Forget Equifax, Facebook and Google Have the Data That Should Worry You

September 12th, 2017

Via: Bloomberg:

Just for a minute, imagine that hackers have gained access to a database containing sensitive information about hundreds of millions of people. In this totally hypothetical scenario, the theft would be comprehensive—including enough details to do real damage to those whose data had been exposed—and would involve a company that wasn’t widely recognized as a security risk. This large company would’ve exposed you, and everyone you know, to possible financial ruin.

No, I’m not talking about Equifax, the Atlanta-based credit reporting agency that disclosed a massive hack late last week. Think of a comparable breach at Google, Facebook, or

Those companies, plus Slack, Tinder, and a half-dozen others, possess more than enough financial and personal data for hackers to steal our identities and, possibly, rack up fraudulent charges. They also have private messages, photographs, and most of our secrets. A large-scale attack on any one of these companies could make the Equifax hack, the theft of some 143 million Social Security numbers, look like petty larceny.

2 Responses to “Forget Equifax, Facebook and Google Have the Data That Should Worry You”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Wow, after having all of my top security information stolen TWICE, the U.S, govmint hired Equifax to “protect our data.” This monitoring service asked for more than my clearance did. Bank account information, INVESTMENT account numbers, HEALTH INSURANCE information, etc. Many of my cohorts just said NO to Equifax because we did not want ANYMORE of our information on-line.
    These crooks ought to be in jail. Smells like another ENRON to me. Owners selling their stock before shit hits the fan. What a crock of SHIT.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Oh and I forgot, never have joined Facebook which I have always known is an extension of the Poindexter “Total Information Awareness” program. I am however exposed in other regards. Nuff Said and no one is perfect re privacy. Guess we never saw how what we said and what did, or what we bought on Amazon would come back to kick us in the ass re privacy. I don’t know about anyone else but I will continue buying on Amazon through the Cryptogon link. And if a robot at Google wants to spend its time reading my emails – ROBOT do you know what FLUCK YOURSELF MEAMMS?

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