Pope’s Astronomer Says He Would Baptise an Alien

September 21st, 2010

Why is the pace picking up?

Via: Guardian:

Aliens might have souls and could choose to be baptised if humans ever met them, a Vatican scientist said today. The official also dismissed intelligent design as “bad theology” that had been “hijacked” by American creationist fundamentalists.

Guy Consolmagno, who is one of the pope’s astronomers, said he would be “delighted” if intelligent life was found among the stars. “But the odds of us finding it, of it being intelligent and us being able to communicate with it ā€“ when you add them up it’s probably not a practical question.”

Speaking ahead of a talk at the British Science Festival in Birmingham tomorrow, he said that the traditional definition of a soul was to have intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions. “Any entity ā€“ no matter how many tentacles it has ā€“ has a soul.” Would he baptise an alien? “Only if they asked.”

Consolmagno, who became interested in science through reading science fiction, said that the Vatican was well aware of the latest goings-on in scientific research. “You’d be surprised,” he said.

2 Responses to “Pope’s Astronomer Says He Would Baptise an Alien”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Because there’s not much time left?

  2. brandon Says:

    Oh… Maybe they’re gonna lift the veil…

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