Max Keiser on Bankers Bonuses… And Heroin

April 1st, 2009

You guys will love this.

Via: Solari:

Max Keiser: ….they (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan et al) are systematically undermining the entire system. They are creating a mechanism to carve out equity and capital for themselves at the expense of society at large.

So in the United States, unemployment is skyrocketing. The uninsured is skyrocketing. The social fabric is coming unglued. You have riots all over the world…in Iceland and other countries due to this financial terrorism that was pre-meditated, on purpose and should be addressed as such.

There is a double standard. Why is the US pursuing so-called terrorists in nations like Afghanistan when they let these guys roam free on Wall Street? They’re the worst criminals of all – they do far more damage.

Interviewer: Let’s leave Afghanistan out of this…

Max Keiser: But why? It’s a great source of poppy and heroin which fuels a lot of these bankers bonuses. Let’s be frank about that.


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  1. cryingfreeman Says:

    That French guy seems to embody many unfortunate stereotypes of his nation’s establishment, most notably the supine approach to encroaching fascism. He should be, quite frankly, publicly flogged for his absurd comments. I’m hoping though that the French people en masse won’t take this crap lying down.

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