Here are a few links to my Infoverse. What sites do you find useful, informative and cool? Let me know. Note: This partial list will continue to grow.

Alternative Information
Meme Blasters

:. Alternative Information .:

Art Bell
Most late night freaks know about Art. He's mostly about infotainment, but he occasionally has some interesting folks on his show. has good material on a wide variety of topics. They were to first site to make the End Days into a kind of fashion statement.

Fortean Times
A great site for high strangeness, ufos, yeti, etc. It seems to have gone away for the moment, but wait and see if it comes back.

Online Journal
Extended essays on a wide variety of topics. Excellent.


:. Dissidents .:

American Terrorism
The U.S. government is the largest sponsor/perpetrator of terrorism on the planet. If Chomsky is considered a lunatic in established media circles, I wonder what they would have to say about the guy who runs this site? This site is routinely denied service from ISPs, but people have stepped up to host and mirror it. He must be doing something right! See also Western State Terrorism.

Noam Chomsky
Professor Chomsky is the most well known, the most prolific and probably the smartest voice of dissension in the U.S. When he's not derailing the dominant political paradigm, he's a professor of Linguistics at MIT.

Robbie Conal
You may have seen some of Conal's work and not even known it.

Dave Emory
Emory is an anti-fascist savant. He is the undisputed world champion when it comes to Nazi connections to just about anything. If you get a chance to see him speak live, it's pretty interesting. He usually shows up wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with a crossed out swastika pin affixed near the left chest area, e.g. like a no smoking sign, except with the swastika. He'll proceed to talk for three or four hours, citing references, names and dates, all without the use of notes. He's done talks on mind control, drug running, the JFK murder and just about every other freak topic under the sun. Emory has recorded thousands of hours of talks over about 20 years, so it's impossible to pick the "best" work he's done. It's like a mosaic that gets added to each week. Radio Free America 37, "How the United States Lost the Second World War" seems to stand out in my mind. It's a sprawling tale of how the Third Reich went underground after WWII and re-emerged inside U.S. intelligence agencies. Don't knock it till' you hear it. Oh, you better set aside something like 20 hours, maybe more, I've forgotten just how long it is.

Daniel Hopsicker
Dan isn't afraid to chase after high weirdness, even as it's going down. It's probably dangerous to mess around with ops that are underway, but, hey, someone has to do it. He does the best he can with incomplete and confusing information. Make sure you check out his older essays. He also wrote a biography of Barry Seal, one of the key figures in several black ops from JFK to the Contras. Seal was executed in 1986.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
Everything you know about AIDS, Ebola and many other diseases is wrong. Everything you know about vaccines is wrong. Everything the Government is telling you about bioterrorism is a lie.

"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases."

---Dr. Donald M. MacArthur, representing the U.S. Department of Defense, before a House Appropriations Committee hearing, 1969

Does that sound familiar? It should, because that's a definition of AIDS.

Alex Jones
This site is the single best source for researchers working the 9/11 situation. If you know of a better source, please let me know. Don't count on having this repository available via the Internet. Send a robot there and save the data locally while it's still up. This is his 9/11 section.

Lyndon LaRouche
Do I need to say anything about this guy? He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! Some of their stuff is right on.

Michael Levine
Levine is a former DEA agent who saw the light. CIA runs drugs. This guy is an expert at handling informers and deep cover infiltration of criminal organizations.

Michael Ruppert,
I first heard Mike Rupert's voice when he stood up in a packed auditorium and told the director of the Central Intelligence Agency that he was an eye-witness to Agency drug and gun running activities in Los Angeles. His work on the CIA/drugs nexus is about as damning as anything out there. Since 9/11, he has shifted his focus to the high weirdness surrounding those events. I'm a paid subscriber to his site, I hope you would also consider supporting him as well.

Michael Parenti
If Chomsky wasn't enough of an old, hippy dissident for you, try some Michael Parenti. He's a Marxist and is proud of it. I don't care for too many people who subscribe to "ists" and "isms" but Parenti is very good most of the time. His talks are great to listen to because, sometimes, he gets so pissed you think he's going to lose it. Entertaining and informative!

World Wide Socialist Web Site
I'm not a socialist or a capitalist. These theoretical "ists" lead to fascism, in my opinion. The fact is, this site is pretty good.

John Young,
Curious about secret DoD meetings, leaked government documents, or need a list of former Stasi informers? The Cryptome has been in the crosshairs of several cyber attacks for a reason: it's a clearing house for the forgotten, obscure and embarrassing pieces of information that should have just fallen away into the noise. Lots of information on encryption, ECHELON and surveillance of all kinds. I don't know if it still shows up, but an NSA bot used to crawl his site every morning.


:. Meme Blasters .:

Drudge Report
Drudge pretends to be willing to push the envelope, but he pretty much just stuffs it with the same old garbage as the other big media. While he makes a point of NOT stepping over the line, he's sometimes useful for seeing where ABCNBCCNNCBSNYTIMESLATIMESETC is headed over the next few days.

Memepool prides itself on uncovering the most unusual content on the Internet. It covers the vast spectrum of human stupidity, freakism, sex, politics, religion, science, art, etc. etc.

Smart people, lots of them, posting and discussing the news of the minute.

Whereas seeks out mostly home grown content, Fark looks at more at established media for those neato meme nuggets.


:. Organizations .:

Federation of American Scientists
Big FOIA shop dedicated mostly to arms and technology related issues.

The National Security Archive
Sometimes, a few pages escape the shredder. Declassified policy planning documents and such.

Pacifica Radio
The Pacifica Foundation runs the only listener supported radio stations in the United States. They have NO corporate sponsorship. KPFK, the Pacifica radio station in Los Angeles, is the only thing worth listening to on the radio. Internet streaming has been hit or miss, lately, but give it a try if you aren't in radio range. My first real exposure to alternative interpretations of events happened when I started listening to Roy Tuckman's show when I was a teenager. He's still on the air and going strong.


:. Technology .:

Counterpane Labs
This is the "public service" portion of the company started by Bruce Schneier, the world's top civilian crypto freak. If you have questions about encryption. . . .you'll have more questions after spending some time on this site.

The Register
Very informative, funny and irreverent technology site from the U.K.

It's not a site, it's a lifestyle.

Not as hype based as the print publication, has some useful articles on privacy and the politics of technology.


:. Toolz .:

There's nothing new about web logs. What's new is how democratized weblogging, or blogging, has become. Anyone, even someone with virtually no technical acuity, can create a site that is very easy to update. With slightly more effort, you can customize the site to look however you want, such as I have done with the Cryptogon. You may have noticed that this site uses blogger. You can add highly effective "Search" functionality to your site with Atomz. Both of these amazing tools are free.

Dead Man's Switch
Planes fall out of the sky, cars crash and people get suicided or dissappeared all the time. Most Americans don't think political assassinations are actually carried out, and they are dead wrong. So, if you've got the goods on someone or some organization, you would be wise to use a dead man's switch to make sure you can get them, just in case they, in fact, get you first. Hint: Don't have this running on your home machine, as it would be pretty simple for a bad guy to disable it. Duh...

HTTrack Web Site Copier
We are now in an era when information is considered a weapon of mass destruction. "Uncontrolled words are consistently more dangerous to established authority than armed forces," writes John Saul. We would be wise to keep that in mind. The Them are going to move with increasing swiftness to take down sites that make destabilizing information available to global audiences. Information continuity will increasingly depend on individuals, who are in the right place at the right time, to make a copies of the "dangerous" data and perhaps even mirror it themselves.

When Mike Ruppert's and John Young's sites were taken down repeatedly by black hatters from Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland, hackers from all over the Internet offered to mirror their sites in case of further attack. This type of direct action is critical in order to keep the lights on.

So, any cyber warrior worth his/her salt needs a good robot. HTTrack is free, runs on several platforms and works well. Microsoft Internet Explorer also has a variety of web page saving options, but it doesn't do recursive saves, which means it doesn't copy an entire site, i.e. crawling down each link. Internet Explorer will only grab the page you're on.

Please make sure you configure and use your robot wisely. A mis configured bot may appear to some site operators as a denial of service (DOS) attack. You wouldn't want to be banned by accident. Since John Young has been hit repeatedly, his words speak volumes on this topic: "Don't use bots unless you know for sure they are not causing damage. Test them on your own site before trashing the net as if begging for payback." ;)

SIMP: Secure Instant Messaging Protocol
If you want to send instant messages that are not readable by anyone but you and your chat buddy, you better not be using Yahoo IM, ICQ, AIM, IRC etc. All of those are wide open to surveillance. SIMP employs blowfish encryption, which is essentially unbreakable. Maybe the gnomes at the NSA have some way of recovering the clear text, but you can rest assured that no snot nosed 15 year olds, ISPs, Pointy Haired Bosses or system admins will be reading your rambles. If you have a keystroke logger installed on your machine, though, you're f*cked anyway. ;)

Sygate Personal Firewall
If you're running Windows and using the Internet without a firewall, you're asking for trouble. This firewall is free, easy to use and works great. I also run a hardware firewall. Hey, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!