Britain: State to ‘Spy’ on Every Phone Call, Email and Web Search

November 11th, 2009

Via: Telegraph:

Every phone call, text message, email and website visit made by private citizens is to be stored for a year and will be available for monitoring by government bodies.

All telecoms companies and internet service providers will be required by law to keep a record of every customer’s personal communications, showing who they have contacted, when and where, as well as the websites they have visited.

Despite widespread opposition to the increasing amount of surveillance in Britain, 653 public bodies will be given access to the information, including police, local councils, the Financial Services Authority, the ambulance service, fire authorities and even prison governors.

They will not require the permission of a judge or a magistrate to obtain the information, but simply the authorisation of a senior police officer or the equivalent of a deputy head of department at a local authority.

One Response to “Britain: State to ‘Spy’ on Every Phone Call, Email and Web Search”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Does that mean I don’t have to worry about being busted by the cyber cops if I take a picture of my ass on the work copier and send it around? If they’re going to read it anyway, I mean sheesh.
    “653 public bodies will be given access to the information,” (Did they mean persons when the said bodies?)
    Got to give credit to the Brits- snooping on private communications between individuals sounds like a way to KEEP AT LEAT 653 PEOPLE EMPLOYED.
    You’d think ah, there could be a more creative way to put people to work other than in snooping on thy neighbors.
    And what the fluck is UP with Britian that they’ve turned into BIG BROTHER MULTIPLIED TIMES 10?
    Oh me. Sorry cynical me. I forgot to ask – who is making the money off these surveillance contracts?
    Did the House of Lords actually approve this bullshit?
    Or is Britian under Brown the newest Communist state?
    Just asking.

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