Pledge of Allegiance

March 25th, 2013

Via: The Whitest Kids You Know:

3 Responses to “Pledge of Allegiance”

  1. messianicdruid Says:

    They should have used a yellow-fringed Admiralty flag representing the corporation for this.

  2. spiralbinder Says:

    I am disgusted and torn in two directions by this little nightmare. Yep, our country is diseased, along with all other countries. But how do we remake it into a fit place to live without common cultures and customs? Our current culture is VILE. DISGUSTING. Lewd sexual immorality and crassness abounds. Common courtesy is completely gone. The pledge is useless in current conditions, but still points back to something far more powerful. By whatever name you want to call it, “indoctrination” is important to set correct habits for a lifetime. I’d still pledge allegiance to the republic, if it was still in existence. I do think it existed, at some point in the past but was promptly subverted by perverse human nature. I am sorry, I am rambling. But again, this is really awful, this little clip.

  3. spiralbinder Says:

    Now that I am calmer, what I meant to say is a pledge like this is brainwashing and useless without the proper education and context to understand the pledge.

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