Appeal to Use Cryptogon Amazon Links for Your Christmas Shopping

November 26th, 2016

Update: Cash Contributions

Thank you!

GB AU$120
JM €15
DT $30
NM €300 [!!!]
KL $5 (Monthly)
KW $20 (Monthly)

Wow, thank you all again very much.

You may have noticed that I’ve stopped mentioning earnings.

In short, I’ve been making only about 30% of the minimum monthly goal of $1000/month for over a year now. If I was to get a minimum wage job in NZ, it would be like winning the lotto compared to spending time on Cryptogon. My solar system sales and Becky doing some work for an early childhood education organization in NZ is how we have been surviving.

I’ve been intending to address this situation for the last year or so, but it’s so depressing that I just keep putting it off. The urge to post a “Cryptogon Closed” banner and move on is strong, but I don’t do that because of the few people who are helping out, and the few who have given far, far too much in the past and then had to stop for whatever reason.

Blogs asking for donations… I know you’re sick of it, but I’m even more sick of it.

That said: If you can remember to use any of Cryptogon’s links to Amazon for your Christmas shopping, I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you.

Begin Amazon Session:

5 Responses to “Appeal to Use Cryptogon Amazon Links for Your Christmas Shopping”

  1. Calm Says:

    For you to earn compensation, do I need to purchase something, or is just clicking the link accomplish the task?


  2. Kevin Says:

    I make a commission off anything you buy once you click through from Cryptogon. It doesn’t pay me anything when people just click on the links.

  3. djc Says:

    Just slipped some dough into your KiwiBank accnt – in three now.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Thanks very much. It arrived already.

  5. savethepopulation Says:

    It must be the Global Depression. I’d donate, but alas my salary is in an ever-devaluing currency.

    I hope Cryptogon stays up, even if you don’t earn enough. I wouldn’t mind if you half-assed it even. If it gets to that point, just do it for fun/hobby, when you get time.

    I do my podcasting for fun/hobby/creative outlet and zero financial compensation (so far). It helps keep the intellect sharp.

    Thanks for adding the podcast (GG) to your sites to visit, wasn’t expecting that. You’re welcome to be guest anytime you like, give your take on the world.

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