Council on Foreign Relations on Planetary Geoengineering: “Add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere”

March 27th, 2009

I don’t think anyone has the complete story on exactly what chemtrails are. I don’t doubt that weather modification is a part of it, but take your pick on the rest. There’s almost certainly a biological component to some of the spraying. There could also be some kind of scalar weapon application involving HAARP.

My guess is that the CFR came out with the relatively innocuous sounding weather modification stuff in order to take some of the focus away from the other questions. Even so, I find it extraordinary to see these words in a CFR document.

See: Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering.

The quote below is from: Workshop briefing notes: Unilateral Geoengineering (PDF, 546K):

Geoengineering Strategies

Among all geoengineering schemes, those currently considered most feasible involve increasing the planetary albedo, that is, reflecting more sunlight back into space before it can be absorbed. There are a number of different methods that could be used to increase the planet’s reflectivity:

1. Add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere (the stratosphere which is located between 15 and 50 kilometers above the Earth’s surface).

2. Add more clouds in the lower part of the atmosphere (the troposphere)

3. Place various kinds of reflecting objects in space either near the earth or at a stable location between the earth and the sun.

4. Change large portions of the planet’s land cover from things that are dark (absorbing) such as trees to things that are light (reflecting) such as open snowcover or grasses.

Stratospheric Aerosols

Adding more of the right kind of fine particles to the stratosphere can increase the amount of sunlight that is reflected back into space.

Applied to geoengineering, various technologies could be used to loft particles into the stratosphere, such as naval guns, rockets, hot air balloons or blimps, or a fleet of highflying aircraft. Potential types of particles for injection include sulfur dioxide, aluminum oxide dust or even designer self-levitating aerosols that might be engineered to migrate to particular regions (e.g. over the arctic) or to rise above the stratospher (so as not to interfere in stratospheric chemistry).

Research Credit: JL

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  1. pdugan Says:

    To play devil´s advocate, it´s possible that these are just contrails which retain form for extended periods because of variable humidity. This is where I had that perspective first articulated to me:

  2. realitydesign Says:

    This is to reduce the warming that they have known about for decades- which is of course not man made but do to the dwarf star in our binary system- which is causing resonance effects and heating up the planet- as well as all the other planets…


    Our DNA is also due for an upgrade in the near future- as a result of cosmic dynamics.

  3. dano5050 Says:

    As a regular consumer of your excellent newsfeed and commentary kevin, and as someone who appreciates the unvarnished perspective you offer, what I respect the most about your efforts is the sense of trying to get at what is really going on.

    It is in that spirit that I feel somewhat compelled to comment on this particular topic since it is my field.

    I am the CEO of Climos, which is focused on the spectrum of techniques that might help avoid rapid climate change. Our Chief Science Officer, Margaret Leinen is the former head of Geosciences for the US National Science Foundation. Our science advisory board includes some of the world’s top climate and ocean scientists.

    I think the fundamental objection here has nothing to do with chemtrails. I think it has to do with a fundamental skepticism about Anthropogenic Global Warming. If you’re a skeptic here, then any of the potential solutions seem wacky at best and sinister at worst. So, it seems reasonable to resolve these questions first.

    The peer reviewed science on the proof for our hand in global warming and the calibration of how urgent the threat is– is definitive. I know that for myself not casually, but intimately, as someone who has challenged the record and the evidence in fine detail and has come out convinced on the other side. This is a personal journey, and not something that one person can idly convey with authority to another.

    If you’re interested in serious inquiry, I can provide a list of key resources that lay out the case, as well as some of the more recent papers which explore the variety of skeptical hypotheses out there. This is not to imply that all skepticism is misplaced. Exactly the opposite. And there is considerably uncertainty in key areas– however, that uncertainty is well-bounded.

    As far as the CFR meeting on geoengineering, Margaret, our Chief Scientist was at that meeting, and I know many of the other attendees quite well. Personally, I have issues with the CFR and their approach to domestic and international affairs, as well as their “behind closed doors” approach to nearly any topic they engage in. However, they were curious about this area and they threw a conference. So be it.

    The technique of intentionally using stratospheric aerosols to deflect sunlight is based on the same sort of fine SO2 particles that characterize volcanic eruptions. In 1992, Pinatubo erupted and caused between 1 and 2 degrees C of cooling for about 18 months.

    The people that have proposed these techniques are serious scientists, they are quite cautious about the statements they make, and all they are advocating right now is the early climate modeling and engineering design work to understand the feasibility and potential impacts of whether or not this is a technique that might benefit humanity.

    Again, if you don’t buy global warming, then this conversation doesn’t make much sense to have.

    Happy to provide any of the background on any of these techniques, or the rationale / overall thinking behind them.



  4. ltcolonelnemo Says:

    What about the chem-trails that come out of crop-dusters?

    The only way to know for sure is to do track planes that are alleged to be spraying chem-trails to their hangars, find any spray equipment, and then test the residue.

    All else is mere conjecture.

    I’m sure that all kinds of things are sprayed into the atmosphere, at the very least for experimental reasons.

    Dwarf star in our binary system? That’s a new one for me.

  5. anothernut Says:

    @dano5050: The idea that we’re going to fix an extremely complex system by unleashing yet another group of chemical agents; that such a solution is based on computer simulations, which are wrong as often as they are right (and let’s face it, any solution man deliberately introduces will be completely artificial and based on these simulations, since man is incapable of inducing volcanoes, last time I checked); and the fact that such an idea is being proposed by “serious scientists”, is why people are growing angrier and angrier with the “scientific establishment”. That, and the continually rising rates of cancer, autism, terrorism, war, corruption, and depression, to name a few. If we are lucky, the extremely adversarial way the West deals with Nature will continue to be seen by more and more people for what it is: unbalanced and rooted in egoism, introducing more chaos, not more harmony, into the world every day. And hopefully we’ll reach a “critical mass” of awakening before our heretofore depraved ways destroy us.

  6. tsoldrin Says:

    I’ve always found chemtrails to be puzzling. If it’s something that effects the human body, aren’t the bad guys spraying themselves and their families as well? How do they get the doses right? Aren’t there much better vectors to use to introduce an agent into the population? Like the water supply? Does anyone know if the bottled water craze started shortly before the emergence of chemtrails? Perhaps they switched. And most puzzling of all, why don’t they simply spray at night, so nobody would even know about it?

    That said, last time I flew on a plane, I observed a very long trail on a near parallel course to mine, stretching as far as the eye can see in both directions and solid/undispersed. At one point another plane flew by very close to the trail and its own trail started disappearing just a few hundred meters behind it and was complete gone a bit more beyond that. I thought it odd that atmospheric conditions would make one trail stay while another completely disappeared.

    As far as this whole sun-shield idea goes… could anything be more scary? Who are these geniuses? There would seem to be endless ways this could go very wrong. Lets think for a moment… If something is warming the earth and we erect a shield to keep it cool, whatever was causing the warming will still continue. Should the shield ever fail (the mere fact of the shield itself could cause the conditions which could lead to its failure – superstorms etc. or some doomsdayers could attack it – much easier than attacking countries) then one would assume that the warming would then be both instant and massive. Nothing will have had a chance to adapt and the potential for real mass extinction becomes not just a possibility, but a certainty. In short…. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

  7. mondocratic Says:

    Dan sure sounds smart considering how eloquently he writes to say a whole lot of nothing. Global warming is man-made. It’s just not “man-made” in the way they want us to believe. It’s definitely not caused by our cars and cigarette smoke! Considering the trillions of dollars needed to keep this gigantic top-secret chemtrail campaign going, and the fact that they are so secretive and threatening about this program, tells me all I need to know. Anyone who tries to research this or study it gets threatened and terrorized.
    I think the biological is the main part of this program…. the weather mod is secondary. Morgellons Disease, the rise in respitory and alzheimer’s deaths, 4th and 5th leading causes of death in men, 3rd and 4th leading causes in women, is a direct result of the spraying of this chemtrail substance starting 10 years ago and steadily increasing until the total onslaught that began in 2005. Morgellons, CFS, Epstein-Barr, Candida infections, and a whole host of other problems including Lyme and Legionairre’s Disease, are also caused by these aerosols. The water supply IS affected. So is the food supply. Trees are dying. Bees, birds, bats, deer, cattle, all are affected. Colony collapse disorder, Mad cow, White Mouth fungals that are suffocating 90 percent of the bat and bee population. This is serious. If you are a skeptic, try studying this as an advocate and watch how many people suddenly start hacking and harrassing you online.

  8. mondocratic Says:

    And just to question what is written above… they DO spray at night. I have seen it with my own eyes, plus there are many videos and photos of this online. And as for this being a “sunscreen”, I don’t buy it. It always get hotter when the skies become completely whited out. I think if they are pumping billions of watts of microwaves and ELF waves, it makes sense that this would heat things up. It definitely dries out the soil and kills plants. I have dead trees and plants in my own yard. It doesn’t affect all plants, but some it does…

    As for a better vector, I don’t think so. They started testing aerosolized biologicals decades ago and proved it was the best way to cover the populace. Think about it. If they wanted to affect the water supply, is it better to tap into everyones plumbing, or spray these micron elements at the source? REmember we are talking nano materials. Fiberous material is 1/5 to 1/20th the thickness of a human hair. In other words, thinner than a spiders web.

  9. MontgomeryScott Says:

    I wish to comment regarding a pro-chemtrail response from dano5050, the head of Climos.
    After a small amount of research (and a good deal of chemtrail activity where I live), and seeing the reports of dying fish populations and large plankton blooms, I have reason to suspect that Mr. Whaley and his mother, Margaret Leinen, with funding from the labyrinth of ‘charitible’ institutions that include the Tides Foundation and Heinz (Teresa Heinz/Kerry, may be actually carrying out their agenda to help create the issue which we call ‘climate change’.
    The Climos people have proposed seeding the world’s oceans with Iron Oxide dust, to supposedly absorb heat from the atmosphere.
    If you doubt my suspicions and wish to see what this Climos company is all about, I reference this story by CNN, published 16 April 2008.

    There are interesting links between the ‘carbon tax’, ‘carbon offsets’, Heinz, a multimillionaire named Whaley, his mom, and the Iron Oxide thing.
    Perhaps it’s not true, but if not, CNN is the one in error.
    Thank you for your time.

  10. oicu812 Says:

    Hey there Dano5050. I would like to take you up on your offer:
    “If you’re interested in serious inquiry, I can provide a list of key resources that lay out the case, as well as some of the more recent papers which explore the variety of skeptical hypotheses out there.”
    You can contact me at [email protected] (remove ‘nospam’)

  11. oicu812 Says:

    Darn, I think Dano has booked. Well, the body off evidence refuting the claim that the globe is warming and that humans are causing it continues to grow. From:

    Rise of sea levels is ‘the greatest lie ever told’.
    The uncompromising verdict of Dr Mörner is that all this talk about the sea rising is nothing but a colossal scare story.

  12. realitydesign Says:

    The other planets are experiencing warming as well- so there is still that glowing issue. This is solar system wide.

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