A Few Solar Panels Turned Up…

October 7th, 2016

This was the scene in Auckland yesterday at the company I work for. These are crates of the new 290 watt Trina Honey Plus panels. Monos. Top of the line from the #1 solar panel manufacturer in the world.

To all the politicians, power company executives and complicit media that continue to lie about solar power in New Zealand, here’s what you can do. Kindly put this in your pipe and smoke it:


In other news, my wife noticed that the meter reader came by two days in a row last week. On the second visit, she poked her head out the window and asked if everything was ok.

He said, “They think I’m not reading your meter right. They want me to do it again and take pictures this time.”

She told me what happened and I chuckled, knowing that we must have exported more than we imported during the last billing cycle, and some bean counter blew a fuse over it.

Sure enough, a few days later, our statement indicated that both registers added up to -11 units.

Maybe Meridian should send the guy out to read the meter three times next month, when our solar system will be making even more power. Let me pose next to the meter with a nice, big grin.

I am Jack’s smirking revenge.

I wish we could keep all of that juice we’re making, instead of exporting what we can’t use to the grid…

Tesla’s Gigafactory is going to drop prices on lithium batteries and I’m hoping that Aquion will respond by dropping prices on their offerings. We’re not interested in playing the hybrid game, staying connected to the grid and almost certainly getting hit with a solar tax in the future. When we pull the trigger on batteries, it’ll be for all the marbles. Grid defection.

Come on, Aquion. Daddy needs just one Aspen 48M.

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