Gary Null on Vaccines: New York State Assembly Hearing

October 21st, 2009

The date on these is 10-13-2009:

3 Responses to “Gary Null on Vaccines: New York State Assembly Hearing”

  1. mangrove Says:

    Outstanding. I hope this goes viral (bad pun intended). For my part, I’ve posted these on the LATOC forum where the poll in that thread is currently showing only 7% in favor of the vaccine.

  2. tochigi Says:

    interesting testimony. be interesting what coverage this gets.

    re flu vaccines: i never even knew they existed until about 10 years ago. i mean, even if they worked, the flu virus mutates all the time and the flu you happen to get may be completely different to the one used for the vaccine they produced on a gamble 6-12 months earlier. the whole idea behind flu vaccines seems fraudulent to me. and very bad for your health. all the people i used to work with got the flu vaccine offered by the company at a discount. half of them got really sick from the flu shot itself. ffs! this shit is bad for you! but they just couldn’t see it. they were sacred of the flu. yeah, really, that’s what they needed to be frightened of. not.

  3. gbell Says:

    Guys, major logical flaw/manipulation in the anti-vaccine movement. Watch this and check-up for yourselves:

    Bottom line: y-axis is always deaths, not infections on the anti-vacc sites. Deaths were declining prior to release of immunizations for various reasons. But infection rates downright plummeted upon vaccine release.

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