China: Ten Recycled Concrete Houses 3D-Printed in 24 Hours [???]

April 28th, 2014


Via: International Business Times:

A Chinese construction firm based in Shanghai has succeeded in building 10 houses each measuring 200 square metres in 24 hours by using an enormous 3D printer.

The houses are all eco-friendly and constructed from 3D-printed building blocks made from layers of recycled construction waste and glass fibre and mixed with cement.

Each home costs less than £3,000 to build.

WinSun Decoration Design Engineering spent 20 million Yuan (£1.9m) and 12 years to develop a 3D printer 6.6 metres tall, 10 metres wide and 150 metres long.

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  1. dale Says:

    Surprising to click though and see the results of this thing. I really had no idea something like this exists. Had come back for another look.

    “Large 3D printers have been in existence for several years and have been used to make plane parts and prototypes.” That’s news too

    I wonder if someone will make a 3D Printer that makes 3D Printers?

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