation, distress, and loss of reputation.

He claims that, to bolster his “cover” for what he says became a $600-a-week job, he became a vegan, an anarchist, an animal rights activist and a tino rangatiratanga supporter.

Police say they cannot discuss the Christchurch man’s claim, but do not accept the allegations and will be “vigorously” defending the proceedings.

He says that he was directed to spy on unions, including the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, Service and Food Workers, Maritime Union, and the Council of Trade Unions, along with environment, peace, animal rights and political groups.

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  1. RBNZ Says:

    I know this guy. He is a total asshole. He was never vegan and just basically lived a lie for cash.

    “Loss of reputation” is quite laughable.

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