Texas: SWAT Team Murdered Unarmed Teenager as He Lay in Bed

February 18th, 2007

They hate us for our freedom.

Via: Liberty Papers:

On Tuesday, the Wharton Police Department in Texas shot a 17-year old boy, Daniel Castillo Jr. to death. The SWAT team was serving a search warrant looking for drugs after the police allegedly witnessed a drug deal take place at the residence. According to the family, Castillo was unarmed and asleep when the SWAT team burst into his bedroom door and killed him.

3 Responses to “Texas: SWAT Team Murdered Unarmed Teenager as He Lay in Bed”

  1. HaveUseenThis Says:


  2. Tamryn H Says:

    Legislation needs to be passed mandating that the PD take responsibility, including criminal penalties stiffer than the general public.

  3. CB Says:

    In an “ideal” world the actual people who shot the boy would be prosecuted and made to pay restitution, but that would be in an “ideal” world.

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