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I'm completely changing the publishing system on Cryptogon at the moment. I might need to lock everyone completely out for some period of time.

Thanks for your patience.

Report Links Ex-Mexican Leaders to Killings, Other Atrocities :.

The Mexican government has released a long-awaited report that for the first time officially blames "the highest command levels" of three former presidencies for the massacres, tortures and slayings of hundreds of leftists from the 1960s to the early 1980s.

Based partly on declassified Mexican military documents, the report, issued Saturday, ends a five-year investigation by a special prosecutor to shed light on past crimes, including a 1968 student massacre.

The report states that "the authoritarian regime, at the highest command levels," broke the law and "committed crimes against humanity" that resulted in "massacres, forced disappearances, systematic torture and genocide to try to destroy a sector of society that it considered ideologically to be its enemy."


Derivatives Trading Soars to $370 Trillion, BIS Says :.

How far away are we from reality? Don't worry about it, because the numbers don't mean anything anymore. HA!

This derivatives game is like trying to build a skyscraper out of playing cards. As long as the wind doesn't blow, and the ground doesn't move and you have a very steady hand, maybe that makes sense. Or, not so much:

The use of derivatives grew at the fastest pace in eight years during the first half of 2006, boosting earnings at securities firms and reducing costs for investors.

The face value of derivatives based on corporate bonds, currencies, interest rates, commodities and stocks jumped 24 percent to $370 trillion, according to the Bank for International Settlements. It was the biggest percentage rise since the bank began keeping records in 1998.

Trading in credit-default swaps, the fastest-growing derivatives market, helped spur record earnings for banks including New York-based Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. At London-based Barclays Capital derivatives accounted for more than 60 percent of revenue and profit, Chief Executive Officer Bob Diamond said in May.

That Body Snatchers Moment :.

Jeff Wells' latest post reminds me of one of my favorite Robert Anton Wilson quotes:
"There are periods of history when the visions of madmen and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the common-sense interpretation of data available to the so-called normal mind. This is one such period, if you haven't noticed already."
Here's to not maintaining appearances:

I love that. I love the look on McCarthy's anguished face. It's not, it's over. It's at last it can begin. The disheveled kook is suddenly the most credible person in the room.

Milton Friedman: Killing America Softly with His Song :.

The only epitaph I could manage for Milton Friedman was to ask in anyone could think of any individual who was responsible for more death and destruction in the world.

While not one person bothered to send in any suggestions, Sam Smith wrote a more informative epitaph for the diabolical Friedman:

We have paid a terrible price for this corruption of our culture by the new robber barons egged on by Friedman and his ilk. We so accept their foul standards that we don't even discuss or debate them. We have become prisoners of their lie.

Research Credit: MM

Blair: Iraq is a Disaster :.

Is Tony Blair a rocket scientist, as well as an international war criminal:

Tony Blair has publicly agreed with the opinion that the violence in Iraq since the 2003 invasion has been a disaster.

The UK prime minister was responding to a question by Sir David Frost in an interview on the new al-Jazeera English-language Arabic TV channel.


Google Forcing Change to New Blogger System

Google is going to force all current Blogger users to migrate to the new, fully Googleized platform. I actually read the Terms of Service on the new system:
10. Termination; Suspension. Google may, in its sole discretion, at any time and for any reason, terminate the Service, terminate this Agreement, or suspend or terminate your account. In the event of termination, your account will be disabled and you may not be granted access to your account or any files or other content contained in your account although residual copies of information may remain in our system for some time for back-up purposes.
Google already considers Cryptogon a "hate" site. They won't let me run paid AdWords campaigns or display AdSense. Now, if I agree to their new terms, Google may, "at it's sole discretion" terminate my account.

The good news is that all of the Cryptogon content is stored on my server.

Long ago, Blogger worked well and wasn't owned by evil criminals. Those days are long gone. I have to move away from Blogger. I've known this for years, but I've just kept putting it off to avoid the pain.

The real point of this message is to let you know that if Cryptogon goes down, it means that I'm trying to put the new system together. I'll try not to break anything too badly.

UK: Nursery Rhyme Police :.

Is there no limit to what the British people will accept?

Parents could be forced to go to special classes to learn to sing their children nursery rhymes, a minister said.

Those who fail to read stories or sing to their youngsters threaten their children's future and the state must put them right, Children's Minister Beverley Hughes said.

Their children's well-being is at risk 'unless we act', she declared.

And Mrs Hughes said the state would train a new 'parenting workforce' to ensure parents who fail to do their duty with nursery rhymes are found and 'supported'.

The call for state intervention in the minute details of family life followed a series of Labour efforts to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve educational standards by imposing rigorous controls on the lives of the youngest children.

Mrs Hughes has established a national curriculum to set down how babies are taught to speak in childcare from the age of three months.

Her efforts have gone alongside a push by other ministers to determine exactly how parents treat their children down to how they should brush their teeth.

Israel Developing Tiny, Flying Terminator Robot :.

Israel is using nanotechnology to try to create a robot no bigger than a hornet that would be able to chase, photograph and kill its targets, an Israeli newspaper reported on Friday.

The flying robot, nicknamed the "bionic hornet", would be able to navigate its way down narrow alleyways to target otherwise unreachable enemies such as rocket launchers, the daily Yedioth Ahronoth said.



With mainstream news like this, who needs tinfoil?

BANKS in the UK have been ordered by financial regulators to assess how they would cope in the event of house prices crashing by 40 per cent.

The instruction to include a housing slump scenario in their stress-testing models comes after the Financial Services Authority found that some banks were failing to include gloomy enough assumptions in their modelling.

The FSA said yesterday that an "appropriate" benchmark was to assume property prices fell by 40 per cent and that 35 per cent of mortgages in default ended with homes being re-possessed. It stressed that this was not a forecast but a "severe but plausible scenario" and one that banks should examine when deciding how robust their balance sheets were.

In a speech to the British Bankers' Association yesterday, Clive Briault, the FSA's managing director for retail markets, remarked on banks' differing views over the size and impact of a house market downturn, hence the need for reference points.

He also warned bankers to ensure that they have properly stress-tested their mortgage portfolios in the wake of decisions by some to lend people greater multiples of their incomes.

UCLA Police Taser Student For Not Showing ID :.

Random ID checks in libraries? Take a look at what happens if you refuse to produce your papers:

A cell phone captured video of a 23-year-old student being administered multiple Taser shocks by UCLA police on Tuesday.

The UCLA student was hit with the Taser shocks multiple times while he was in the Powell Library Computer Lab.

Another student recorded the incident on a camera phone. On the video, Mostafa Tabatabainejad can be heard screaming during the incident, which took place at about 11:30 p.m., the Daily Bruin reported.

According to the paper, Tabatabainejad did not show ID to community service officers who were conducting a random check. UCLA police said Tabatabainejad was released by police after he was cited for obstruction/delay of a peace officer in the performance of duty.

Questions... Questions...

I continue to receive questions from terrified people about how to proceed as we move into collapse.

But first, a little story.

In high school, I took a basic psychology class. The instructor had all of us take the Myers-Briggs personality test. I remember thinking that the entire thing was a bit presumptuous. After all, how could a multiple choice test provide any meaningful insight on an individual's personality? I was curious, and skeptical at the same time.

My good friend's mother happened to be a psychologist. I told her that we had been given the Myers-Briggs test at school and chuckled about it a bit.

She looked at me for a moment and said, "You're an INTJ."

* pause *

I was, in fact, an INTJ. That was pretty weird, I thought, for her to be able to guess my "type" on the first try.

That was twenty years ago. I just typed INTJ into Google to see if my "result" still seemed accurate.

In addition to the, "disregard for authority," and needing to, "learn to simulate some degree of surface conformism in order to mask their inherent unconventionality," you'll find this critical trait:
When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how. INTJs know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don't know.
Now, people are asking me questions like this:
What should I do with my money?

To where should I move?

Will my family be able to leave the U.S. once the travel restrictions are in place?

How long will fascism last in the U.S.? Can I just wait it out?
Folks, believe me when I tell you: I don't know the answers to these questions.

Additionally, if someone is purporting to provide specific answers to questions like these, questions with potentially life altering consequences, watch out.


Because questions such as these are not answerable with precision. The complexity of the situation we're facing makes doing that impossible.

I've been writing about these issues on Cryptogon, at length, for years, but the message either isn't sinking in, or it's too disturbing and people want something different from me, something... easier to stomach.

While I don't know if this is easier to stomach, this is the most concise way I have ever put it:

Get into a situation that eliminates your reliance on luck and minimizes the impact of factors that are completely beyond your control.

That sums it up, and that's as far as I'm willing to go in the personal advice category.

For my wife and I, that meant a nearly wholesale rejection of what most people consider "normal" and moving to one of the most remote areas of the planet. Obviously, and thankfully for us, most people can't (and wouldn't want to) do that. There are lots of options. There are options that I can't even to being to conceive of. Everyone is different, so how silly would it be for one person to try to suggest a course of action for everyone else? To do so would be as dangerous as it would be silly.

If you have questions about how to proceed, that's great, but don't look for clarity by trying follow someone else's footsteps too closely. As I've tried to demonstrate in the past, seeking too much clarity is not often rewarded.

Looking for another one sentence summary?

Devise a strategy and embed it with many tactical pathways; remaining flexible provides options.


People have also asked me whether I think Mike Ruppert's swan song from Venezuela provides a solid justification to simply stay where they are.

I'll try my best to remain calm as I write my response:

Ruppert goes off, half cocked, to a third world country and, surprise, surprise, it's not easy.

What did he expect?

And so because his experience abroad has been bad, the great epiphany from Mike Ruppert is to just stay where you are!? After all, if his experience is bad, he's Mike Ruppert, and it must apply to everyone...

Get a day job, Mike. You're personal catastrophe shouldn't dissuade others from exploring their options.


Another INTJ profile says that the INTJ mindset, with regard to other people, could be summed up as: "'If you don't want to be called an idiot, don't do stupid things.'"

Well, you asked!

Milton Friedman Dies, Finally :.

Can anyone think of a single individual who is responsible for more death and destruction than Miltion Friedman?

Rest in pieces, Milty:

Milton Friedman, one of the most influential economists of the past century and winner of a 1976 Nobel Prize, died on Thursday morning of heart failure at a San Francisco area hospital, a spokeswoman for his family said. He was 94.

A free-market economist, Friedman preached free enterprise in the face of government regulation and advocated a monetary policy that called for steady growth in money supplies.

His ideas played a pivotal role in informing the governing philosophies of world leaders like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

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Kucinich Calls for Cutting Off Iraq War Funds :.

All of you know how I feel about Republicans and Democrats. The entire thing is a scam. Today, however, Congressman Kucinich started to talk some sense.

While I can't think of a case in which Congress has cut funding to stop a war (please remind me if I've forgotten a time when Congress had a spine), it is, as they taught us in Constitutional Law 101, the greatest power that the U.S. Congress could wield over an out of control president. They just never do it. (The Boland Amendment showed an attempt to put a stop to the antics in Nicaragua, but They just raised the money through narcotics trafficking, and then Bill Clinton, one of the key figures in the crimes, became president!)

My conlaw professor had us read an entire book about how U.S. presidents routinely abuse their war powers, and how congress goes along with it.

So, is this just a case of theatrics, or is it something else? Could Bush wake up one morning and find himself out of congressionally approved funds to give to his criminal friends via the war?

My money is on theatrics, but as usual, I hope I'm wrong:

Congressman Kucinich called Wednesday for cutting off funding of the Iraq war, as the surest way out of Iraq. His statements were made in an interview by Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman.

"I want to say that there's one solution here, and it's not to engage in a debate with the President, who has taken us down a path of disaster in Iraq, but it's for Congress to assume the full power that it has under the Constitution to cut off funds. We don't need to keep indulging in this debate about what to do, because as long as we keep temporizing, the situation gets worse in Iraq.

"We have to determine that the time has come to cut off funds. There's enough money in the pipeline to achieve the orderly withdrawal that Senator McGovern is talking about. But cut off funds, we must. That's the ultimate power of the Congress, the power of the purse. That's how we'll end this war, and that's the only way we're going to end this war.

Evangelical Group's Motto: Breed to Succeed :.

I don't read many stories that are so chilling that the hair on my arms actually stands on end. This is one of those stories.

These people are stark raving mad, and they're making more of themselves as fast and their biology will allow!

Wolfson, Moore and thousands of mothers like them call themselves and their belief system "Quiverfull." They borrow their name from Psalm 127: "Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate." Quiverfull mothers think of their children as no mere movement but as an army they're building for God.

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Research Credit: Life After the Oil Crash


If You're Going to Buy Stuff for Christmas

If you're going to buy stuff for Christmas, and you can't (or don't want to) buy it used, please consider using any of the links below for your shopping needs. All of these companies pay Cryptogon a commission for goods and services purchased via these links.

Becky and I will use commissions from your purchases to help pay for a solar hot water system that will cut our electricity use by about 75%.

Thanks to all of you!

Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd.

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Sierra Trading Post

Woodwind & Brasswind, Incorporated

Cingular Wireless, LLC

Apple iTunes

Home Buyers Back Out Of Deals in Record Numbers :.

A little over a year ago, buyers couldn't wait to sign contracts to purchase homes. Now, many can't wait to get out of them.

With real-estate prices falling around the country and even pro-industry trade groups predicting further declines over the next year, buyers are backing away from deals in droves. At a semiannual housing forecast conference in Washington, D.C. recently, economists reported that contract-cancellation rates for big builders were running around 40 percent --- about twice as high as last year's levels. Anecdotally, real-estate professionals say they are seeing a similar dynamic in existing-home sales.

Some of the cancellations are by people who signed new-home contracts at one price months ago, haven't yet closed, and are now stunned to see the builder drastically cutting prices on identical properties. Some are by speculators caught short by other investments they can't unload. And some are by people trapped in a chain reaction: They can't sell their old home --- or the buyer has canceled the contract --- so they are being forced to cancel the deal on a new house they are buying somewhere else.


Resistance on the Brink of Oblivion

I spent a lot of time working on this essay, but I'm sick of it. I wound up not wanting to post it at all. But I thought that if I can keep one person from dressing up in a Halloween costume and licking the boots of pea brained cops and fascists, I should post this.

- - - - -

For those of us who have chosen to resist, there are two options left: Flinging our bodies onto the gears of The Machine or militant, voluntary simplicity, in remote, lightly populated areas.

Let's first look at flinging our bodies onto the gears of The Machine. I chose Derrick Jensen to represent this perspective because the few people who think about these matters seriously cite him regularly enough.

As Jensen accurately points out in Endgame Volume 1, activists need to watch Star Wars again and imagine that---instead of suit wearing politicians, monolithic bureaucracies, and evil corporations---they're actually dealing with Darth Vader and The Empire. And no matter how hard the activists try, no matter how long the fair trade, organic hemp hacky sacks can be kicked around the circle, no matter how many bumper stickers the activists put on their hybrid SUVs, or how many letters the activists write, Darth Vader is not going to change his behavior. It's not in Darth Vader's nature to do that. Besides, Darth Vader did not become the commander of the Death Star by writing letters.

As long as Darth Vader continues to receive written requests, he knows that his power is secure, and it will be business as usual on the Death Star...

In Star Wars, what finally stopped business as usual on the Death Star?

Was it thinking positive thoughts? Was it radiating love to Darth Vader? Was it sending letters to the editor? Was it holding focus groups and drinking organic wheat grass smoothies?


Waving signs?



Spray painting peace symbols on the bulkheads of various ships in the Imperial fleet?

Were Darth Vader and the terrifying Death Star stopped by reading web pages? By sending emails? By listening to podcasts? By watching documentaries about The Empire on YouTube and Google Video?

Just as the the Death Star had a relatively undefended exhaust port that led directly to the main reactor unit, the system of horror we're all living under has several strategic, relatively undefended fulcrums (Jensen calls them chokepoints) upon which the core operations of The Machine depend.

If you don't believe the system is collapsing under its own weight, right now, Jensen wants you to think about these strategic, relatively undefended fulcrums, consider yourself dead and take action. Real action. Throw yourself onto the gears of The Machine.

Jensen notes that some Jews who went on what they thought were suicide missions against the Nazis in Poland wound up living. He curiously didn't use Japanese kamikaze operations in the Pacific to make his point...

Don't, whatever you do, rely on Jensen to teach you about asymmetric warfare. He's dangerously clueless on the subject, and even tells the reader on page 257 of Endgame Volume 1, when it comes to carrying out operations, "I don't know what to do. I'm a writer... I'm spatially and mechanically inept...with a heavy dose of absent mindedness thrown in for good measure..."

[Note on Endgame books: If you haven't yet read these books, the above represents a condensed spoiler version of the nearly 1000 pages of material. And I didn't mention salmon or dams once... * gritting teeth thinking about how many times Jensen mentions salmon and dams * Don't get me wrong, there are dozens of excellent data points in the books. I made notecards to keep track of them. Unfortunately, 3/4 of the tomes' pages are Jensen's meditations on the natural world (read: mostly salmon, again and again and again), dams, his life traumas and rambling wanderings on ____<--- fill in the blank. Still, I recommend reading the books, if you can tolerate what seems like great negligence in terms of editing. And WTF on his use of endnotes!? Anyway...]

While Jensen is correct in his assessment of political and environmental activism being worthless for making any positive difference in the situation on the ground---Cryptogon readers have seen this same perspective here for years---there are other alternatives for inflicting great damage to The Machine.

Rather than attempting to bring down The Machine suddenly, in a manner that would, almost certainly, result in the use of strategic nuclear weapons, we should gradually destroy The Machine (and let it destroy itself), while learning the skills necessary to make living in a post collapse reality not only possible, but enjoyable.

How do you gradually destroy The Machine?

Living on as little money as possible, bartering for or buying only what you can't produce yourself, in my opinion, does a great deal of harm to this system.

Doing these things also allows the advocate of the strategy to avoid the obvious hypocrisy that bogs down Jensen's suggestions. Nope, you won't find Jensen actually doing anything to blow up the Death Star. Like he says, "I'm a writer." That's convenient, especially for Jensen.

Regardless of the fact that Jensen uses all of the tools and enjoys all of the comforts of civilization, he thinks the system needs our help in order to bring about a collapse... but he can't actually help with any of that...

If everything crashed tomorrow, suddenly, what knowledge---useful for existence in a post collapse world---would be lost forever? Many of us are several generations away from anyone who lived life in balance with the natural world. The requisite skillset is, in general, long gone. Those of us who are out here actually trying to do something are having to learn all of it over again.

Look around. This thing is coming down on its own. The Death Star, it turns out, is running on petrochemicals, the production of which have probably already peaked, or are near to peaking. Additionally, the Empire depends on the Rebel Alliance to spend money on shit they don't even need. If the Rebel Alliance slowed the movement of money, and kept the money from flowing up the pyramid, the Empire would collapse. Yes, as it stands now, the Rebel Alliance is taking out loans from The Empire and this is keeping the Empire in power! HA. Eventually, Darth Vader is going to get stuck with the bill.

In a linear collapse scenario---what we're living in now---there is less of a chance of nuclear weapons being used. If, however, an insurgency began dismantling key infrastructures, the regimes in question could (and probably would) see the threats as strategic and begin to follow scripted war plans that include the use of strategic nuclear weapons. In such a cascading collapse, the release of nuclear weapons would, because of the confusing nature and fast pace of events, be much more likely.

Voluntary simplicity is as frightening to many people as armed insurgency. Those, however, are the only viable options that remain at this late stage of the game. If you go with voluntary simplicity, you have to assume that the system is actually in the process of collapsing, because, if it doesn't collapse, we will pass a point beyond which resistance of any meaningful kind will be impossible. If you go with armed insurgency---and, let's say that you, by some miracle, actually manage to collapse civilization---avoiding total extinction via thermonuclear holocaust would be your next goal.

Choose carefully.


Potential Terrorist: Rubber Band Ball Gets Traveler Arrested :.

About two years ago I made a big, rubber band ball. It's bigger than a softball, but not as big as a basketball. It's made of 100% rubber bands, and the core is nothing but knotted rubber bands. It's been in the trunk of a car that I own and keep down there for most of that time.

I decided to bring it home to Anchorage to work on more, and that proved to be a bad decision. I threw it in my carry-on and headed off to the airport. When I got there, I "dinged" at the metal detector while wearing a belt that has never alarmed before. I removed the belt and went through a second time, and "passed." As I got through I noticed that my carry-on bag was open and being rummaged through. The TSA agent held up my rubber band ball and asked, "what's this?" I replied, "it's my rubber band ball. What are you doing looking through my bag?"

Potential Terrorist: Amateur Photographer :.

Tonight, I decided to head downtown to take some pictures of DC. I didn't go downtown until about 11:30pm so as to avoid most of the tourists. Since I had already taken pictures of the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial, I decided to focus on the White House and Washington Monument tonight.

As I was walking down Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House taking pictures, I noticed that a couple Secret Service cars slowly passed by me approximately four times. I knew what was coming.


UK: Woman Faces Terrorism Charges Over Files Stored on Computer :.

Here's a partial list of the titles that Jane's Information Group publishes under the category Defence Equipment Intelligence:
Air-Launched Weapons
Ammunition Handbook
Armour and Artillery
Armour and Artillery Upgrades
Electro-Optic Systems
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Fighting Ships
Infantry Weapons
Land-Based Air Defence
Military Communications
Military Vehicles and Logistics
Mines and Mine Clearance
Naval Weapon Systems
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence
Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems
Simulation and Training Systems
Strategic Weapon Systems
Underwater Warfare Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Targets
These publications are available for sale to anyone.

Question for the British government?

Are all Jane's Information Group / Defence Equipment Intelligence customers in Britain going to face terrorism charges for possession of these materials?

Police on Thursday charged a woman on terrorism-related offences for possession of a computer hard drive loaded with operating manuals for guns, poisons, mines and munitions.

Police said the charges against the woman were connected with the arrest last month of a man caught at Heathrow airport in possession of a night vision scope and a poisons handbook.

Police said among the items on the hard drive found in her possession were the Al Qaeda Manual, The Terrorists Handbook, The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, a manual for a Dragunov sniper rifle, The Firearms and RPG Handbook, a manual for a 9mm pistol and a manual on how to win hand to hand fighting.

She will appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday.

Germany: Rumsfeld to Face War Crimes Charges :.

Witness for the prosecution: A former U.S. Brigadier General!

Suggestion to Janis Karpinski: Don't fly.

Just days after his resignation, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is about to face more repercussions for his involvement in the troubled wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. New legal documents, to be filed next week with Germany's top prosecutor, will seek a criminal investigation and prosecution of Rumsfeld, along with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former CIA director George Tenet and other senior U.S. civilian and military officers, for their alleged roles in abuses committed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The plaintiffs in the case include 11 Iraqis who were prisoners at Abu Ghraib, as well as Mohammad al-Qahtani, a Saudi held at Guantanamo, whom the U.S. has identified as the so-called "20th hijacker" and a would-be participant in the 9/11 hijackings. As TIME first reported in June 2005, Qahtani underwent a "special interrogation plan," personally approved by Rumsfeld, which the U.S. says produced valuable intelligence. But to obtain it, according to the log of his interrogation and government reports, Qahtani was subjected to forced nudity, sexual humiliation, religious humiliation, prolonged stress positions, sleep deprivation and other controversial interrogation techniques.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs say that one of the witnesses who will testify on their behalf is former Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, the one-time commander of all U.S. military prisons in Iraq. Karpinski --- who the lawyers say will be in Germany next week to publicly address her accusations in the case --- has issued a written statement to accompany the legal filing, which says, in part: "It was clear the knowledge and responsibility [for what happened at Abu Ghraib] goes all the way to the top of the chain of command to the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld."


The 57-Year Home Loan :.

Absurd financial antics in Britain:

The 'life-long mortgages' from Britain's biggest lenders are aimed at first-time buyers who are desperate to get on the property ladder.

But last night the deals were described as 'madness' by experts...

When "Shit for Brains Democrats" Doesn't Cut It Anymore

The loving liberals and the smug satisfaction after the great victory on election day...

Shit for brains Democrats doesn't cut it for me anymore. I think kapo Democrats might be much more accurate:
Kapo was a term used for certain prisoners who worked inside the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The term originated most likely from the Italian capo (meaning: 'leader'), and referred to prisoners who have been recruited by their captors to police their fellow prisoners.
Maybe, shit for brains, kapo Democrats...


If you're looking for a more coherent postmortem on the election, because I can't even bring myself to take this nonsense seriously anymore, see Ceremonies of the Horsemen by Jeff Wells.

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Jesus Camp Shutting Down :.

That hypocrite, speed freak, Pastor Ted, probably didn't help the PR situation either:

The summer camp featured in the documentary "Jesus Camp," which includes scenes with disgraced preacher Ted Haggard, will shut down for at least several years because of negative reaction sparked by the film, according to the camp's director.

"Right now we're just not a safe ministry," Becky Fischer, the fiery Pentecostal pastor featured in "Jesus Camp," said Tuesday.

The documentary, which hit select U.S. theaters during the summer, portrays Fischer, 55, as drill instructor to a group of young evangelical children steeling themselves for spiritual and political warfare.

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Device Disables Car If Payments Are Late :.

The same slobs who have this thing on their cars probably live in homes purchased with NO MONEY DOWN! Why not just get the 125% home loan from the start and go buy a shiny new car without the payment countdown/kill switch feature? Not only can you skip the re-fi hassles down the line, you can cruise right on over to WalMart in your new SUV.

Isn't that convenient!?

It just may be the ultimate in electronic alerts.

A system being used by some Valley auto dealerships reminds subprime borrowers to make their monthly car payments on time - or else.

The system, appropriately named On Time, is a starter-interrupt system that incorporates up-to-date financing information.

Three days before borrowers must make a payment, the unit flashes the number three, with the device counting down to two days and then one day if money hasn't been received.

In the event of non-payment, the device will begin to beep, and eventually On Time will disable a vehicle.

The system, made by Sekurus Inc. of Temecula, Calif., is designed for drivers with poor credit histories, typically when buying used vehicles with financing provided by a dealer.

Alan Underwood, manager of Jones Auto Outlet in Mesa, has used On Time for more than two years.

"This is for a person who wouldn't qualify for normal bank financing due to a derogatory credit history, a bankruptcy or repossession," he said.

It also can be used for buyers with no credit history.

The Howling Wolves of Financial Crisis :.

I love it! You might as well piss-yourself laughing as the whole damn show unwinds. It's probably too late to do much else:

"My hands involuntarily clench and my eyes bug out in disbelief to think that a measly $40 billion as reserves against a whopping $5.5 trillion in depositor liability is a trifling $0.0073 per dollar! Two-thirds of one freaking cent!"

Things are so bizarre here lately that I spend all my time in the Bunker de la Mogambo (BDLM), nervously whining and watching various meters, dials and readouts registering unusual, and scary, seismic economic activity. With my wife out shopping us into the poorhouse, I am making good use of this sudden lack of supervision to gobble Halloween candy by the handful. Now I have a stomachache, and my mood is pretty sour...fearful and sour.

I assume that part of reason I'm fearful is that Total Fed Credit is down again this week, this time by $647 million, which is not a lot, I admit, but a far cry from the customary increases of three and four billion dollars a week! So if the Fed is not creating excess credit, and hasn't been for months, where is the money coming from?

Before you answer, the Fed itself is not absorbing our debt, and their hoard declined by $1.1 billion last week. The banks unloaded $33 billion in government bonds last week, too.

Hearing the raucous sound of the Mogambo Alert Klaxon (MAK), we rush to the Teletype machine to read "Alert! Alert! Money had better start coming from some damned where, and pretty damned soon, as you cannot get rising stock prices, rising bond prices, rising real estate prices and/or rising government prices without lots and lots and lots of new money!"

10-Year Old Disciplined for Visiting 9/11 Website :.

A fifth grader named 'Mark' reported to Alex Jones' Infowars TV show by phone that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as

The 10 year-old Steiner Ranch Elementary student (in Leander I.S.D. near Austin, Texas) says that he was browsing such sites during his Computer Lab class period when a fellow student informed on him-- as though he were doing something wrong.

"He just ran up to my teacher in front of the whole class, saying he's searching terrorist stuff about 9/11," Mark told Jones.

Mark reports that his teacher was "shocked" and told him that he "shouldn't have been looking at conspiracy theory websites."

Southern Californians Cooked Alive :.

Nice, Fall weather in Southern California:

Temperatures in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday reached 97 degrees about noon, making it the warmest Nov. 7 since such record-keeping began in 1877. The old record, 91, was set 50 years ago. Tuesday's temperature exceeded Monday's peak of 95, which also was an all-time high for the date.

The county's hottest spot, according to the National Weather Service, was Woodland Hills, where the mercury rose to 101. The old record in that west San Fernando Valley community, also set in 1956, was 94.

Records were also established in Lancaster, with a high of 85, over a previous high of 84 in 1950; Long Beach, at 92, up from 87 in 1961; Los Angeles International Airport, at 93, up from 92 in 1956; and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, at 94, up from 92, also in 1956.

Wall Street's Wild Windfall :.

Make your time:

Never in the history of Wall Street have so many earned so much in so little time.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos. are about to reward their 173,000 employees with $36 billion in bonuses. That's a 30 percent increase from last year's record, and it doesn't include the billions more that will be paid by Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., the three largest U.S. banks, as well as the hundreds of hedge funds and private-equity firms that constitute the financial industry.

Enriched by the unprecedented value of takeovers, equity trading and credit derivatives, "this year will be the best ever for the major brokerage firms," said Brad Hintz, an analyst at Manhattan-based Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

The average windfall for each individual at the five largest U.S. securities firms will be enough to buy a $165,000 Bentley Continental GT, the two-door coupe favored by Paris Hilton and Cher. They'll have plenty of change for a box of Romeo y Julieta cigars and a case of Pol Roger champagne - the stuff enjoyed by Winston Churchill, Britain's prime minister in the 1940s and 1950s.

Israel Slaughters Palestinian Women and Children in Their Sleep :.

At least 18 Palestinians were killed as they slept this morning when Israeli tanks shelled houses in Gaza.

Women and children were among the dead in one of Israel's deadliest strikes in the territory in months.


Please Welcome Cryptogon's New Sponsor: Survival Acres :.

Survival Acres offers a vast selection of dehydrated, freeze dried and bulk storable food. I was pleased to accept their sponsorship because I know that many of you are executing your plans now and might be looking to stock up on emergency food supplies.

Thanks, Survival Acres, for supporting Cryptogon, and making all of these products available to people at such affordable prices.

Waiting for Clarity On the Brink of Oblivion

The tone of the emails I've been receiving has changed dramatically over the past several days.

People are now terrified about the events unfolding inside the U.S.

Panic is setting in, and for some silly reason, people think this upcoming election holds the key to the future.

Guys, wake the F up. This Republican/Democrat thing is beyond embarrassing.

Please understand: THERE ARE NO POLITICAL SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS THE U.S. IS FACING. The outcome of this election is meaningless, one way or the other. The more you keep grasping for glimmers of hope within the political system, the worse off you will be.

The appearance of choice, as a mechanism of control, has served the elite well for several decades in the U.S. Appearances broke down after the 2000 Presidential election. And the 2004 Presidential election... Excuse me while I spit out the window just thinking about the candidates. Never mind the endemic vote fraud.

Will a big Democratic win calm people down? Maybe that's what They'll allow. It might ease the panic, so the ship of fools can sail on for another few months. If They were smart, that's what They'd do. Hell, maybe it'll be Hillary in 2008, with the ability to designate any American as an enemy combatant... Sure. Tell me another one.

But then again, maybe not. Maybe it's time to rub your noses in the Freedom.

I hate to be making so many Magic 8 Ball references lately, but that's what the U.S. political system has become. Believe in that thing and it will give you the answers you're looking for. You're totally doomed and clueless, but your belief in the Magic 8 Ball is somehow comforting. By all means, vote.

Jeff Wells recently wrote:
American politics isn't just theatre; it's dinner theatre, on par with a Medieval Times franchise. It can put on a decent show: the way the white and black knights joust you'd think they meant it, and that the guy who falls off his horse really gets hurt and the champion wins something of meaning. Voters are "treated like royalty" - every man a king! - but their crowns are made of tissue paper. And while the menu is all you can eat, all you can order is bullshit.
So, let's dispence with the bullshit about U.S. elections.

What varies, with the passage of time, is the number of people who get it. As more people get it, the more dangerous the situation becomes. The Machine will destroy itself rather than lose control. As the appearance of choice fails to serve as an effective mechanism of control, more overt mechanisms of control, which have been under construction for years, will be used.

Nothing that is happening now should come as a surprise to any of you. The entire program has been spelled out on Cryptogon and other sites---never mind the thousands of books---for years. The collapse of the U.S. into overt fascism is following a fairly predictable series of events. While the exact timetable is more difficult to nail down, when the state begins to require citizens to obtain "CLEARANCE" in order to leave, you've pretty much arrived at the end of the line. And then what? What excuses will be made? When soldiers are breaking down your door, will you point your TV remote control at them and try to change the channel? Tell them you voted? Tell them you paid your taxes? Ask them to please stay away from your daughter, because she's not a terrorist?

This has all happened before (it's happening now, actually, in many parts of the world, especially where U.S. influence is pervasive). What's different is that the technologies of political control have vastly increased the strength of the iron fist. The options are: get out of the way of that thing, to the best of your ability, or be crushed by the grip of it around your neck. Some might try to attack it directly, but that option should be seen as a creative form of suicide. (Oh yeah, you can attempt to join the ranks of the regime.)

This is the warning I've been repeating for years: You do not want to try to reach the exit as millions of other people attempt to do the same thing. Waiting for clarity is not often rewarded.

Many Cryptogon readers think that they're going to hedge their bets, and stay put for as long as possible, before making a strategic move. I like all of you. I love some of you, as you are my family members and closest friends, but please hear me: To know what's coming and to think that you will be able to time your exit properly is the height of folly.

It is not easy to pull off a strategic move under "normal" circumstances. Having made a strategic move, I'm in a position to speak on this matter with authority.

It's not easy.

The path is lined with red tape and bullshit under the best of circumstances. And the window of opportunity is closing with each passing day. To think that you will be able to do it after an event, when borders are closed, or mostly closed, when internal passports may be required to travel across state lines, when the fascists must approve your exit plans, when your cash is not convertible into foreign currencies or maybe even worthless...

Friends and family, you're in a clinical state of denial.

Let's fast forward a week, a month or a year from today; nobody knows exactly when it will happen... When you could have made it to a better place, with relative ease, you sat by and waited, wished and hoped it wouldn't come to this. And now, the freeways are jammed, the airports are closed and soldiers are checking your "papers." Some number of people are being loaded onto trucks, but you can't really see past the spotlights shining at you from the checkpoint up ahead...

"Oh, God, why did I wait for it to come to this?" some of you will think as you look at your spouse and children, who will be looking back at you, wondering the same thing.

Cheney's Next Armed Rampage: Election Day :.

Another Cheney-related blood ritual... on election day:

Vice President Dick Cheney will spend Election Day hunting in South Dakota, his press secretary said Sunday.

It will be Cheney's first hunting trip since February, when he accidentally shot a hunting companion while attempting to fire at a covey of quail on a private ranch in Texas.

Cheney, who voted early in Wyoming, will work Monday morning at the White House, and then depart Washington for South Dakota, said Lea Anne McBride, his press secretary.

Tuesday's trip, to a private hunting lodge near Pierre, is an annual outing, said McBride. She said he spent Election Day at the same lodge four years ago.

Cheney will be accompanied by his daughter, Mary, and his political director, Mel Raines, who will help him keep track of the election returns, McBride said.

Last February 11, Cheney shot his 28-gauge shotgun during a hunting trip in Texas, striking his friend Harry Whittington in the torso, neck and face.



I don't know if this is the same system I've been reporting on recently, but this will be of special interest to those of you who were thinking about driving or walking out of the U.S. to avoid any potential problems with the U.S. Government's Magic 8 Ball.

Think again.

In addition to air and sea travel, the system will apply to people leaving and entering the U.S. in automobiles and on foot.

This is frightening, even by my standards:

The federal government disclosed details yesterday of a border-security program to screen all people who enter and leave the United States, create a terrorism risk profile of each individual and retain that information for up to 40 years.

The details, released in a notice published yesterday in the Federal Register, open a new window on the government's broad and often controversial data-collection effort directed at American and foreign travelers, which was implemented after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

While long known to scrutinize air travelers, the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to apply new technology to perform similar checks on people who enter or leave the country "by automobile or on foot," the notice said.


In a round-the-clock operation, targeters match names against terrorist watch lists and a host of other data to determine whether a person's background or behavior indicates a terrorist threat, a risk to border security or the potential for illegal activity. They also assess cargo.

Each traveler assessed by the center is assigned a numeric score: The higher the score, the higher the risk. A certain number of points send the traveler back for a full interview.

The Automated Targeting System relies on government databases that include law enforcement data, shipping manifests, travel itineraries and airline passenger data, such as names, addresses, credit card details and phone numbers.

The parent program, Treasury Enforcement Communications System, houses "every possible type of information from a variety of federal, state and local sources," according to a 2001 Federal Register notice.

It includes arrest records, physical descriptions and "wanted" notices. The 5.3 billion-record database was accessed 766 million times a day to process 475 million travelers, according to a 2003 Transportation Research Board study.

In yesterday's Federal Register notice, Homeland Security said it will keep people's risk profiles for up to 40 years "to cover the potentially active lifespan of individuals associated with terrorism or other criminal activities," and because "the risk assessment for individuals who are deemed low risk will be relevant if their risk profile changes in the future, for example, if terrorist associations are identified."

U.S. Government Removed Access to ENDGAME Document for Cryptogon Readers :.

The diabolical fascists at U.S. Immigration didn't think Cryptogon readers should have access to the original ENDGAME planning document that I linked to yesterday. They have disabled access to the document via Cryptogon.

How many of your tax dollars are being spent to protect you from seeing public U.S. Government documents?

Pastor Ted: Speed Freak Sodomite Stars in Jesus Camp

Family values:


Detainee Shouldn't Be Allowed to Tell Attorney About CIA's Torture Techniques :.

A suspected terrorist who spent years in a secret CIA prison should not be allowed to speak to a civilian attorney, the Bush administration argues, because he could reveal the agency's closely guarded interrogation techniques.

Human rights groups have questioned the CIA's methods for questioning suspects, especially following the passage of a bill last month that authorized the use of harsh but undefined interrogation tactics.

In recently filed court documents, the Justice Department said those methods, along with the locations of the CIA's network of prisons, are among the nation's most sensitive secrets. Prisoners who spent time in those prisons should not be allowed to disclose that information, even to a lawyer, the government said.


UPDATE: Government Disabled Access to the ENDGAME Document

Yesterday, this link worked:

Today it doesn't.

The diabolical fascists at U.S. Immigration didn't think Cryptogon readers should have access to the original ENDGAME planning document that I linked to yesterday. They have disabled access to the document via Cryptogon.

How many of your tax dollars are being spent to protect you from seeing public U.S. Government documents?

Ok guys, it's clear, if you want to reference government documents, save local copies of them on your webserver. We're clearly into the memoryhole phase of the game now. They're disappearing stuff right in front of our eyes.

Cryptogon mirror of:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Office of Detention and
Removal Strategic Plan, 2003 - 2012
Detention and Removal Strategy for a Secure Homeland

It's getting VERY frightening now. They're actively monitoring those of us who are exposing this stuff, and They're implementing countermeasures. Again, save it locally if you want to have access to it.

- - -

Would you believe me if I told that the name of this plan is ENDGAME?

Both the contract and the budget allocation are in partial fulfillment of an ambitious 10-year Homeland Security strategic plan, code-named ENDGAME, authorized in 2003. According to a 49-page Homeland Security document on the plan, ENDGAME expands "a mission first articulated in the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798." Its goal is the capability to "remove all removable aliens," including "illegal economic migrants, aliens who have committed criminal acts, asylum-seekers (required to be retained by law) or potential terrorists."


the United States is being redefined as a vast gated community, hoping to isolate itself by force from its poverty-stricken neighbors. Inside the U.S. fortress sit 2.1 million prisoners, a greater percentage of the population than in any other nation. ENDGAME's crash program is designed to house additional detainees who have not been convicted of crimes.

Significantly, both the KBR contract and the ENDGAME plan are open-ended. The contract calls for a response to "an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid development of new programs" in the event of other emergencies, such as "a natural disaster." "New programs" is of course a term with no precise limitation. So, in the current administration, is ENDGAME's goal of removing "potential terrorists."


Since 9/11 the Bush administration has implemented a number of inter-related programs, which had been planned for secretly in the 1980s under President Reagan. These so-called "Continuity of Government" or COG proposals included vastly expanded detention capabilities, warrantless eavesdropping and detention, and preparations for greater use of martial law.

Prominent among the secret planners of this program in the 1980s were then-Congressman Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who at the time was in private business as CEO of the drug company G.D. Searle.

The principal desk officer for the program was Oliver North, until he was forced to resign in 1986 over Iran-Contra.

When planes crashed into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, Vice President Cheney's response, after consulting President Bush, was to implement a classified "Continuity of Government" plan for the first time, according to the 9/11 Commission report. As the Washington Post later explained, the order "dispatched a shadow government of about 100 senior civilian managers to live and work secretly outside Washington, activating for the first time long-standing plans."

What these managers in this shadow government worked on has never been reported. But it is significant that the group that prepared ENDGAME was, as the Homeland Security document puts it, "chartered in September 2001." For ENDGAME's goal of a capacious detention capability is remarkably similar to Oliver North's controversial Rex-84 "readiness exercise" for COG in 1984. This called for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to round up and detain 400,000 imaginary "refugees," in the context of "uncontrolled population movements" over the Mexican border into the United States.

Military Times Media Group: Rumsfeld Must Go :.

Just days after President Bush publicly affirmed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's job security through the end of his term, a family of publications catering to the military will publish an editorial calling for the defense secretary's removal.

The editorial, released to NBC News on Friday ahead of its Monday publication date, stated, "It is one thing for the majority of Americans to think Rumsfeld has failed. But when the nation's current military leaders start to break publicly with their defense secretary, then it is clear that he is losing control of the institution he ostensibly leads."

The editorial will appear just one day before the midterm election, in which GOP candidates have been losing ground, according to recent polls.

"This is not about the midterm elections," continued the editorial, which will appear in the Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times, and Marine Corps Times on Monday. "Regardless of which party wins Nov. 7, the time has come, Mr. President, to face the hard bruising truth: Donald Rumsfeld must go."

White House Visits Cryptogon

The White House Military Office user (hostname:, ip: conducted the following Google search:

They searched Google to see which sites mention the IP for their host.

Just curious??? Or...

More: Pages Visited During Session

Pages visited:
1 2005 09 18 Blogarchive
2 2005 01 02 Blogarchive
3 2004 01 18 Blogarchive
4 2005 04 24 Blogarchive
5 2003 07 06 Blogarchive
Why don't these guys use some kind of super encrypto traffic teleporter proxy thing, like any skilled 12-year-old would? I mean, if this had come from that AT&T node in Northern Virginia, I wouldn't have even noticed it. ;)

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Americans Will Have to Obtain "Clearance" to Leave U.S. :.

I already covered this, but it's shocking enough to justify a rehash:

Forget no-fly lists. If Uncle Sam gets its way, beginning on Jan. 14, 2007, we'll all be on no-fly lists, unless the government gives us permission to leave-or re-enter-the United States.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (HSA) has proposed that all airlines, cruise lines-even fishing boats-be required to obtain clearance for each passenger they propose taking into or out of the United States.

It doesn't matter if you have a U.S. Passport - a "travel document" that now, absent a court order to the contrary, gives you a virtually unqualified right to enter or leave the United States, any time you want. When the DHS system comes into effect next January, if the agency says "no" to a clearance request, or doesn't answer the request at all, you won't be permitted to enter-or leave-the United States.

Samsung's Terminator Robot :.

Just wait until they get the rat brains hooked up to it:

Samsung has partnered with Korea University to develop a machine-gun equipped sentry robot...


Ted Haggard: Evangelical Leader Paid for Gay Sex Monthly for Three Years :.

Family values:

Facing shocking allegations that he paid a gay prostitute for sex, prominent Colorado Springs pastor Ted Haggard placed himself on administrative leave Thursday from his church position and resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a platform that made him a rising star in conservative politics.

Haggard, 50, said in a statement released by his 14,000- member New Life Church that he could "not continue to minister under the cloud created by the accusations made on Denver talk radio this morning."

In interviews over the past two days with KHOW talk radio, 9News and The Denver Post, Michael Forest Jones, 49, of Denver alleges he had sex on a monthly basis with Haggard over three years. Jones claimed Haggard used the name "Art," admitted he was married and used meth before the two had sex.

In an interview Wednesday with 9News, Haggard denied he'd used drugs or had gay sex, saying he's been faithful to his wife. Haggard, who has five children, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Late Thursday, The Associated Press reported that the acting senior pastor at New Life, Ross Parsley, told KKTV-TV of Colorado Springs that Haggard admitted some of the accusations were true, but Parsley didn't elaborate.

Conservative Republican Pays Ex-Mistress $500,000 to Keep Quiet :.

Family values:

A Republican congressman accused of abusing his ex-mistress agreed to pay her about $500,000 in a settlement last year that contained a powerful incentive for her to keep quiet until after Election Day, a person familiar with the terms of the deal told The Associated Press.


The settlement, reached in November 2005, called for Cynthia Ore to be paid in installments, according to a person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal is confidential. She has received less than half the money so far, and will not get the rest until after the Nov. 7 election, the person said Thursday.


Enjoy those seafood meals now, because by 2050 there may be no fish, prawns, crabs or other wild sea creatures left to eat.

Marine species are disappearing at an accelerating rate, posing a serious threat to human health and wellbeing, a four-year study of the state of the world's oceans has concluded.

Boris Worm, of Dalhousie University in Canada, said his team's research showed 29 per cent of seafood species currently fished had already collapsed, with catches having declined by at least 90 per cent.

"If the long-term trend continues, all fish and seafood species are projected to collapse within my lifetime - by 2048," Professor Worm said.

Loss of biodiversity also reduced the ocean's ability to resist diseases, filter out pollutants and cope with climate change, the study concluded.

A business-as-usual approach to the problem would increase health risks to humans, with more toxic algal blooms, fish kills, and polluted water, and this would be especially bad for coastal economies.

"Whether we looked at tide pools or studies over the entire world's oceans, we saw the same picture emerging. In losing species we lose the productivity and stability of entire ecosystems," Professor Worm said.

"I was shocked and disturbed by how consistent these trends are - beyond anything we suspected."

More Violence in Oaxaca :.

Riot police and protesters have clashed at a university campus in the Mexican city of Oaxaca in the latest protests against the state governor.

At least eight people were injured in the clash. Police used water cannon and teargas as crowds threw petrol bombs.

Last week, 4,000 riot police entered Oaxaca, removing demonstrators from the city centre after five months there.

Striking teachers and leftist activists are demanding that Governor Ulises Ruiz be sacked for alleged abuse of power.

The Mexican senate recently urged Mr Ruiz to resign, but he has so far refused.

Reports say federal police were initially pushed back from the state university by hundreds of protesters guarding the entrance.

The protesters threw petrol bombs at riot police who had been pushing forward through barricades of burnt out vehicles, eyewitnesses told Reuters news agency.

But the police were supported by helicopters and armoured vehicles.

More: Oaxaca Rebellion in Pictures

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Brain in a Dish :.

On the right track to...

In an Atlanta lab, minibrains in dishes can control robots and computer-simulated animals. They may provide a simple model to study how the brain changes as it learns. Georgia Tech researcher Steve Potter calls his biological-mechanical hybrids Neurally Controlled Animats. Each Animat's "brain" consists of cultured rat neurons growing on a plate of electrodes. This live culture is linked to an artificial body—either a robotic animal or a computer-simulated one.

The brain cells can receive input from the synthetic critter's environment, process information, and stimulate behavior. For example, one of the Animats is linked to a robot with light-detecting sensors. Information from the sensors is sent to the brain culture, which sends a signal back to the robot instructing it to move toward the light. Other Animats can chase a target around a room, scribble simple drawings, and move around obstacles. Until recently, training Animats had been tough. The cultured brain cells kept firing in synchronized bursts that disrupted learning. Potter suspected this bursting was a symptom of sensory deprivation, since the neurons weren't receiving constant electrical input as they would in a living body. He was able to quiet the neural fireworks by applying soothing background stimulation. "Now we've seen reliably detectable changes. We think we're on the right track." Animats won't be taking over the world anytime soon, but Potter acknowledges that these "semiliving objects" are smarter than your average petri dish. "They can process information from their environment and respond to it. It's not human consciousness, but it's something."


Non violent, civilian, prisoners will work in prison camps on U.S. Army bases.

Do you get it yet?

Summary. This regulation provides guidance for establishing and managing civilian inmate labor programs on Army installations. It provides guidance on establishing prison camps on Army installations. It addresses record keeping and reporting incidents related to the Civilian Inmate Labor Program and/or prison camp administration.

Note: provided a link to this document that has since been removed by the U.S. Army. I have provided a different link to the same document. If the Army removes this one as well, let me know. Never mind: Cryptogon hosted copy of U.S. ARMY REGULATION 210-35: CIVILIAN INMATE LABOR PROGRAM. I don't want to host this permanently, but I want to make sure this gets mirrored elsewhere since Google cache can't be trusted.

Additional Mirrors:

Reader DM sends additional mirrors:

U.S. Air Force Google Search

The U.S. Air Force user (ip:, hostname: conducted the following Google Germany search: cjcsi6250.01

There weren't too many results. ;)

Most .mil users can't access Cryptogon anymore. It's blocked. Mostly blocked. A couple of years ago, roughly 1/3 of Cryptogon visits were from .mil. Now, hardly any show up with hosts that resolve back to something obviously .mil. The "sorrow" users must be extra special in order to view a naughty site like Cryptogon.

Published Neocon Agenda: Prepare to Bomb Iran, Recruit Lieberman for 2008 :.

Prepare to Bomb Iran. Make no mistake, President Bush will need to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities before leaving office.


The global thunder against Bush when he pulls the trigger will be deafening, and it will have many echoes at home. It will be an injection of steroids for organizations such as We need to pave the way intellectually now and be prepared to defend the action when it comes. In particular, we need to help people envision what the world would look like with a nuclear-armed Iran. Apart from the dangers of a direct attack on Israel or a suitcase bomb in Washington, it would mean the end of the global nonproliferation regime and the beginning of Iranian dominance in the Middle East.


Texas Senate Candidate In President's District Jailed :.

This is absolutely beyond belief.

Candidate for U.S. Senate:

Held in solitary confinement.
Not charged with any crime.
Eventually released with a traffic violation!?

Can you feel the Democracy?

Regarding his campaign, Smart said, "I didn't know if I would be out of jail before Nov. 7. What I was doing before was going out and talking to strangers and asking them, 'What's important to you? What are you concerned about? And the reception I got was very good, overwhelming. It was so positive, unbelievable. So that gave me a lot of encouragement."

Smart says that a big issue in this district is eminent domain and the Trans-Texas Corridor. He noted that his opponent, Republican Kip Averitt, will support the Trans-Texas Corridor if he gets re-elected, "for the party."

"I've talked to a lot of people and everyone is against it. I don't want it. This might die on its own, but the trouble is there would be a lot of damage done, people losing their property, their houses, and their land. But when you think about it, why would anybody be for it?"

Research Credit: MN

Is the Maniac Bitch a Felon Too? :.

But this is Florida, so, fuhgetaboutit:

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has refused to cooperate in an investigation into whether she voted in the wrong precinct, so the case will probably be turned over to prosecutors, Palm Beach County's elections chief said Wednesday.

Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson said his office has been looking into the matter for nearly nine months, and he would turn over the case to the state attorney's office by Friday.

Coulter's attorney did not immediately return a call Wednesday. Nor did her publicist at her publisher, Crown Publishing.

Knowingly voting in the wrong precinct is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

American Car Buyers Get a Case of Amnesia :.

Living outside of the U.S., I try to forget that I'm American:

Who can remember all the way back to last summer, when we had daylight saving time, baseball, and $3 a gallon gasoline prices?

Not American car buyers, apparently, and you can see the evidence in the results of October auto sales.

Sales of big pickup trucks and SUVs went through the roof - doubling from the year before in some cases. Sales of small, fuel efficient cars, meanwhile, remained stagnant. It is as if all that moaning and groaning about price gouging by oil companies never happened.

Actually, it is worse than that. American consumers have reinforced all the stereotypes they are labeled with: short attention spans, lack of social consciousness and thinking with their wallets.

U.S. Air Force Seeks $50 Billion in Emergency Funds :.

Reason: To help defer the costs of transporting the growing numbers of U.S. soldiers being killed or wounded in Iraq an Afghanistan.

Tell me another one!

The U.S. Air Force is asking the Pentagon's leadership for a staggering $50 billion in emergency funding for fiscal 2007 -- an amount equal to nearly half its annual budget, defense analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute said on Tuesday.

The request is expected to draw criticism on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are increasingly worried about the huge sums being sought "off budget" to fund wars, escaping the more rigorous congressional oversight of regular budgets.

Another source familiar with the Air Force plans said the extra funds would help pay to transport growing numbers of U.S. soldiers being killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thompson, who has close ties to U.S. military officials, said the big funding request was fueled by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. England told the services in a October 25 memo to include the "longer war on terror," not just the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in their emergency requests.

Big Brother Britain 2006 :.

Britain has sleepwalked into becoming a surveillance society that increasingly intrudes into our private lives and impacts on everyday activities, the head of the information watchdog warns.

New technology and "invisible" techniques are being used to gather a growing amount of information about UK citizens. The level of surveillance will grow even further in the next 10 years, which could result in a growing number of people being discriminated against and excluded from society, says a report by the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas.

Future developments could include microchip implants to identify and track individuals; facial recognition cameras fitted into lampposts; and unmanned surveillance aircraft, predict the report's authors.

Who Ya Gonna Call? :.

American politics isn't just theatre; it's dinner theatre, on par with a Medieval Times franchise. It can put on a decent show: the way the white and black knights joust you'd think they meant it, and that the guy who falls off his horse really gets hurt and the champion wins something of meaning. Voters are "treated like royalty" - every man a king! - but their crowns are made of tissue paper. And while the menu is all you can eat, all you can order is bullshit.


UPDATE: Bomb Explodes At eBay PayPal Headquarters

Just as long as nobody starts cutting fiber...

And as a bonus, the San Jose Fire Captain assures us that, "It wasn't anything radioactive."

That's nice to know:

An explosion at eBay's PayPal division Tuesday night shattered a window and forced the evacuation of 26 employees, as crews combed the company's North First Street complex for incendiary devices.

No one was injured inside the company's four-story network operations center at 2211 N. First St. in San Jose, and no explosive devices were found in the rest of the company's 100,000-square-foot complex, which police had cordoned off Tuesday night. EBay officials say operations were not disturbed.

"Whatever caused it was pretty strong," San Jose Fire Capt. Jose Guerrero said.

Authorities received multiple reports of a smoke detector alarm sounding at 7:34 p.m., Guerrero said, followed a few minutes later by multiple calls of an explosion.

When crews arrived, they found a 6-by-7-foot window had been shattered near a first-floor exit between the network operations center and a nearby building at 2161 N. First St. The window's frame was bent and a light haze covered the area, Guerrero said. No flames, however, were visible, nor was there any other damage. Other debris was in the area, said Guerrero, who couldn't say Tuesday night exactly what the debris was.

"It wasn't anything radioactive," Guerrero said.

Meanwhile, teams from the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearm and Explosives, San Jose fire's hazardous-materials crew and the San Jose police bomb squad were roaming the buildings. Guerrero said no other explosive devices were found.

Authorities have suspicions about what may have caused the blast, Guerrero said, but he declined to disclose them. No threats were reported ahead of the explosion, Guerrero said. San Jose police are taking over the investigation.

Employees were expected to be allowed back inside early today.

"It was fortunate that no one was hurt," said Catherine England, an eBay spokeswoman.

England said she expected business to return to normal today. But she encouraged employees to check their e-mail and to call the emergency numbers on backs of their badges before heading to work today.


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Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America by Bertram Myron Gross This is a relatively short but extremely cogent and well-argued treatise on the rise of a form of fascistic thought and social politics in late 20th century America. Author Bertram Gross' thesis is quite straightforward; the power elite that comprises the corporate, governmental and military superstructure of the country is increasingly inclined to employ every element in their formidable arsenal of 'friendly persuasion' to win the hearts and minds of ordinary Americans through what Gross refers to as friendly fascism.

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