Sarkozy Calls for “New World Order” at UN

September 27th, 2007


World powers turned to the United Nations on Tuesday to resolve protracted problems that have defied solutions, from climate change to the equal distribution of wealth and human rights issues.

US President George W Bush urged the UN to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the document that led to other human rights conventions over the past 60 years dealing with the freeing of people from tyranny, violence, hunger and diseases.

“As we gather for this 62nd General Assembly, the standards of the declaration must guide our work in the world,” Bush said.

“The mission of the United Nations requires liberating people from tyranny and violence,” Bush told the body, in which many governments had disagreed with his policy in Iraq and global anti-terror campaign.

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy, in his first appearance before the assembly, called on the UN to avail itself as an instrument for a “new world order of the 21st century.”

“In the name of France, I call upon all states to join ranks in order to found the new world order of the 21st century on the notion that the common goods that belong to all of humankind must be the common responsibility for us all,” he told the General Assembly.

3 Responses to “Sarkozy Calls for “New World Order” at UN”

  1. rototillerman Says:

    Translation of Sarkozy: “All your oils belong to us. Or at least must be shared with us.”

  2. remrof Says:

    hawkish (iran) and apparently a globalist… is this guy really french???

  3. Eileen Says:

    Sarkozy is another slug voted in on an “eticket.” The fix was in for him too. Sarkozy is to France as Mussolini was to Italy. FACISM rules now.
    Goodbye France. We loved ya when you had a pot to piss in and had SOMEBODY ELSE with half a gonad IN CHARGE.

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