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Mailing Address:

Kevin Flaherty
PO Box 671
Kaitaia, 0441
New Zealand


“May I visit your home? Buy you a drink? Hang out with you? Will you appear on my radio show/television show/podcast? May I interview you via phone, email or Skype?”

I appreciate your interest, but unfortunately, the answer to all of these questions is no. In essence, my time is spent between my family, Cryptogon and our small farm. I also have a technical role with a family member’s small business. This doesn’t leave me with a lot of time for other activities.

“I want to say ‘Thank You’ for your informative blog. What’s the best way to do this?”

The best way to say ‘Thank You’ is to support the site in a tangible way so that it remains open. The Support page explains how.

“How do I submit interesting stories to Cryptogon?”

The Story Suggestion form and the Cryptogon News Network are good ways of doing that.

If you want to email a story suggestion, please include [s] somewhere in the subject of your email. That is, the letter ‘s’ surrounded by brackets. This identifier will allow my software to automatically move your story suggestion into my story suggestion queue.

“I submitted a story and it was posted on Cryptogon, but my submission was not acknowledged. Why?”

Research Credits only appear when submissions were news to me.

I want to become a permanent resident of New Zealand. Will you answer my questions?

I receive a lot of email about this. If you’re interested in anything related to New Zealand residence, the Immigration New Zealand website is where you need to go.

Many people who write to me about this are over age 50. In short, unless you’re a millionaire, your chances of attaining permanent residence in New Zealand are slim to none. For whatever it’s worth, here is the New Zealand Immigration page that lists options for people over age 50.

“I want to comment on posts. Why can’t I register?”

Over the years, I’ve found that many people who wanted to leave comments weren’t interested in sharing useful insights with others. Rather, the point was to keep me busy with cleaning up bullshit.

This is basic PSYOP and it happens to every site that deals with controversial issues. If the site’s editor is busy, busy, busy dealing with nonsense, less time is spent on core activities. Mission accomplished.

Obviously, some readers are genuinely interested in writing informative, on topic comments, and I appreciate and welcome that input. The problem is that I have no way of knowing if someone is working full time for a .gov/.mil bullshit factory, mentally ill, working extremist religious agendas, mainly interested in trying to spam their own blog, etc. I don’t want to read that stuff and the people who support this site definitely don’t want their time wasted with that nonsense. Sometimes, comments start out ok, and then the true nonsense motives come out.

If you are committed to writing civil, on topic, informative comments, send me an email requesting an account. Include a desired username. I’ll manually create an account for you.

To the trolls, crooks, spammers, idiots, psychopaths, stalkers and the rest of the noise generators out there, if you think that you’re going to pull a fast one, understand that I’ll punch your tickets without warning.

“I want to advertise on Cryptogon. What are my options?”

There are two options.

The first is the 180×150 banner image in the upper right area of the site. The cost is US$180 per month. It is almost certainly not worth it for you to lease this space for US$180 per month. Since I make much more than that by using the space for my own advertising, I have no interest in leasing it for any less. If you are interested in this option, contact me for more information.

The second option is a text link that would appear under the “Support Received in” area in the right side-bar. The cost is US$25 per month. If you are interested in this option, send US$25 through one of the available payment methods and let me know the desired URL. I will not post links to sites that I determine to be inappropriate. In the event that I do not post your link, I will refund your money.