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November 8th, 2017

Update: Thanks!

Thanks to the person out there running NiceHash for Cryptogon and bringing in NZ$1.17/day.

Really cloudy on my end today. I’ve got enough juice to run the hot water cylinder, but not the miners. 😉

There are a relatively high number of people involved with cryptocurrencies reading Cryptogon, so I thought I’d reach out to those folks to see if they would be interested in helping to support the site. Even if you’re not interested in cryptocurrencies, but you want to help out AND you have a gaming PC, read on…

First, the really quick version for the people who know about this stuff and just want to help out right away:

Set your NiceHash Miner wallets to: 1FWA1vX7uKaPm9wfkw8GVAC1yhJPGajtkq

Thank you for your support!

Now, a little more of an explanation:

NiceHash allows people to buy and sell computing resources related to mining cryptocurrencies. By installing the NiceHash client on your computer, the short version of the story is that you can essentially convert electricity into Bitcoin. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, this is a great way to heat a room in winter! Stay warm, support Cryptogon. *thumbs up*

NiceHash mines a variety of cryptocurrencies, depending on your hardware and market conditions, but pays miners for their services in Bitcoin. By designating my Bitcoin wallet in your NiceHash client (or clients), the NiceHash system will pay me.

When you install and run NiceHash (no registration necessary at all, just download and go), before you start mining, you’ll need to designate a wallet ID. To help Cryptogon, use this wallet: 1FWA1vX7uKaPm9wfkw8GVAC1yhJPGajtkq

Note: If you want to run NiceHash across multiple computers, make sure sure to enter the wallet above into each instance of NiceHash.

You can check compatible hardware on the NiceHash profitability calculator. If you are able to play modern video games on your PC, you probably have hardware that can do this.

Please don’t be discouraged if NiceHash says you’ll only earn some small amount of money per day. The point is that lots of people doing this could potentially make a big difference.

And who knows… Maybe someone with an ASIC miner (or 10) will read this. 😉

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