The 2008 sElection

October 31st, 2008

Very briefly, I’d like to write a couple of things about the next farce, nonsense pageant that’s about to go down.

The way I see it is as follows:

If Obama and Biden are installed, it means that the U.S. will continue to be Sovietized for integration into the ascendant global prison system. Biden is a high priest in the ranks of global elite enablers. The glow of the All Seeing Eye shines brightly on this ticket.

Then there’s the generalized zombie cult crack-up factor that surrounds this Obama thing. Votive candles? Panties? I’d suggest investing in smelling salts and organizations that train cult deprogrammers for the aftermath of this one.

If McCain and Palin are installed, it means that the elite would rather overtly collapse the U.S. before proceeding with the Sovietization plan later on. McCain is senile and Palin is as batshit crazy and corrupt as a person can be.

Two paths, two different types of bad.

If I had to guess, I would say that it will be Obama/Biden.

Most of you know that I view the U.S. President as relatively insignificant unit of analysis when it comes to trying to understand events. I also realize that the patterns of ritual abuse that these elections represent have [email protected] up a lot of people for good. This is the stuff of religion, and worse. Feel free to use this post as an open thread to unburden yourself on this situation, if you wish. Just don’t expect me to respond to any of it. I’ve said more about this than I wanted to already, and now I have that can’t-quite-vomit feeling in my gut.

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  1. pdugan Says:

    I’m going to reiterate a bit of anecdote about campaigning for Ron Paul before moving to Argentina and (foreseeably) never coming back.


    – Democrats who I had to explain “this guy’s not an asshole” to.

    – Old white fart who said “I don’t know about a woman or a black guy becoming president – I mean I ain’t prejudiced or nothing, but that ain’t right.” We then had a spirited discussion of property rights in regards to Indians ect. He mentioned his neighbor is an asshole and tried to file an injunction about the position of his fence, which the county later overturned.

    – Cancer-ridden lady, probably voting for Obama.

    – County co-ordinator with 8 kids, three grown, and funded the thing out of pocket, works for RAYTHEON.

    – Chemtrails discussion, good times

    – Buy silver! Repeatedly.

    – Cold morning on Primary day after RP sent a message surrendering the campaign due to mathematical reasons, talked with Obama and Clinton supporters, a mother who believed in hope, a school administrator who disagreed that the instutitions are designed to stupify people, both MILFs for what that’s worth.

    – I went inside to warm up and a guy said “you the Ron Paul guy?” I said “yup, somebody’s gotta do it, you know what I’m saying?” He said “no.”

    – I warned everyone that the DOW was going to 8000 in the Fall and to get out of the dollar, they agreed as they filed their forms, stamped their buttons.

  2. Loveandlight Says:

    I also realize that the patterns of ritual abuse that these elections represent have [email protected] up a lot of people for good.

    Yes. I am surprised at how much I’ve had to beat the crap out of myself mentally to get myself to “get over it” and stop thinking of the whole nonsense-pageant as a meaningful political process and of the Democrats as the average citizen’s friend.

    I was so emotionally invested in the 2004 election that I literally didn’t sleep the night before it. At the risk of sounding tinfoil-hattish, I really do think that Kerry was ordered by the people who really run this country to “take a dive” in 2004. Not that things would have substantially improved in any way that really mattered had he been elected. It took even more than that to make me wake up and smell the coffee completely, but the outcome was still the same because the Democrats will never fail to let you down when you observe the difference between what they say and do with your critical-thinking capacity switched on.

    I find myself hanging out a lot less on the liberal political newsblog I used to frequent because I’ve realized that most of them will never stop drinking that Kool-Aid. My mother in my most recent phone-conversation with her said that she would never vote for a Republican even if Abe Lincoln were running and she would always vote for the Democrat even if they were Benito Mussolini. I’m sorry, but I’ve been in recovery from co-dependency long enough to know co-dependent thinking when I hear it. Ugh to the max!

  3. anothernut Says:

    It’s Obama for sure. After 8 years of Bad Cop, the American sheeple need “proof” that
    1) the voting machines can NOT be used to turn an election (because then the Republicans would always win, right?); all just another silly conspiracy theory. case closed
    2) on a broader level, our democracy works! Good Cop Obama will be NOTHING like Bad Cop Bush! Good Cop greases you up before he [email protected]#$’s you, Bad Cop never did!

  4. snorky Says:

    Since just about everyone who reads Cryptogon knows what is really going on with the US “elections” I am not going to pontificate here about what Kevin has written (which as usual is correct), except to say that if you want to find out a key reason why Americans are all caught up in this BS, a good place to start is to read the book “Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes”, which explains the nature of a society that is getting almost cultish in its “Obama Worship” (and, to a lesser extent among Brownshirt types, its “Palin Worship”.) In short–it appears to this American that more and more Americans are accepting rule by Pathocracy.

  5. lagavulin Says:

    The brilliance of giving Obama the nomination was that Obama really believed he could stand for “change” (whatever that means), and yet he was such a political neophyte that he was never able to resist having his values transformed by the system.

    He’ll definitely win. No question. The Dem’s did something that a couple years ago I would never have thought possible, they sucked back into the process the droves of disaffected voters yearning for something really new. I do know a small handful of former Obama hopefuls who had the spell broken when Biden was selected as VP, but most didn’t see the tactic for what it surely must be.

    And for the record, Liberal or Conservative mean absolutely nothing, of course. We’re all both, it just depends on what subject is being addressed. But one duality we really should recognize is whether someone is “open-minded” or “closed-minded”. Some of the most interesting people I know are open-minded Conservatives. And closed-minded people of any stripe accomplish nothing but harm.

  6. OUTSLAW Says:

    What does “Sovietized” mean? I assume you’re referring to “The Sovietization of America” as described in “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway,” but it’s confusing because this use has little to do with the basic meaning of the word “soviet” beyond being a reference to the USSR.

  7. John Doh Says:

    Hard for me to believe people aren’t lying when questioned by these so called MAJOR polling organizations (Gallup for example idiots with letterhead tucked away in a small farmhouse basement on Harrison street in Princeton NJ [I used to do business with them]).
    Lot’s of people have a wee dab of anarchist in them I know I do and love to screw up peoples ideas,thoughts and plans.
    Don’t you hate being bothered?
    I register as democrat to eff up their primaries for example since 1984.
    At this point they all suck,don’t listen to constituents who overwhelmingly told them
    no on the failout(At ratios believed to be in the 95% nay range).
    We need farmers,ordinary people,schlubs off the street in there NOT LAWYERS (look where that got us).Obvious that’s not going to happen after they wouldn’t even allow the contrarian Ron Paul
    a small portion of time on the big one eyed monster debate stage.
    I knew motor voter and such crap as this Electioneering scam was going to be used in this horrible fashion as it now is when
    Bill “if i’m biting my lip that’s my liars tell” Clinton was all for it.
    If diebold doesn’t give it to Juan McClane
    I would hope some decent uncorrupted judge
    (they exist?not during my involvement with ANY of them) will do something about all of Odrama’s shady campaign financing,people who have not voted since 1965 suddenly sending in provisionals,dead people,the
    Mickey Mouse/dallas cowboys thing.
    If people aren’t required to prove citizenship/Identity or even residency (park bench in Ohio anyone?)when they vote
    nobodies vote is worth anything.
    And nobody is even listening to the people
    who say wait a GD minute how can the biggest money laundering/voter fraud scam in the history this once GREAT USALAND be right?
    It’s all a fake phony fraud,…and more is
    instore unless something is done.
    One day someone will and on that day PBUH!!

  8. pdugan Says:

    I happened upon this on my lunch break, a comment for on the following page:

    “I think the Barack Obama interview was excellent. He is very real, very unlike anyone in Washington today. I also think that Jon Stewart is wonderful. I am 46 and this is the first internet posting I have ever done!”

    If this were his first time voting as well, that would be something. If the subsequent “fucking” were his first sexual experience, that would be a trifecta.

  9. thucydides Says:

    @Loveandlight: “the Democrats will never fail to let you down when you observe the difference between what they say and do with your critical-thinking capacity switched on.” awesome! that’s my QotD.

    I know Kevin’s refraining from comment on this thread, but what’s your take on how the money-driven end of national campaigns have grown? There’s a steady ramp-up from $550mn in the 1992 Presidential election to somewhere north of $1bn in 2008.

    Is this just another thinly-disguised method of re-distributing money from donors to media conglomerates to buy their assent? Is it a simple corporate handout, or is there more of a quid-pro-quo at work? Is the rise in cost illusory, simply tracking the real levels of inflation in the economy, or are there now more parties involved who exert the need for money from campaigns?

    Sources: USIS September 1996 2004 Presidential Finance Summary Banking on Becoming President (2008)

  10. Peregrino Says:

    My brother works for the BLM, and I can tell you, executive branch policies have far-reaching impact when it comes to managing rangeland. Extrapolate that to all the bureaus, agencies, and departments in the government and it becomes plain that unfortunately the president does matter. To quote Churchill, “democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Barak-o-mania gives me the creeps, too, but it is totally understandable after the W years of abject disillusionment. Hope springs eternal in the typical naive voter’s breast. Don’t worry. The honeymoon will end. It always does. There is no way any world leader can remain popular for any great length of time, because the challenges presented by today’s world cannot be met by mere mortals. They can’t be met by anything. They are systemic. Consult human ecologist Paul Shepard.

  11. Aaron Says:

    So Kevin what about the New Zealand sElection, just a few weeks away, do you see it having any relevance to anyones lives at all?

    I find that if I treat the whole thing like a sporting event it can be quite fun, certainly a lot better than taking it seriously.

  12. Kevin Says:

    @ Aaron

    (1) We live under a parliamentary system, where small parties have some power and (2) the votes are actually counted here. Hell yes, I’ll be voting. This system, while flawed and maddening, is definitely worth participating in, unlike the theater of the real in the U.S.

    I’d encourage all eligible voters in New Zealand to vote. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect any positive outcome from voting here, but doing so isn’t insulting, like voting in the U.S. is.

    I’ve been in email contact with the person who’s getting my party vote. Not only does she write back, she milks her own cows by hand and likes Farmlet. HA.

    I don’t feel like I’ve left the U.S. I feel like I’ve arrived on a different planet.

  13. Loveandlight Says:


    I think part of it is inflation, part of it is one-upmanship, part of it is the plutocratic class deliberately making the candidates very dependent on plutocratic largess. The way I look at it, the votes here in the USA are counted, but who gets to vote is affected by voter suppression and intimdation, and outright election fraud is used to “cook the data” once the votes have been counted. Of course, sometimes whole voting machines and ballot boxes are made to disappear when they are from a district that tends to vote in an undesirable fashion. In this day and age, my own opinion is that the Republicans are much more blatant and systematic at election chicanery, but the Democrats are still complicit for not challenging the fraud (once again, probably on orders from the real rulers of the country). And I am certain the Democrats have not been completely innocent and that voting fraud is not something that suddenly came into being in late 2000 in Florida.


    Churchill’s quote was correct, but here in the USA, we have a plutocratic oligarchy very thinly and very badly disguised as a constitutional republic (see my words to thucydides).


    I’ll bet it’s not just the political system that makes you feel as though you’re on another planet. I’ve never been outside the USA, but I just have this feeling in my bones that there are places in this world where you don’t always have to be on the lookout for when you might get smacked upside the head by some kind of institutional or personal narcissism while just trying to live your life.

  14. John Doh Says:

    They (the politterati) are preparing to be whisked to the bunkers this Tuesday.
    Usually only happens during SOTU address
    Never on Selection day.
    Smell something and I am not near D3nmark.

  15. Aaron Says:


    I’m not so cynical that I’ve given up voting yet but I have to say that your enthusiasm for what we have here has given me a new and rather alarming insight into just how bad the US system is.

    I mean, I’ve read a lot and I thought I knew how bad the US system was but clearly we’re talking about a level of political corruption that’s completely off the scale.

  16. tsoldrin Says:

    I thought this cycle was interesting… perhaps the most interesting in my lifetime.

    Some good came of it; The Ron Paul Revolution was birthed. It warms the heart to know that there are over a million liberty minded individuals out there and now they’re networking together. I expect the number of Revolutionaries will grow too, drawing from a severely wounded Republican party as well as disillusioned Democrats who won’t be getting what they want from Obama. On the other hand, the authoritarian changes Bush has wrought and the socialistic changes Obama is sure to institute are really never turned back (without violence anyway), so the Paulians will have a tough, uphill slog ahead of them. Ideally, they may realize that the system is too far gone for saving and perhaps venture out to form a freedom colony on the high seas or something.

  17. tsoldrin Says:

    Oh yeah… I’m expecting riots to break out either way it goes. Either due to perceived voter fraud or simply in celebration. Just in time for the switch to digital tv too!

  18. tm Says:

    “If Obama and Biden are installed, it means that the U.S. will continue to be Sovietized for integration into the ascendant global prison system. Biden is a high priest in the ranks of global elite enablers. The glow of the All Seeing Eye shines brightly on this ticket.”

    Here’s a youtube video that provides further proof that we already have a centrally coordinated, one-world government: The PMs of Australia and Canada nearly simultaneously giving identical speeches to their parliaments in ’03 calling for war on Iraq.

  19. Loveandlight Says:

    Here is a video from that validates in spades what Kevin said about patterns of ritual abuse that mess with people’s minds. It lasts about three and half minutes.

    As for any particular candidate in any US election being labelled a “socialist”, I would just like to say very generally that it’s so easy to get tagged with that label here that the word is being steadily drained of whatever meaning it might have originally held. Besides, one aspect of why US elections never result in real change is that these politicians make a lot of promises that they have only the meagerest intention if any of ever keeping.

  20. williamspd Says:

    In 1997 Britain voted in the Blair era, sick of the previous lot’s incompetence and corruption, they voted for nebulous concepts espoused by Blair like ‘Change’, ‘Modernisation’, and best of all, ‘New’. Of course nobody knew what on earth these terms meant in reality, and Blair famously went on to fuck everyone in every possible way whilst failing to keep a straight face and telling us to trust him and that he was a straight up kind of guy. Straight up your arse to rip out your brain and empty your soul.

    Obama is cast in that same mould. He looks, smells, feels, sounds evangelical. People want to believe that he believes in what he’s saying and doing. Obama is your Blair folks, so study the UK political history of the last 20 years to get a taste of what’s coming your way. Cut back to Clinton too, as Blair and Clinton both borrowed heavily from JFK’s rhetoric and style, a big influence on their politics.

    Here in the UK we are readying our bunkers for the fallout from Cameron winning the next election. Cameron is Blair also. Ever get that feeling that you’ve been swindled?

    I still maintain that we should be ruled by one person for one year, chosen at random in a lottery nobody can refuse to take part in, with the winner ruling absolutely for 365 days before being summarily executed on the 366th. Phil Dick had it about right.

  21. quintanus Says:

    My coworker from Canada said that the precincts all counts their paper ballots by hand with party monitors, and have the results within a few hours
    Would you all vote for Cynthia McKinney and get a feeling of fulfillment? I actually sort of liked her video clip about the bodies in New Orleans. Nader is so much smarter than most congresspeople. He was stumbling through with no sleep and accidentally said “osama’ when he meant “Obama”, but he was able to turn it into a joke. He can pretty much respond to any policy question with 10 minute answers in complete paragraphs.

  22. Eileen Says:

    I wanted to post to this comment Friday night but ended up getting distracted by Mom’s needs and my tiredness.
    @LoveandLight- I too felt that Kerry threw the election. What a dolt. There is a picture I saw recently of Al Gore and John Kerry talking with each other. Both losers. One fought for his own, the other, a snot nosed brat that didn’t want to get a bloody nose in a fight.
    @Kevin – I’m not sure why you feel that it is SO insulting to vote in the U.S.? I for one have never had a problem. But then I’m a 5 and 1/2 stick with prematurely greying hair that suffers from a perpetual hangover. HaH! NO ONE WANTS TO MESS WITH ME! Voting is a blast in the U.S. compared to having travel anywhere within it. I have had my underwire bra felt up more times than I can count (don’t wear them anymore). Then there was that time the TSA actually PICKED THROUGH THE FRESH STRAWBERRIES IN MY CARRY ON. PUKE.
    Right now, I wish it were anyone else but Obama, for reasons that don’t “count.”
    He may possibly win by a landslide, but I think there is LOTS OF DOOM ahead. Winning an election isn’t everything. It doesn’t even start the process of cleaning the dead bugs off of the windshield that have accumulated in the U.S. since about methinks NIXON.
    The slate of all that has come before – that is a hard row to how, and winning this election I think, practically means very little at this time in our world. But for me at least, it will be comforting to see support behind Obama.
    I was crushed in many ways by the Bushhog and Cheney. The innocent love I once had for a man had the seeds of its destruction sown when I refused to watch Bush landing on the aircraft carrier. I now understand that it is difficult to be turned onto a person who thinks you are ignorant – I only meant it politically, but lots of people – me included- take politics personally. I have never – not voted – and it would be hard for me to vote for McCain.
    Anyways, there is a larger picture – the KARMA of the USA that is being worked out here as well. The larger drama – well, I think we’re only on the first inning. And if we get ten minutes of relief – just because we think that this election changes anything, well then Scotty, make it so.

  23. Loveandlight Says:

    Apologies for beating the proverbial dead horse, but this quote from lefty blogger Chris Floyd is so well and poignantly worded that I just have to share it:

    And so the great historical presidential campaign of 2008 is finally at an end. By every reasonable and legitimate measure, Barack Obama will be the winner. But of course “reasonable and legitimate measures” mean little when dealing with deliberately fomented chaos and chicanery of the American electoral process, the laughingstock of the rest of the world, whose people stand in slackjawed amazement as they watch and wait — in dreadful impotence — to see which hegemon will emerge from the stormcloud of filth, lies, ambition and money that howls around the campaign trail.

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