CIA’s Four Year Old Mind Control Victim

June 29th, 2007

Since when did the corporate media start mentioning the CIA’s trauma induced mind control programs? This information has been around for years, but I’ve never read it in the mainstream press before.

Via: The Australian:

The nature of the experiments, gathered from government documents and testimony in numerous lawsuits brought against the CIA, is shocking, from testing LSD on children to implanting electrodes in victims’ brains to deliberately poisoning people with uranium.

“The CIA bought my services from my grandfather in 1952 starting at the tender age of four,” wrote Carol Rutz of her experiences.

“Over the next 12 years, I was tested, trained, and used in various ways. Electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and other types of trauma were used to make me complain and split my personality (to create multiple personalities for specific tasks). Each alter or personality was created to respond to a post-hypnotic trigger, then perform an act and (I would) not remember it later.

“This Manchurian Candidate program was just one of the operational uses of the mind-control scenario by the CIA.

“Your hard-earned tax dollars supported this.”

8 Responses to “CIA’s Four Year Old Mind Control Victim”

  1. anothernut Says:

    It’s just another psyop, of course. “Yeah, we were bad in the past, but we’re good boys and girls now. All we care about now is al Qaeda. Really! It’s a new, warmer, fuzzier CIA. Feel the love. United we stand.” etc.

  2. unbrand Says:

    If you do something _really_ wild and tell people about it honestly, most people won’t believe it anyway. So then why do you tell people? To prepare them. They won’t believe you this time. They won’t believe you next time. They will start to believe you maybe the seventh time they hear it.

    The plans and intentions are all very well laid out. For example, Brzezenski and his Grand Chessboard and student Wolfowitz implementing the plans.

    What was really wild, to me, was the fact that the original movie “Manchurian Candidate” with Frank Sinatra (!) was put out there in 1962. But then again, the CIA was dosing people with acid for fun, so hey, who would possibly believe that this shit is real?

  3. Former Says:

    I guess 50 years is long enough ago for us to feel “safe” about this. No need for hard questions; that was then, after all.

  4. DrFix Says:

    What gets me is that they “declassify” so much crap that would, and should, crucify people but instead the mechanisms keep on humming along. Its like having Jeff Dahmer standing on a street corner waving his bloody knives, yelling, confessing to multiple murders all the while the crowd stares blankly muttering “Oh, thats nice!”…. and trundle on home for further programming.

  5. david Says:

    Yep. We’re all gonna die. Some of us just get to have all the fun along the way.

  6. Former Says:

    DrFix, well said.

  7. Noisefloor Says:

    This is exactly the sort of stuff that would get you labeled a paranoid if you sprouted it at parties.
    But if they admit this imagine what they are still covering up?

  8. mike Says:

    i have long believed that the vets hospital where i was incarcerated twice was experimenting in the 50s and 60s on ww2 and korean war vets..cant be proved

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