A Fascist for Every Occasion

February 25th, 2007

Honestly, I haven’t looked too closely at the Neoconservative literature. Why? I read The Prince when I was eighteen years old. The whole Neocon thing just seems like a Machiavelli fan club/psychopath cult to me; a rehash, in other words.

So, why do the Neocons appear to be in control?

Politics, for most of the history of civilization, has been about weaponizing religions and superstitions to swindle people who were too stupid to know what was happening to them. “God” is less of a factor in the politics of some countries now, but pages from that old playbook still work very well in the U.S. It’s a bit like customizing the crime to fit the victim. What’s even more desirable is to turn the victims into accomplices. The U.S. is packed with tens of millions of zombie, idiot “Christians.” If you wanted to rob them blind and kill lots of other people in far away lands and steal their resources, what’s the easiest way to get results?

“God told me….” <--- Fill in the blank. Imagine that, instead of tens of millions of zombie, idiot Christians dominating the public façade of American politics, the pendulum swung toward the zombie, idiot environmentalists, militant vegans or some other form of crackpot Left fascism. The elite wouldn't play the "Christian" religious card. Again, they would customize the crime for the victim-accomplices. You'd see a charismatic black lesbian vegan U.S. President, driving her armored hybrid Subaru station wagon, talking about how anyone who eats meat is destroying the environment and contributing to global warming. Obviously, theft of other peoples' resources and raiding the public treasury are the goals, no matter what line of bullshit is spewing from the lips of politicians. (See the Note at the end.) What's the easiest way to go about reaching those goals? Animate some puppet that mumbles things related to the inane messages contained on the stickers that the majority of people are slapping on the ass ends of their vehicles. Simple. If most vehicles have "God" stickers, go with a "God told me..." candidate. A majority of Save the Environment-type stickers would see the rise of some candidate touting Clean Green Walmarts and carbon offsets for cat farts. Charles Mansion stickers? Get Chucky into office. A convicted murderer for President? Chuck is responsible for far fewer murders than any past U.S. President, so why not? Maybe most cars wind up with professional wresting bumper stickers. Well, in that case, Idiocracy should be seen as a prescient glimpse into the future, and not just grim satire.

Absurd? Not as absurd as thinking that Dick Cheney is a Christian, and supporting his diabolical policies while calling them God’s will.

Indeed, be careful about thinking that the Neocons are the root of the problems we’re facing. Jeff Wells actually picked the meat from this carcass back in 2005. In, The Lone Conmen, he wrote:

The neocons are the Lone Gunmen of Iraq. They’re the patsies who’ll eventually take the fall for its failure, which will actually mean success to the real players who’ve allowed them the liberty to play their hand. Like Oswald, these patsies aren’t innocents, but neither should perfect blame be laid at their feet. And like Oswald, when their heads are offered to the public the public will be expected to sigh with relief that the beast has been slain and all is right again in the land.

To modify slightly one of the many great lines from the film Apocalypse Now: Neocons are errand boys, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

While the patsies and errand boys of the day might change, the focus belongs on fascism and humanity’s seemingly insatiable desire to be trodden upon by jackboots.

Via: High Clearing:

As many who have read me for any significant time would by now know, I am convinced that neoconservatism is a deeply pernicious, even evil political ideology; I further believe that many neoconservative individuals are lying purveyors of wickedness. To continue in my endeavors to support these positions (alas, prior such efforts remain in unretrieved Inactivist archives), I turn to Shadia B. Drury, a scholar of the former University of Chicago philosopher Leo Strauss; Drury recently wrote in Free Inquiry of the enormous influence the unusual and controversial Strauss has had in shaping the views of neoconservatives.

First, as Drury notes neoconservatives regard religion much as Marx did — except they eagerly embrace it as a means of manipulating hoi polloi:

There is a certain irony in the fact that the chief guru of the neoconservatives is a thinker who regarded religion merely as a political tool intended for the masses but not for the superior few. Leo Strauss, the German Jewish émigré who taught at the University of Chicago almost until his death in 1973, did not dissent from Marx’s view that religion is the opium of the people; but he believed that the people need their opium. He therefore taught that those in power must invent noble lies and pious frauds to keep the people in the stupor for which they are supremely fit.

Note: Yes, I’ve linked to Ron Paul speeches, and what he says isn’t bullshit. The problem, though, is that Ron Paul has no power. I’m sorry, but he doesn’t. But let’s imagine, by some miracle, that Ron Paul becomes President and actually wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve…

Oh come on. I can’t do this.

This is la-la land stuff.

I’d rather spend my time trying to fly through the air by flapping my arms and running around the cow paddock than fantasizing about some alternate reality in which the President of the United States isn’t a psychopath. I might not reach too high of an altitude, but I’d get some good exercise with all that running and arm-flapping.

7 Responses to “A Fascist for Every Occasion”

  1. cb Says:

    If elected, Ron Paul or any true Libertarian, would be JFK’d.

  2. Doug Mitchell Says:

    JFK’d indeed. These days, I like to refer to it as “receiving the Paul Wellstone Leadership Award.”

    Funny Kev, as I read the “note” the first image that sprang to mind was Becky and the goats watching quietly, heads slightly akilter in curiousity, as you made your first flap around the paddock — and I chuckled.

    Then I imagined the sort of reaction Mr. Paul would receive after his lakeside speech at the Grove ranting about the Fed and corruption in government. And I laughed. Hard. La-la-land is right.

  3. Alek Hidell Says:

    Since I have not seen it posted on cryptogon before, note that 1960 was the last national election with publicly counted votes. Every election result since has been reported by a private mainstream media (banker controlled) consortium. For many years it was called the “Voter News Service”, now it is rebranded as “National Election Pool” but is the same entity. There it is in plain sight, the votes have been counted by the plutocrats for so long that no one under age 65 has ever voted in a pubicly counted national election.

    When the Kennedy elite traitors emerged, the remedy was bullets in the head. Bullet treatments were used on white populist George Wallace and black populist MLK. Populist Ross Perot heeded the death threat to his family after he took the lead in the polls in Spring 1992 and dropped out for the summer. So it goes. Although I believe that Dr. Ron Paul is sincere, even his candidacy is a plus for the rulers. “See, the people had an opportunity to vote against the Federal Reserve, yet we got a 99% approval rating!”

    The irrational faith that most Americans have in the electoral system makes domestic US blogs unreadable. Besides Kevin, the only Americans I can read anymore are the expats:
    Ryan Dawson in Japan, Les Visible in France, Ezekiel in Croatia, and so on. Even moneybags financial gurus have bailed out, Bob Moriarty to Cayman Island, Jim Rogers to Singapore.

    The function of the supposed opposition writers in the US is to tell people that things are bad, but there is still hope for democratic change – the cruelist lie of all. If a genuine dissident writer with the freedom to travel is still hanging on in the US banana republic in 2007, he is either suicidal or a clueless fool.

  4. epi Says:

    To some extent Strauss and Brzezinski have a shared background in the dying Weimar republic. One being a jew, the other seeing his Polish motherland crushed by Hitler and Stalin. Both are key in different world domination schemes a lifetime later.

  5. George Kenney Says:


    State of Washington Senate Bill S8016 submitted by freshman state Senator Eric Oemig for impeachment.

    Look how much coverage this baby is getting in the MSM. Only one hit in google news.



    but there are much more important topics with 900% more articles.


  6. One who knows Says:

    I know Les Visible – he is a dishonest, Narc. Personality Disordered fraud. He goes on yacking about the dishonesty of this person and that to avoid his own B.S. He has left destruction in his wake in his dealings with people. He is not only selfish – he is cruel and outright evil and sociopathic. So he spins and weaves a bunch of words – so what. I wonder who long he can continue this charade.

  7. Les Visible Says:

    So, you know me huh? Interesting. And who would you be. You didn’t leave a name so it does make me wonder. I find the “Narc” comment interesting. Especially so since I was facing life in prison in Hawaii for a tripe class A felony arrest (which I beat before a jury) and afterwards the prosecutor, Cardoza said, “That guy and his girlfriend are two of only 3 people who never cooperated with my office in the 8 years I was District Attorney.

    I realize I have enemies out there because of my commentaries and especially at BOTF at Slate. I note by your spelling errors and presentation certain things about you. I wonder at the comment that I am selfish. Did you try to borrow money from me? Anyway, here I am. Would you like to tell me who you are? You see, this anonynmous slander doesn’t mean anything without some evidence to back it up. I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet that we never met. Please give some evidence of this, “destruction of his wake”

    evidence of any of your claims would be most welcome. You’re not afraid to let me know who you are, are you? Send me an email if you’re too shy to talk here. I KNOW you have no evidence of any sort but I would just like to know who you are so I can get a grasp on which location I tweaked your ego at.

    Les Visible

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