Engineering Efforts Increasing with Quantum Computers

January 4th, 2017

Via: Nature:

“People are really building things,” says Christopher Monroe, a physicist at the University of Maryland in College Park who co-founded the start-up IonQ in 2015. “I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s no longer just research.”

Google started working on a form of quantum computing that harnesses superconductivity in 2014. It hopes this year, or shortly after, to perform a computation that is beyond even the most powerful ‘classical’ supercomputers — an elusive milestone known as quantum supremacy. Its rival, Microsoft, is betting on an intriguing but unproven concept, topological quantum computing, and hopes to perform a first demonstration of the technology.

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  1. Dennis Says:

    What if the ‘gate between worlds’ thing that gives some people the heebies about CERN is actually a concern more relevant to quantum computers? There’s good evidence now that a number of biological phenomena are made possible due to quantum processes. Similarly, some scientists believe the same is true of the biological manifestation of consciousness.

    Does the advent of quantum computing increase the likelihood of a ‘ghost in the machine’?

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