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Dr. Martin Pall: “The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane.”

February 25th, 2019

Via: Nick Pineault: More: 5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them by Martin L. Pall, PhD

Life Imitates Akira: The NSA’s Fear of Psychic Nukes

February 18th, 2019

Via: Muckrock: Agency wondered if ten psychics could cause a chain reaction that would cause a city to become lost in time and space.

U.S. Army Recruiting Rap

February 1st, 2019

Economic collapse got you down? Don’t want rent or electricity bills? Come kill for Uncle $cam! But before that, check out Anybody’s Son Will Do. This is the Marines, but it’s pretty much the same, regardless of military branch or country. Anybody’s Son Will Do (1983) Via: United States Army:

How Electric Therapy Is Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD

January 22nd, 2019

Via: DefenseOne: What Tony and several other former U.S. Special Operations Forces personnel received Newport Brain Research Laboratory, located at the Center, was a new treatment for brain disorders, one that might just revolutionize brain-based medicine. Though the FDA clinical trials to judge its efficacy and risks are ongoing, the technique could help humanity deal […]

More MKULTRA Documents Released

December 7th, 2018

2018 MKULTRA Document Releases on BlackVault Via: TheSun: “It shows that the entire story is not yet out – which is contrary to what the CIA wants us to believe.” … He believes the missing information may relate to top secret mind control projects which are STILL taking place.

The Remarkable Brain Waves of High Level Meditators

November 18th, 2018

Via: What’s going on in the brains of people who meditate? Anecdotal evidence suggests that meditation does something to people’s minds and bodies…quiets and calms them. In this video, Daniel Goleman reports on research done by his colleague Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Davidson brought a number of “Olympic level […]

U.S. Army 1983: “Be Intellectually Prepared to React to Possible Encounters with Intelligent, Non-Corporal Energy Forms When Time-Space Boundaries Are Exceeded”

October 10th, 2018

This is a U.S. Army Intelligence document on Hemi-Sync and Itzhak Bentov’s Stalking the Wild Pendulum. The source document is “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process,” CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf, which you can find on CIA’s Electronic Reading room.

9/11: What 17 Years of Lies Have Done to Us

September 12th, 2018

Via: Richard Dolan:

Psychological Techniques Used to Keep Kids Online

August 8th, 2018

Parental controls. Use them. Via: AP: Children’s advocates want the American Psychological Association to condemn the tech industry’s practice of using persuasive psychological techniques to keep kids glued to their screens. The advocates, citing research that links excessive use of social media and video games with depression and academic troubles, say it’s unethical for psychologists […]

Pentagon Working on Neural Interface

July 18th, 2018

Via: NextGov: The idea of humans controlling machines with their minds has spun off sci-fi blockbusters like “Pacific Rim” and entire subgenres of foreign film, but while today skyscraper-sized fighting robots exist only on the big screen, the Pentagon is building technology that could one day make them a reality. Today, the Defense Advanced Research […]

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