Obama Administration Takes Aim At Gun-Rights Revolt

July 21st, 2009

Someone better blink, or this could get weird.

Via: CBS News:

The Obama administration is raising the stakes in a fight over states’ rights and firearm ownership by arguing that new pro-gun laws in Montana and Tennessee are invalid.

In the last few months, a grass-roots, federalist revolt against Washington, D.C. has begun to spread through states that are home to politically active gun owners. Montana and Tennessee have enacted state laws saying that federal rules do not apply to firearms manufactured entirely within the state, and similar bills are pending in Texas, Alaska, Minnesota, and South Carolina.

Yet the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and Explosives now claims that that not only is such a state law invalid, but “because the act conflicts with federal firearms laws and regulations, federal law supersedes the act.”

Tennessee’s law already has taken effect. The BATF’s letter on July 16 to firearms manufacturers and dealers in the state says “federal law requires a license to engage in the business of manufacturing firearms or ammunition, or to deal in firearms, even if the firearms or ammunition remain within the same state.”

A similar letter was sent to manufacturers and dealers in Montana, where the made-in-the-state law takes effect on October 1, 2009. Neither law permits certain large caliber weapons or machine guns, and both would bypass federal regulations including background checks for buyers and record-keeping requirements for sellers.

3 Responses to “Obama Administration Takes Aim At Gun-Rights Revolt”

  1. LykeX Says:

    I’m beginning to think that Robert Anton Wilson’s idea about the Guns and Dope Party might not be so bad.
    It’s a joke, of course, but then every good joke has a core of truth.


    Both the pro-gun people and the dopers [medical, religious and/or receational] feel like minorities, and the TSOG [Tsarist Occupation Government] agrees with this estimate of their weakness.
    Our contention holds that in the West both groups
    working together make a MAJORITY. Ergo, they have much to gain and nowt to lose in combining forces.
    Each side only has to realize this and agree “We’ll tolerate their hobbies if they’ll tolerate ours” and we can drive the Tsarists back to Russia!

  2. RMOHANX Says:

    Yes, of course it could get weird. Wouldn’t
    that be refreshing? Zooming back one notch,
    it’s not just about “guns”, of course.

    This site might prove informative:


    “Oops,” I meant to post the one about State
    sovereignty efforts:


    Be *sure* to see map wherein the
    sub-Richter legislative temblors
    are occurring.


    Have a pleasant day.

  3. pookie Says:


    my tribe, the libertarians, already represents the interests of those of the pro-gun and pro-dowhatthehellyouwanttowithyourownbody persuasion.

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