Cryptogon NN

If you read and enjoy Cryptogon, there’s a good chance that you have information that would interest me, and other Cryptogon readers. The Cryptogon News Network is an informal way for you to share that information. This is a dedicated, Cryptogon themed social news site that isn’t subject to the same constraints as the Cryptogon main page.

My goal with the main page is to actually give people less to read. For years, I’ve realized that discernment is much more important for producing actionable intelligence than a deluge of stories. We all have enough to read each day, and Cryptogon works mostly because of what I exclude. What remains has been useful to readers since 2002.

While I need control over the main page—in order to produce an overall representation of information that I’m happy with, and one that readers have come to expect—that presents limitations. Without those limitations, Cryptogon wouldn’t work, but they’re still limitations. We can cast the net wider on

Let’s work together to uncover the best information and share it with each other. You never know… I might think that your information belongs on the Cryptogon main page.