June Earnings

July 17th, 2013

Total earnings in June came to $889.67.

To those who sent funds directly, thank you.

Pookie $75
Eileen $125 [!!!]
RL $20
DS $25
TB $50
Anon EUR20
TM $10

Thanks to everyone who conducted business via Cryptogon’s affiliate links. The owners of thinkanimated.com and peterbucklin.com earned Cryptogon $180 for signing up for webhosting with BlueHost.

Oh, if you’re wondering what happened to my affiliate banners and links to BlueHost, just temporarily turn off AdBlock+ and the BlueHost stuff will magically re-appear. 😉

While I missed the minimum earnings goal of $1000 this month, if I add May’s earnings ($1383.31) to June’s ($889.67) and divide by two, a two month moving average of $1136.49 looks good to me.

Thanks, again, to the handful of you out there who are keeping Cryptogon going.

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